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  2. Surely liking those grow bags you have. No wonder they are happy. How tall are they now, or rather the one standing tall. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  3. Update Week 1: 5-6 days out of the medium Took this pic last night before bed. At 4am this morning i was woken up by my cat making a noise, i found her with one of the above sticky traps stuck to her fur, like really stuck in there, with a huge gecko stuck to it too😂 Funny but i knew i'd be getting up to a mess. Not that bad, no choco's were harmed TF. The knocked over pot had 2 tomato seedlings(recovered) & the pot to the right of that, the seedling is MIA, found the tap root though. then these holes? i highly doubt it was caused by what could only be described as an epic battle. 2 perfect, slightly smaller than a golf ball sized 1/2 sphere holes, didnt affect the roots or the seedlings. i've got several theories & if someone can help me identify the culprit, by all means please assist. 1st theory: geckos are neat diggers(not sure on reasoning ) & was in the process of doing so when it got stuck in the sticky trap, made a noise, cat investigated & found what she thought would be an easy meal, little did she know... 2nd theory: something else was digging/eating there, gecko had his last supper... 3rd: cat was standing in there on 2 legs, like a ninja, waiting for its prey... 4th: something else was born below the surface, grew up, then cruised out, the gecko chowed both as they emerged... Not sure what happened. On another note: do the seedlings seem stunted? their growth seems to have slowed down, the weird weather we've been having & the cold at night may have slowed them a bit. or i could be being a bit impatient, a watched pot never boils.
  4. It was pointed out to me that my way of saying things might have come through a bit harsh. I did not mean it in a bad way and I do apologize if it was taken that way @Bluntly. I was only pointing out that if that's the soil you've chosen for the season then stunting growth will be one of the 1st issues you'll be having. The soil doesn't seem like it has any or some nutrients in them. Am I correct in saying this??? If so then get yourself some EWC from the hydro store. It's cheap enough but if you can't, get some compost and add it as a mulch layer around your plant. Build a raised bed around her even. Maybe even just for now open up around her so that when you feed it doesn't runn off and away.
  5. I personally do not use those jiffy pellets. Never liked it Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  6. Geez dude. What soil is that. Am I wrong to ask cause it doesn't look like something I'll grow in. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  7. @Bluntly I highly recommend buying The Cannabis Grow Bible - Greg Green (just as an example) Study it for the next 3 months and come back and blow us away in the next comp.
  8. So only one seed popped ☹️.Hope its a feme ... autoflower degraded in the jiffie. Think I should have sticked with pure coco and ro water.
  9. What they look like now. One looks a bit stunted, but will see what happens. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  10. Looking good bud. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry to hear bud. Keep strong. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  12. True yeah. A liter from bio grow is getting expensive and whipping out for a 5L,.......well that's not gonna happen soon, unless you go 50 50 with a friend. I still use Seagro during veg as it's the cheapest and still really effective. Most of the other bottles nutes calls for using between 10 - 15 ml per liter as where Seagro only needs 5ml per liter. I have used it for a few years now and came to loving it. The wife hates the smell but it's bearable... When it comes to water people always say that if it's dry a knuckle down then water.... I choose to take 4 sushi sticks and push it in at 4 points in my pots and leave it there. Every 2nd or 3rd day I pull it out to check how damp the stick is and how far down the dampness goes. That way I know what's going on inside my pots.
  13. Thanks a lot! She does most of the work. [emoji16] Biggest problem at the moment is that I don't really know when to water these size pots and how much. Currently just following my gut, so far so good... Also becoming more and more clear why I need to make my own soil. I haven't fed them bottle nutrients yet, but how much is it going to cost to give these two girls bottle nutrients? I have got some biobizz, but a 1l bottle ain't gonna last long between these two.
  14. Wow. She does look gorgeous. Well done so far man. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  15. 2 are already showing signs of being female. Wasn't expecting this so soon.
  16. I had some of that ferramol but used it all. I just scatter it around the outside of the pots. Works great. Need to check this copper tape thing out. Thanx. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  17. I have seen this organic slug and snail bait around, I haven't tried it, but will get some just in case looking at that damage you got there! Not a fan of snailbaits in general, but organic option seems cool, the other brands can seriously F-up the growing medium, not sure about this organic stuff. Two copper wires coiled around the pot will also repel ol sluggo. This seems to be widely available. @Smelly Joe https://biogrow.co.za/products/ferramol/
  18. Saw the evidence of them with chowed leafs and that all to well known slime trail. I'll sort it out soon enough but I'm really shocked at what damage they can do Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk

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