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  1. Wow what a deal! If available still at the end of the month, wouldn’t mind taking this off your hands
  2. https://www.futurelight.co.za/products/t8-led-tube-green-red-yellow-blue?variant=618761425 I came across these led tubes the other day, do you plan on using it on your plants? If so, what benefits would they bring.
  3. Hi bro, start with learning the basics, do a bit of research of what method of growing suits you best, whether it be coco, soil, hydroponics. Each have its advantages and disadvantages whether it be difficulty to grow, costs, better yielding, etc. from there do a further research( it doesn’t have to be independently, this forum is filled with people that are willing to help.) on the basics of growing according to the method you have decided and what tools/equipment you require then when confident try it out. Maybe try with bag seeds or cheap seeds first as I found after doin
  4. I use orgasoilux as well and had two different reactions. My autos from President seeds was extremely stunted, but my photoperiods loved the soil. I came to realise that maybe the soil is not best suited for autos or at least for early veg. I am now growing fastbuds autos and amended the soil with equal parts coco and ewc in the top half of my pots after seeing the same complaints as you and they loving it. This is picture from yesterday(day 19/20 from surfacing which was March 14).
  5. What you mean by this? I’m really interested in trying these seeds and if there’s a possibility, We may be able to work something out. I have family and friends in Europe. Is it possible that someone could order to their country and like FedEx it here?
  6. @PromIs there any way of ordering these seeds from their store? I see they have US/UK/Worldwide stores but the ww store states they don’t ship to South Africa
  7. Cyber bullying is a relatively new thing so not 100% certain on what the procedure would be but In guessing it amounts to harassment and likely would have to report it to the Police. whilst the police are investigating, you could probably open up a protection order against the person you feel is harassing/cyber bullying you. I think you’ll be provided with a temporary protection(you’d need the accused full name and address in order for this to issued) instructing the person to refrain from the unwanted actions until the matter can be heard before magistrates court. Although you’ll appear
  8. @Chris Jay remain humble and ignore ‘trolls’ as much as possible sometimes these things can be used for positive growth. When I was 14, my friends and I were caught smoking weed. As I was the one who bought the weed, I was blamed although we all smoked. Anyway, the chatter among the parents was that I came from a broken home(because my father died when I was 8 and my mother remarried😂), and later (18) was told that I shouldn’t study law. Anyway I took that and completed my LLB before any of my friends completed their 3 year degrees/diplomas, on top of that the person saying I don’t have what i
  9. Stefan

    Ace Seeds

    @Promhey man, I’ve had a look at the website and yeah you are right about the detail of information they provide on their strains. what appeals to me is the exotic strains they have and would like to give them a try one day. thanks for the share
  10. I tried President seeds as well. I went to a seed drop and ended buying a pack of gorilla Kim auto for that colours. The 2/3 seeds that germinated plants ended up stunted and provided me 20grams in total 😂 I know there is many factors (other than poor genetics) that could have caused this however, ran it with OG Kush auto from dinafem and they flourished under the same conditions so won’t ever buy from them again. The buds did look attractive though
  11. @SAgrowerI’d be keen on a group buy/share. @Golden-Goose what price range can we expect the seeds to cost and are they all regulars or feminised options as well?
  12. How long is each strip? I’m interested in this design and may use it as a blueprint for me one day. I was thinking if you ran the lights in this configuration (my picture below) then it can be neatly wired and Daisy chained. I left a big gap in between left and right side merely for illustration purposes. The driver can sit on the two mounting beams in which the wire can neatly run without too much exposure Also I think you mentioned you have two dimmers on the driver so this way you’ll be able to dim one side of the light if you running different strains or plants at differ
  13. @Cannabist thanks for letting us know. I’ve seen a similar breeder called MegaBuds. Similar in the sense of fast big yielding autoflowers. Have a look at this one cup challenge yield. May be a great alternative for customers such as myself who enjoys fast, big yielding autos.
  14. @Biltong and Budz are you guys planning on stocking Mephisto and Nightowl seeds any time soon? I follow their Reddit sub and the buds are so explosive and lovely looking. I’m looking to try them out this autumn/winter but can’t find anyone that has any stock😅
  15. @Roasty do you add milk to your rice water to isolate lactobacillus? After seeing your post I searched how to make it and this article says to add milk to isolate the bacteria you want and remove potential threatening bacteria. http://seattlegardenfruit.blogspot.com/2017/04/how-to-turn-rinsed-rice-water-into.html?m=1 The article goes on to say the following: This particular beneficial microorganism is popularly used in composting that specifically arrest foul odors associated with anaerobic decomposition. Lactic acid bacteria thrive and feed on the ammonia released in the decomposit
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