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  1. I bought from Budbuddies on their 420 sale , got 2 packs of seeds one pack said get 2 fem seeds free. Recieved my parcel with only the 2 packs contacted them via Facebook on friday I got a unexpected parcel... 3 fem green crack seeds , lighter and some rolling papers.
  2. So I have discovered some scale on one of my plants stems, I have removed them manually what would one apply to make sure they dont reappear..
  3. Hi All going to be getting some auto beans to try my 1st auto grow. As far as I know they dont like being disturbed so what size pot should be used and then what soil medium, have access to Freedom farms and Living soil. Should any nutrients amendments be done once on the grow.
  4. They do look nice and dense, I just put up my greenhouse. So it's good that they stay nice and short lol. Think I will grow , dry and cure.. then place into the oven for 40min then pop into the slow cooker with coconut oil to make a infusion work ?
  5. Firstly thank you for the giveaway, my sisters pug recently started having epileptic fits. He has been to the vet a done a brain scan also checked his liver and so on. I know this strain was produced to help a young girl with fits so I'm keen to grow it for Marmite and infuse it with some coconut oil to mix with his food. He is on tablets but they will deteriorate his liver and put pressure on his kidneys.
  6. So i had a Og kush clone that i planted in dirt outside. Pulled her out 2 days back trimmed and she is drying upside down in a wooden cabnet. Smelling the bud i get a cut grass aroma will this fade away during the next few days of drying or will curing remove the smell gradually? I have read up that it will as its the chlorophyll escaping?
  7. Will do that tomorrow.. thanks bud. In the future i will close then pot then sex.. seems like a better option. I assume the cutting in the water under 12/12 would work for more mature stems.
  8. Yeah they in those Jiffy pellets.
  9. Yes got them in a Cloning tray under a 54w warm white T5 on 12/12 sure they will show sex eventually might have to pot them as roots are coming out rapidly.
  10. So i have cloned some congo black , Nothern lights and blueberry (all bag seed) even tho the blueberry looks sativa i still would like to see what i end up with lol.. They have been cloned on the 1st of March most are shooting roots but no balls or pistols yet only on one clone. Clones were taken from plants around 4 weeks into veg, so they did have the 3 nodes... now day 15 and still no sign of the sex? Thinking maybe i took them to early or all energy is going into root production? Should i have used the plain water method instead?
  11. 100% so I will get some culturra seedling mix for the 1st few weeks then repot into a bigger container filled with the FF potting mix 😉
  12. What do you feed ? Do you use basic potting mix? Looking to use clones from the hydro setup to plant in soil.
  13. What ever is easier lol I know soil might run out of nutrients if its not good quality.
  14. Hi Everyone , I have had experience with hydro but now looking to go organic. I know that you get freedom farms soil "have a bag already" but could u use normal lets say culturra or garden master potting soil add peat and perlite? Additional to that what would you feed weekly I know something similar to biobizz or organic fertilizers but what would work best.
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