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Club for South African Cannabis breeders. Place to discuss, or learn about the genetics of strains, breeding methods, tastes, effects. Arrange seeds, clones, etc.
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  2. Got some dry ice and turned the Gelato cut offs into some hash. I only used 180 micron to pre sif and 120 micron for the Gelato Ball... smells freaking delicious! 😁
  3. I was looking for this strain for over 2 years.. and still own @SkunkPharm a decent "feet kissing" for giving me a clone.. I enjoy the grow genetics very much, energetic, strong and bud heavy. Smell starts to form also now.. 😁 JetFuel You see very soft traces of PM.. those 2 weeks of below 10 and super heavy rain, I had PM popping up on the not so vented plants. Serenade to the rescue. The SuperSkunk I have in the tent right now.. is also more of a PM magnet, but I keep faith in my bottle of mold eating bacteria 😈
  4. Weather is good to do something.. so you do something ^^ busy all morning cleaning up. Also took the Deluxe Floppocane down 😁 smell is very nice.. the plant looks a bit like it jumped into a pot of paint. with support without ^^ Deluxe Floppocane
  5. Last pic of the Test batch... very happy over all with the grow, can't say which plants got what product. They look the same more or less. I hang em on Sunday to dry, they stay dark since yesterday. Will run a trained batch of those clones and see how much i get out from a 1.2x1.2.
  6. Flowering out this TropicannaCookies x QuantumKush male that got gifted to me. Gooing of some nice tropical fruit terps and dank resin on the flowers.
  7. And some finishers ^^ We went from this (12 May) to this (16 july) Not much left to do.. drying and get the test results. I think I tackle the 1kg per 1sq with those Gelatos in trained form.. they are so dress friendly ^^ And the Deluxe Sugarcane put on some colors ^^ never had temps below 19 degrees.
  8. And another one from the "Italian Icecream" ^^ I let those clones grow without any attention.. just the fertilizer doing its trick.. and not me fucking up results with bad training. OK, i had to put a support in each.. or they would all lay flat on the ground 😂
  9. I just keep finding myself coming back to this thread to look at the beautiful pictures.. exceptional flowers. A certain song comes to mind.. I like big buds and I cannot lie 😆
  10. those are some dark buds hahahah I would press all of it 😅
  11. What i bought as a Pineapple Express 😁 Darth Pini is at least dress friendly 😉 don't have hopes there is any Pineapple taste in the smoke.. more time wasting 😒😁
  12. Oh my gawd that's insane You are an inspiration to aspirant growers out there!!
  13. I think the speed in flowering comes from the Orange Sherbet Auto part.. enjoy growing that Gelato every time.. just sexy buds 😁
  14. Last steps for a tray ^^ My Gelato (Orange Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookie) pheno, still week 6 of flowering, enters week 7 tomorrow and 2 of the Pineapple Express i hunt The screened one and a regular grown wasn't in the mood to unpack the machete and chop through to Darth Pini 😁
  15. And a update on the Bio Heaven and Amino Boost compare They went 12/12 on the 12th May If we take 9 days for flip, they are now in week 6 of flowering, next week they go dark. And stand 5th July (taking them down soon) I can't see a difference till now. The potency tests have to be the judge on this one. So far happy...
  16. and thanks for the heads up on Pacific seed bank lol, will stay clear! 😄
  17. well that has to suck, the reliability of these things are going out the window with the whole new legislation happening around the world. every second guy trying to get rich quick and sell off anything as long as they selling. hope you find something worth your time!
  18. 5 seeds, 4 plants, and all 4 grow completely different. I got the fake Charlottes Web from the same seed bank.. and as one of the plants is going black.. what a Pini shouldn't do.. I think i got 18 fake seeds from Canada. I wrote Pacific Seed Bank my opinion.. never heard anything back from the guys. I finish and see.. right now. I grow the plants with not a lot of enthusiasm 😂
  19. I like the look of that PE pheno, lots of little calyxes densely packed and quite a frosty one! I remember you mentioned you're looking for a noticable pineapple taste, you getting the right smells from this one? what's your take on her so far?
  20. And some pictures from the Tent ^^ Delux Sugarcane Pineapple Express Gelato (one of the plants comparing Bio Heaven with Amino Boost) my winning pheno from the hunt
  21. Morning. I believe that you will. I've germinated a few of those beans and so far I am happynwith their progress. Below the SxDQ and DQ seedlings. Have a thread going on these currently. I gifted some to a grower in the northern suburbs and will post on his progress as well..
  22. Our local landrace populations are hermie riddled, tall sativas, and not worth breeding with indoors. They don't suit my taste and preferences
  23. Can you elaborate on what you mean by saying "It starts becoming less successful when you start trying to use our land races". I have been growing for 2 years now and I want to start playing around with breeding.
  24. And some tent pictures ^^ Delux Sugarcane The Pineapple Express with the screen also forming nice colas Darth Pini ^^ And the test between Bio Heaven and Amino Boost.. those are three plants, can you tell which one got which fertilizer? I can't.. so far so good ^^
  25. The Delux Sugarcane also doing the right thing ^^ but still a few weeks out

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