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I've never heard of this salesman before. In fact, I have been growing marijuana for a long time, and I know many sellers. One of my favorite sellers of marijuana seeds is Seedsman. Many people know this store, it is considered one of the best legal seed stores in the world. Now on sfweekly.com, the Seedsman discount coupon code you can use when buying and getting a discount. I thus received a significant discount when purchasing seeds.
By the way, my garden is quite large. Sometimes I even sell marijuana to friends. Of course, first of all, I grow it for myself.

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8 hours ago, AnnaBerry said:

Can someone advise me on a seller from whom I can buy marijuana seeds?

marijuanaseeds.co.za 😉 is easy to order from, good selection and when they say on stock, the seeds are on stock 😄

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I bought from Budbuddies on their 420 sale , got 2 packs of seeds one pack said get 2 fem seeds free. Recieved my parcel with only the 2 packs contacted them via Facebook on friday I got a unexpected parcel... 3 fem green crack seeds , lighter and some rolling papers. 

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