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Club for South African Cannabis breeders. Place to discuss, or learn about the genetics of strains, breeding methods, tastes, effects. Arrange seeds, clones, etc.
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  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. This has been part of my whole mission all along. To get more people interested in giving the plant a gap to evolve! Straight up...the likelyhood of good progeny from previously known/worked genetics is high. It starts becoming less successful when you start trying to use our land races. The thing about breeding, even if only to produce more seeds, is the chance at another generation,and another chance at improvement. Cannabis has evolved to such a point that its no longer just about the highest cannabinoid content. The relaxing of laws has changed breeding int
  3. By the end of this year I will have 6 mother plants of 6 different strains I have collected over the years. I don't plan on hoarding any more strains so the obvious next step to me is to start crossing between the strains I have collected πŸ˜› a deep rabbit hole to be had indeed.
  4. Hell yeahhh....but it can become a deep rabbithole real quick if you arent carefull hahaha.... For the most part I meticulously plan my pollenations and sometimes I look at my plants and I get this idea...like this very fruity White Widow female could do with this Mango Kush male pollen and viola.... Then comes the work, hunting for the best ones for the next gen. Still hunting some crosses from last year and allready have 2x more to explore this winter.... Believe its different for every grower, selection criteria wise.....terpenes, potency, growth structure, bud to leaf ratio, pest
  5. So genetics have become expensive. I have recently made my first batch of seeds due to a germination issue with one of the batches of seeds I started. Dream Queen from Humboldt Seed Company. I also pollinated a slurricane clone just for fun. Have you guys done this as well? If the phenos was not the best there is out there do you guys think I will find good ones in the seeds I made?
  6. In the process ordering a system. 12 x 410 watt pv panels (25 years warranty) 1 x hybrid inverter (15 years warranty) 1x 10kw 48v lithium ion bank (10 years warranty) 1x cable set 100m plus plugs and DC breaker 1x set roof mounts for 12 pv panels 5k$, shipping 180$... about R75k plus customs. I give noise once here and installed. Is a lot cheaper on direct order from China. Should be paid back in 5 years.. so would have 5 years warranty extra on the battery bank... just that little advantage made me order. So soon no more atomic weed... grown by the sun 😁 green we
  7. Yes, FF green bag and BioBizz... I have some Plagron shipping ^^ and want to test that.. just for fun. No supplier local.. I wouldn't wanna depend on Post Office. That is rather simple.. as I like to feed rather more then less. I watch the tips of the leaves. They tell me when to go water 😁 but at the end is learning a strain.. not learning to grow. You can do a dialed in grow on your first run of a new strain you test.. but that is rather unlikely. In general you need a few to get all the "special" parts of the strain. But my general routine is daily. I lift each pot to know who nee
  8. Back from testing.. finally πŸ˜‚ have the answers to clean up the tent.. still have to go there for 2 more tests. Had three concentrates with me and after the second I skipped the third.. 35% THC and 15% CBD, about the same in the first two.. not what I look for. So... beware the CBD Depo.. they sell what fits. Charlottes Web should hover around 1% THC.. πŸ˜” wasted time.. haaaaaaate that. The outdoor Gelato was measured at 17%.. happy with that result. The indoor caused problems.. machine gave a error code for to wet.. what is strange.. but I go back there tomorrow or Thursday with some '
  9. Amazing, as always!!! this bit got me curious as we would all love to have plants constantly praying, this is what I would like to get at. correct me if I am wrong, but you're growing in FF premium classic and using biobizz? if you see your girls aren't praying away in their religious ways, before noticing any other problems such as discoloration or burnt tips, what's usually the first thing you think of? and what do you do in those cases?
  10. And some indoor pictures.. happy plants. I start to worry about a plant the moment she stops "praying". Then I run my mental checklist and start to figure out what is making her a "tummy ache". And I go back to normal mode, when the patient is back to praying. Pineapple just got repotted into 10L, next is 22, then 40 final. 22L (Velcro) and 40L (no Velcro) are fabric pots. Gelato clones in different stages Enough air moving over the plant, LED doesn't burn, even very close. Not sure I make 20cm here, never had bleaching
  11. 😁 not sure what i bought... was crap for sure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„
  12. Fucken hell... 24 weeks hahahaha that's half a yearπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's 3 full runs of sugarcane... Eaish bra.... 24 weeks
  13. Enough light ^^ If you have somebody close with a quantum flux meter, let him tell you quick the distances for germ, veg and flower. Also.. what is the "Ruderalis" doing? ^^ Or what ever it may be... is slow... very very very slow.. never saw anything as slow as those plants πŸ˜‚ There is also zero sticky on them.. just bushy, leafy bitches 🀣 I let them finish just out of curiosity.. and they will go compost heap once done. Still flowering.. lets see how long.. Have a second batch Gelato in flower now.. they will be done before those 2 ^^ what also means.. I
  14. Okay shot, I have more or less the same setup, only difference its on a sliding frame. Also 5 bars, and total 600w, and difference of 2 ballasts. No meter here unfortunately so guessing on height.
  15. He uses samsung v2 diodes 3000k 660nm... 5 bar, each 120 watt. On a dimmer.. with a quantum flux meter.
  16. Hey brother, which bar lights are you referring to, if I may ask? I noticed everyone using similar LED style lights to what I use, hanging them much further than I do, and even the same lights I have, on other people's pictures I've seen. I find the bar style I have let's me move them close together or further apart, as needed, and although I cant hang them at different heights, I can place my plants in height order, like a class photo, short in the front to tall at the back, and hang my lights at that angle, which helps penetrate the canapy and help fill up the lower buds.
  17. for the veg tent i do those stunts 😁 The flower tent space is for even canape and all lights more or less same heights, my ladies are all shaved πŸ˜‚ indoors, no reason to have light below the main canape. Friend works with 600 on a 1.2x1.2, bar lamps... very great results. He gets a little more per plant.. but never reaches 2g per watt, where i reached 2.34g per watt with 420 watts. i might get me a 600w bar lamp, just to have a bit more punch for the more light hungry strains. When my ts3's give up, i will replace them with bar lamps. Just better concept for a even canape.
  18. Love it man... i cant imagine my tent without single qbs now... 10\10 for maneuverability and function haha. I do feel that 4 single qbs actually do not light up a 1.2x1.2 area as well as i would like. i am going to be getting a few more for the tent. maybe 6 a side instead of 4, and then dim them a bit so im not throwing my GPW out the window hahaha
  19. Demessed πŸ€ͺ the 18/6 tent. As soon as i get the potency tests, i turn the winning Gelato into clones. Also a nice example for single QB light setup. You can handle youngsters to 1.60 tall plants in one tent. The taller ones even profit from the lower light levels.
  20. All plants from the Gelato hunt are dry and we will check them out next week on our poker session ^^ Happy when I can clean out and arrange my mother tent πŸ˜‚ And washed one of the Charlottes Web, got 23g of nice honeybee, gets checked Sunday in a week. Liquid butane gas... outdoor job πŸ˜‰
  21. 😁 I had a giggle after the first sentense. Blueberry is a indica dominant plant, 60 to 70% indica.. Willies Wonder comes from Afghani.. indica in a very pure form. Those are the parents of Blue Magoo... getting a Sativa out of that mix, they didnt took the easy road πŸ˜‚ or is just plain wrong declared as a sativa. Never grew or smoked it.. but would be interested to try 😊
  22. Waht can you say about Blue Mango (https://askgrowers.com/strains/blue-magoo-strain-review)? I've tried it once but have nit grown yet. As I know it is 100% sativa.
  23. Taking the CW's tomorrow.. happy with the stand of the trichomes (bud from the middle of the plant). As I wash.. I do not let the sugar leaves go to amber. Curious what potency level I reached.. the machine will tell 😁 But not taking the color babe.. she needs a bit longer
  24. Taking the Charlottes Web's next week, 9 weeks flowering, not slow either 😁 but seems to be the usual for CWs, 9-10 weeks, had to read up ^^. The Gelato's I hunt flowered in 7 to 8 weeks outside. one of the CW and the colorful sativa pheno
  25. Took B this morning... A only left, taking A Saturday morning. Then we can start testing 😁 once dry. Looking forward to power the 1.2x1.2 down just keeping the possible mothers happy.
  26. Took the bend one (C) this morning before sunrise. A and B will follow in 2 day steps.. not all to dress at the same time 😊 So far.. happy with the result. Lets see if I get them in a decent way dry and into a curing jar.

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