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Hemp Hurd

Chris Jay

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Hey, so been asked to assist a manufacturer to source some hemp hurd and thought of sharing this fairly easy product/resource to make. The hurd is the core of the cannabis plant, if you remove outer bark and fibre, you get to the hurd. Although a pain in the ass to remove all the bark, the old school method is done by retting the cannabis stems in water, after that it is easy just to pull it off. The manufacturer wants to use the hurd to make a sample of hemp bison boards. Since its harvest season, you might be wondering what to do with all your stems, if you have grown 1 Hectare of cannabis, you should be able to build a house with your stems and a bit of lime!!


Retting is a process employing the action of micro-organisms and moisture on plants to dissolve or rot away much of the cellular tissues and pectins surrounding bast-fibre bundles, and so facilitating separation of the fibre from the stem.

This is a nice article about the uses of hemp hurd by Hemporium.



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About 48 hours away from making the material needed to make a brick or 10, and damn now got involved in building an entire pump house. FML, but viva cannabis.

Remember hemp? Dagga’s non-narcotic cousin, the wonder plant that was going to alleviate rural poverty, stimulate small enterprises, provide jobs, houses, textiles, paper, food and possibly even save us from global warming and the oil crisis?

Well, that’s what we were told when the government launched the National Hemp Initiative back in 1998.

So where are all the fields of waving weed? Source

How sad is the ANC, been researching hemp for the last 30 years, involved in law suits for stealing hemp genetics from Europe and still nothing to show. What asses. The picture below was from our first hemp trial in SA, planted around 2006, stolen, including the fencing. Since then, nothing much at all, except rotting hemp in warehouses and expensive processing machinery getting rusting. #anclegacy



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