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Club for South African Cannabis breeders. Place to discuss, or learn about the genetics of strains, breeding methods, tastes, effects. Arrange seeds, clones, etc.
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  2. Reliable like foot fungus.... so I have some stuff left over to sell.. tents, lights and half ventilation he picked up.. rest of ventilation.. he didn't.. have some gear to sell.. cheap and first comes with the cash, can take it with. TD500-600 'silent' inliners (4 pieces) 2000 Rand each, with cable and plug. TD500 inliner (just one) 1000 Rand GMC portable AC 12'000 BTU, 4000 Rand with remote and all tubings. Hardly used.. Hash sieves 180 / 150 / 120 / 75 / 45 microns 1500 Rand for all (metal, round, 40cm diameter, fitting into each other and easy stack-able) Loads of power extension cables Pots 2.6L to 10L.. in bigger amounts. Price depending how many you grab ^^ but cheap cheap.
  3. All my gear got taken by one person... so no sales ^^
  4. Starting to get color on the DS, not to far out to chop ^^ fresh weed for Xmas.. also not bad. Photo strain finished in Spring the moment you understand weed, things are not that complicated anymore.
  5. All my mothers went compost heap.. people picked up clones... if somebody has a Deluxe Sugarcane clone going, please check with SkunkPharm to get him a cut.
  6. Hi man. Is the Deluxe Sugar Cane the one I gave you? Do you still have a mother?
  7. So.. the Spring Photo harvest is done, just 3 strains still outside getting sun.. Deluxe Sugarcane, White Widow and my 2 Gelato Phenos, few days out. ^^ So yes, easy possible to run 2 photo harvests a year with a little preparation in July, enough sun down here Jarred to even out the moisture before I dress. Ginger Tea and Slurricane
  8. About 2 weeks and the last last plants i harvest in SA... kinda sad but came out nice.. even with load shedding
  9. Howzit Mr Dank. How did this go?
  10. At least the cold temps bring some colors..
  11. I have clones to hand out.. keep the genetics alive if somebody is interested. Ginger Tea, Gelato (2 versions, Thin Mint Cookie or Orange Sherbet dominant, original are 42FastBuds autos), Slurricane, Deluxe Sugarcane, JetFuel, Sour Diesel, Bubblelicious, Exodus Cheese and White Widow. Limited amount first comes, first serves. Just write me a PM.. And cleaned the tray up as I can move again ^^ Still a good 6 weeks to go.. but looking OK so far. What I can say to my soil tray growing.. I will keep that, way better as growing in pots. But.. is not good for all strains. The Exodus Cheese for example, doesn't grow a lot on the root section during flowering. JetFuel, Deluxe Sugarcane and Slurricane on the other hand love to extend their roots. Some grew over a meter into the tray. The big change are the buds.. all "Explorer" plants gave me record size colas for clone plants. Reached female fist size buds... not measured the harvest yet, but from the amount of jars i got.. might have reached the 1kg dry goal (Mars TS-3000, 450 watts plug draw) with the JetFuel tray.. or got very close. If you play with clones... i would try it.. also very fast to water.. I just dump a 20L bucket into the tray (biological fertilizer in soil, so no pH done). BioBizz FishMix (2-4ml/L) and Bloom (2-4ml/L), Molasses (de-sulphurated, a LOT, at least 100ml per feeding), Amino Acids from Kushy (4ml/10L), 5 in 1 humic and vulvic acids (5 times total, recommended amount). Test when to water needs a bit digging with one finger, if I need to dig deeper as 5-8cm to reach moist soil, I give 20 Liters. I keep the corners of the tray empty, otherwise rows of 6 clones in a 1.2x1.2 tray.. ergo 32 plants, radical lollypop dressing and FIM'ed a week before they go into the flower tray from the 2.8L pots they had during vegetative growing. I suggest to run one strain per tray to have less 'stretch' issues and light hanging consequences. I put the smaller plants in the middle section and the taller ones more to the outside. When to put them into flower is the tricky part.. to big and you have a height issue, to small and you have a harvest issue. Depends a bit on each strain and the second tray will end better.. but you have to test each strain and see if they like the space for the roots.. or not. Heavy stretching plants will need two nets to keep em up! Would always work with support on clones, they just don't have the same stem strength as a seed plant. So as usual, keep it simple ^^ less to debug. Late addon: Leaf discoloring is from the Copper Soap hose down before they formed flowers. With the power outs and ventilation cuts.. plus only one section is running in the 2.4x2.4 tent, so less warm and more humidity issues.. I give them a chemical mace just before the flowers prevent you from doing that. I use 20ml Copper Soap per Liter for the hose down (also under the leaves sprayed and stems), should keep PM off the plants for 3-5 weeks. I also shut down only lights, ventilation for the tent is still as it would be full, 2 TD-500 in and 2 TD-500 out plus 4 mixers inside the tent. If the tray ends well... I will enter that weed into the Cannabis Competition for next year.. just a buddy will hand it in for me ^^
  12. And a picture of the last tray i flower in SA.. Sour Diesel Looks a bit messy.. I couldn't tend to the plants for a week due to problems with my back. Should be done beginning November, fun just started ^^
  13. Sorry.. i am very short on time.. had to lay down for a week as my back told me so. Have to catch up. Hella Jelly's are harvested. Flower has a very sweet smell.. like a box of gummi bears.. and the smoke is also very sweet in your mouth. Potency wise it kicks, 2 bongs and I have to sit down. I run a bit into a time issue.. if somebody wants to pickup the Hella Jelly clone with PM resistance, please contact me. First one gets it and hope will distribute some clones to the community. I have also some grow gear to sell rather soon.. if somebody wants something, please let me know, i put the stuff up on the classified page soon soon Tents: 2 x 2.4x2.4 Mars 1 x 1.2x1.2 Mastergrow 1 x 1.2x0.6 Mars 1 x 0.6x0.6 Infinity I let the tents stand, who picks up can inspect and I pack em quick. Small ones a few seconds, for the 2.4x2.4 I need about 5 mins to pack up the tent for transport. Lights: 2 x Mars TS-3000 (450w) 12 x 240w 288 QB's 3000K 660nm (drivers are dimmable, but no dimmer installed) 1 x 120w 288 QB 3000k 660nm (with dimmer) 1 x MZ 720 - 144 Mars All run on Mean Well drivers beside the MZ, have one 240w 48B spare and un-used Air: 6 x TD-500/600 silent inliner 1 x TD-500 silent inliner (older model) Power cord and plugs are installed. Filter: 1 x 600mm Carbon filter (would exchange the carbon pellets) 1 x 300mm Carbon filter (should still be fine) Pots: Plastic ~25 2L over 150 2.6L ~75 10L ~100 12L ~100 14L Fabric ~30 22L (used and un-used) Most have a velcroid to easy open the pot. AC: Moveable GMC Aircon 3.5kwh cooling capacity Tools: Refractometer to measure your BRIX numbers.. sugar content Ozone Generator Questions.. just ask ^^ tents will go around October/November, lights any time, same as pots.
  14. The Hella Jelly's are still flowering, in week 10 now. They are dark, so no pic, but they create some sexy colas. You get a picture of the clone i tòok of the plant ignoring PM
  15. And some Pictures of the JetFuel.. they really enjoy the no pots growing and I am getting better with my FIM cuts Planted my last tray of Sour Diesel in the flower tent.. that should be it, booking my ticket in the next 2 months. One of the Hella Jelly's i took a clone from is more or less PM immune. I didn't used 'resistant' as the difference is like day and night. Picture a tent with the worse PM you ever saw and in the middle of the mess a 1.5 meter tall plant with NOTHING on it ^^ I will take clones of the plant and drop it into the CT community. More or less my far well present.
  16. very unfortunate when these things happen, growing indoor is so very hard. Well atleast that strain looks like a nice strong plant however
  17. Already July.. so a bit a disaster report The Hella Jelly's are not done after 7 weeks of flower.. what a surprise but.. also had some weird light flower times. Plant structure is top, strong and decent node spacing. Haven't done pics yet.. they are also surprisingly PM resistant. Clones... yeah, I have found my way to run clones.. no pots works awesome! With a uninterrupted ventilation, I would have jumped in circles to express my joy They are not done.. that is visible.. but they also love to form rather big mains with unlimited root space. Planted them in the 1.2x1.2 tray and left them alone. Using 2 nets to keep em up, but the nets got installed before I put the clones. I just dump 20 liter at a time into the tray to water the plants. It makes sense to leave the 4 corner plants out, they can run into dry issues. I used 6 to 8 clones per row, 6-8 rows. Depends a bit how the clones grow and how many you can place. Experience will show you. JetFuel Can't control PM when there is only 2 hours of power in a 12 hours time span.. so they get washed, no option really, PM rather harsh in that tent.. more surprising how good the Hella Jelly's are resisting. I post some pics of those soon, busy day ^^
  18. And a little update. Could harvest the full no pot tray and the result, for mostly stage 6 flowering, Okisch. The Hella Jellies are also flowering.. but not sure they are done end June.. that is when they would hit 7 weeks flower... and again.. stage 6 most of the time. Ginger Tea (Left undressed, right dressed) Very smooooooooooth.. zero throat irritation.. tastes like Ginger Tea, hence the name The Hella Jelly's are mid flower.. after schedule they reach end June 7 weeks flower.. and that should be it.. but they also endured stage6 for most of the grow. Don't think they are done end June.. or they would do a miracle transformation the next 3 weeks Didn't put em in the sun as they have dark right now, just cleaned out quick for the picture. Right now I do not care to much.. I decided to leave and not find out what stage 16 will do to a country. So not in a good space... rather sad.
  19. Thanks bro I'm already a member on dagga pharmacy.i think it was you who previously referred me to them quite a selection they have thanks again.Waiting for outdoor season have my eyes on 5 cuts I want from them and super cheese is one of them.
  20. Hi, if you are in Cape Town, you can try Dagga Farmacy. They have a nice cheese cut. The call it Super cheese. But what I have seen from all the cuts going around that one is the best.
  21. I know I know, but at the end of the day. What you going to do bro? Looks like the current sentiment is everyone is done with the current government, and people are getting ready to vote. We are going to have a turnout like never before. I would give it until the 2024 election and then decide.
  22. I have the advantage that I have an apartment waiting for me and I do not have Visa issues.. i gave myself the little exit, if Eskom goes over Stage 8 the first time, I book my tickets for me and my dogs out of here. I like indoor growing and Germany wants to legalize it too. I have better chances to get it over there as here... the ANC is just not doing ANY of the jobs they should do. I see absolutely NOTHING positive coming from Stage 16 for several weeks.. nothing.. so the moment Eskom goes over stage 8, I am gone. Enduring load shedding since 2008.. I kinda had enough ^^ And honestly I have the fear that South Africans will vote the ANC again...
  23. Cutting from a friend.. is the standard Exodus Cheese hovering around the area. Good but not really special.

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