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  1. All the best on the venture, looks amazing and wish you well. With determination you won't fail
  2. Hi all I got some clones from www.potted.co.za all nice and healthy but looking for Franco's lemon cheese and Freakshow clones if anyone knows of anyone that has or has. Thanks have a great start to the week
  3. Cool thanks, appreciate it
  4. Legit I went through and collected from them. Good experience & Friendly Service.
  5. Howzit I have sent u a pm
  6. Also how long to soak preferably?
  7. Hi all so I have some older seeds that I want to germinate using the soaking method then into the paper towel. What ratio of 3% hydrogen peroxide would I use also any paper towel manufacturers I should stay away from know that ones with dye in are a no no.
  8. Where would the cheapest place be to source their products ?
  9. @PsyCLown it's the bioleaf specialized growing medium that I have buffered. Feeding nutriplex and doing well so far. Think I will get some biobizz cause looking at a 500ml bottle it's not that much more than Nitrosol or Seagrow. I know you a coco grower I have read before that you can't really keep moms in coco for a extended time is that true?
  10. Awesome I actually have some nitrosol that I used for the chilli plants so will give that a shot.
  11. Hi all, looking to keep some motherplants I'm currently running promix with nutriplex nutrients. I have seen freedom farms together with biobizz yields amazing results as long as the water is kept to a ph of 5.5 to 6. There is some other nutrients I have seen but worried these might cause a salt build up.. should I just bite the bullet and invest in the tested biobizz? Thanks in advance and have a great weekend all.
  12. I bought from Budbuddies on their 420 sale , got 2 packs of seeds one pack said get 2 fem seeds free. Recieved my parcel with only the 2 packs contacted them via Facebook on friday I got a unexpected parcel... 3 fem green crack seeds , lighter and some rolling papers.
  13. So I have discovered some scale on one of my plants stems, I have removed them manually what would one apply to make sure they dont reappear..
  14. Hi All going to be getting some auto beans to try my 1st auto grow. As far as I know they dont like being disturbed so what size pot should be used and then what soil medium, have access to Freedom farms and Living soil. Should any nutrients amendments be done once on the grow.
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