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  1. I am indeed using the TA,I started with Canna but didn’t like the fact that their N is pretty high and you can’t really adjust it for flower. That’s what I was looking for III_Evan. Are you also in Coco with TA nutes? Sounds like it!
  2. Here’s one for you experienced coco growers.How would you handle changing the nutrient ratio from grow to bloom or pre bloom in 20L hand watered fabric grow bags with a 70/30 coco perlite mix? It’s a huge volume to change! My thoughts were to flush a lot more than usual fertigations through the medium at full strength but maybe a more gradual approach would be better? Obviously this is much easier in soil where you have dry down periods whereas coco is usually 90% saturated most of the time thereby diluting anything different ratio wise.
  3. That’s entirely possible! I did flush about a week ago with a weak nute solution when I had the light burn on the tips.I thought it was a lock out. I figured the weak solution would’ve washed out by now after 14 fertigations at over 1.2ec. I’m using Canna Coco pro plus,it’s supposed to be quite aggressively buffered but I guess it’s always possible a batch slipped through with no buffering.I did have to fight a magnesium deficiency in the seedling stage!
  4. Thanks,that makes sense.I’m guessing these plants must be really hungry!
  5. This is my first indoor grow with Coco.Plants are in week three of veg in 2.5L fabric bags.Using Canna Coco nutes at EC 1.2 at two fertigations per day approximately 10 hours apart. Plants are looking pretty good after trial and error getting my 630watt bar type led at the correct height.They were getting too much light at 300 umols with yellow tips on new growth. Thankfully I realised after searching online what was happening and dimmed the light appropriately. So my issue is that although my plants look pretty good the growth is a bit slow.I have noticed every time I check runoff it is always much lower than my inflow.Going in at 1.25 EC and coming out at .44 Any coco growers with experience out there care to offer your thoughts?
  6. Just noticed I replied to a year old post!
  7. Are you using perlite in your Coco/mix? I’m using coco in bags too and at the moment they are staying fairly wet towards the bottom.Mainly because temps have been lower and the plants are not transpiring much! Also I think the water/fert column moves slowly down by gravity just like any container,you just don’t see it in a rigid container. as long as you have enough drainage in your medium you should be fine.I do a 60/30 coco perlite mix and once the roots are coming out the bottom they dry fairly quickly.
  8. Well thanks again to all who responded with great information on this thread.I have learned a ton from all of you about soil growing outdoors,I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Hydro but I still may combine some synthetic with organic now and then. .I’m happy to say my plants;two Jack Herer,two Super Skunk and two Durban Poison are coming along nicely and some will be ready for harvest in about three weeks and some longer.I don’t think I grew these plants to anywhere near their true genetic potential but having said that I think the yield will be respectable considering my container sizes! Here’s a pic from today of the most mature of my two Jack Herer plants.
  9. This is only for people who are running the biobizz schedule, a lot of people using super soil or ammended soil can't really use these steps as it might cause more problems than anythingThis is only for people who are running the biobizz schedule, a lot of people using super soil or ammended soil can't really use these steps as it might cause more problems than anything @Naughty.Psychonaut I think what you said here is key but since I was seeing signs of deficiency before ever starting the Biobizz I put it down to the reasoning that my roots had completely filled the medium and had depleted the soil.I think not having more space for the roots and thereby access to more nutrients is what caused me to run into a situation where I had to move fast.Adding a top dressing would be too slow to fix anything I think even if I had some compost tea or whatever! Thanks again for all your help.I definitely have some good information to digest! This way of growing is a learning curve but It’s starting to sink in! I’ve come to the conclusion that the super soil route is definitely not for small grows in small containers. I’m thinking very big fabric bags next time around and all living soil grow in spring
  10. If any of you guys are still checking in on this thread It’d be great to hear opinions on the two main ‘super soil’ blends on the market from those with experience using them.At some point I’d like to try my hand at making my own soil but only when I understand the estimated break down of various amendments in the soil and time frame of availability to the plant better.
  11. @ Naughty Psychonaut Thanks for the detailed info.I do think maybe part of my problem is I’ve been letting my soil get too dry between watering.In doors in potting soil with synthetic nutes I always used to let them get nice and dry between watering and then water with about 20%run off just before they started to wilt.Obviously this ‘living soil’ deal is quit a bit different.I’m definitely gun shy now when it comes to using bottled organic nutrients.It seems obvious to me now that plenty of soil and careful,measured watering is the way to go and also to only use the bottled stuff when the plant shows signs of needing nutrients. I loved the Freedom farms seedling mix as my seedlings did so well in it!
  12. Guys thanks a lot for the information and taking the time to reply. I do know the basics as I have quite a lot of experience in hydro and inert soil mediums using liquid nutes indoors.As mentioned this is my first outdoor organic/ living soil grow and I obviously have a lot to learn so I am open to any and all lengthy explanations even if I know some of it! I think next time I’ll use some FF mix and concentrate on just feeding the soil as opposed to the roots or I will do a hybrid organic grow using an inert medium like coco coir with Organic liquid nutes.
  13. Prom Thanks for the advice brother,I appreciate it.I think when I hit the plants with the first feeding of Biobizz I probably still had too much Ammendments left in the soil.I think the soil NPK was still too high and I went and put fertilizer on top of that. actually the first issues started with the Biobizz nutes and not the synthetic.
  14. Naughty.Psychonaut thank for answering in detail brother.That’s what I was looking for.So to be clear I am not increasing the Grow from Iml only the Bloom? Also what about the frequency of fertilizer vs water.Do I feed every watering or every second or third?
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