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Club for South African Cannabis breeders. Place to discuss, or learn about the genetics of strains, breeding methods, tastes, effects. Arrange seeds, clones, etc.
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  2. The Lemon OG Haze No1 died after the second training snips, no clue why, roots and all looked rather developed Rest is fine and most are on 8 mains so far, rest follows tomorrow. Thursday the first should go 16, then I start sorting and pot up to a 10L pot and install a screen for each. Not going 22L this time, check the outcome in pots I use for Autos usually. Cones from Plant 5 and 6 already rooted very strong... i always have some nice and fast rooters.. and the rest just needs those 2 weeks. No idea why.. and I seem not to be able to figure out what i do right and wrong. Perhaps genetic.. will check that on a second batch of clones I take from the clones. If 5 and 6 root again super fast, that could solve my puzzle.
  3. And as I was busy in the flat, made pics for the Slurricane and Gelato currently growing after the Tortoni's
  4. Getting the sap out of the leaves is the biggest mission. 😁 Rest rather simple. JetFuel is at 11.5%, Slurricane 10.5%. Have to raise that. My Gelato is at 15% 😄 no complains here
  5. That's a cool looking tool! At first glance I thought you may have a prototype light saber in your possession. Realizing it's basically a Glucometer for your plant didn't make it any less cool though... 🤣
  6. If somebody wants to read up on Brix levels.. this one isn't to long https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-how-sugar-plays-a-major-role-in-growing-cannabis-n1011 Tested my Cream Caramel in Veg, a bit unhappy, 9.5%. Tick to low, need to sort that. Will do my flower tent tomorrow morning, was/is dark. The toy is 1380.-
  7. Up my game a little more and start measuring my leaf sugar content with a refractometer. 😎🤓
  8. And the Lemon OG Haze 1 September, still in week 4. Getting 1ml Fish-Mix/Grow per liter and 2ml Amino Boost per 10 liter. Will Mainline the batch to 16 mains on each plant and attack the 1 KG dry per square meter (450 watts on a 1.2x1.2)... and as ambitious as I am.. I want to reach 1.5KG 😁
  9. Lemon OG Haze, Beans dropped 4th August 27 August.
  10. If you keep the dome closed or unventilated, your clones dont need roots, they get what they need from the air, as it so moist. You can close it off in the first 24h and then slowly open or vent, more and more, so they seek food. Making roots I use old Dynaroot, and have 100% rate, and also not to leave them in water for long, just dip and go...
  11. The RH in the dome plays a big role. I followed your advise of lowering it by leaving the lid slightly ajar as my dome doesn't have any vents. When I used this process the rooting success ratio moved from the odd 90% to 100% The tops that I clone with are also relatively small reaching about 10 to 15 cm. With about one to two nodes above the cut that I fully remove with only the top tip remaining and those fan leaves at the tip getting a proper trim down. I also don't really mist or spray my dome too much within that 2 week period probably only about 4 to 6 times after the first initial spray down. Happy cloning my friend and hoping this little bit of input can help you knock those top cuttings out of the park
  12. Thanks man, i generally do exactly that, down to sitting in water and using 6 year old dynaroot LOL, i find the hollow stems of the tops often lead to the stem going soggy from some bacterial infection or something, so i add a few drops of h2o2 to my cup of water that they sit in for a few min... that seems to make a good difference, but its not fool proof.
  13. Hi CreX. I primarily only clone with tops due to the mainline that I run. No special process and close to 100% rooting success rate. I cut the tops and keep them in water for a couple of minutes till I am done with the one plant. I then use Dynaroot rooting powder and dip the stem in it. (My rooting powder is also probably 6 to 7 years old) Then over to peat cubes. I do remove quite a lot of leaves and any nodes that are above the cut so as to allow for a smaller leaf foot print. If the stem is relatively big the rooting might just take a little bit longer. The Twisted Helix cut that I gave @PsyCLown was a top cutting.
  14. Sorry @CreX no help from this side 😂
  15. I don't do anything special with my clones. I do make my cuts just below a node under water. It probably doesn't make a difference but it's just something I do, make my cuts submerged in water and then into rooting powder(that's like 10 years old), and into the plugs. Vents all the way open on the dome from the beginning. I average roots from 10-14 days
  16. Not doing anything special right now, warmest tent is the box. 25.5C temp just have it on termo insulation. Water at the bottom, but the plants not standing in it
  17. At best average at cloning. I dont do it often, just on demand for the veg tent and mothers needing rework. I think @Totemic has a shitload more knowlede, we should bug him 😁 I still have plants in my clone batches, forming roots after 5 days and others need 2 to 3 weeks, same batch, same mother. I cut, trim and apply rooting agent same same. At the end i think that my clone box has to much temperatur fluctuation. Looking for a heating mat with regulator. Best bet is a reptile shop. If you can keep the temerature around 28 to 30, i think the rooting happens faster... why is easier to clone in summer.
  18. what tips do you have for cloning the freshest growth? i would like to call myself adept at cloning... but i still battle endlessly with turning tops into cuttings
  19. Lemon OG Haze 23 August I want to take each main as clone, so can't mainline yet, need to wait a little longer ^^
  20. And the Pineapple pictures I promised on Saturday ^^ Pictures I made yesterday And the ones from this morning, they got cut and hang now to dry.
  21. rolled all to a long thin "sausage" and put it in the middle of a joint. 😁 Watched 'Edge of Tomorrow' after.. enjoyed the couch 😊
  22. to me, this is more of a Charas than a proper hash - what do you do with it?

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