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    Mephisto (haven’t tried them yet though 😅)
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  1. Selling my entire setup. No longer growing and has been in storage for the last year. Everything is in good condition. Although the tent has a few tears where the stitching has come loose. It can be easily sewned back together or perfectly fine to grow as is. I have two additional lights other than the Apollo which are similar to the image I posted from takealot. The carbon filter and fan is still great and work amazing. I can send original pictures of the items should you be interested. However, I have put the setup in storage so will appreciate it that it only requested if you have a serious intention to buy.
  2. I purchased it earlier, and plan to use it as a foliar feed once or twice a week. is the dosage really 2-4 ml per 10l ? Do you mind sharing your preferred dose?
  3. @Promhow did the amino boost do? Considering buying it
  4. That looks a great suggestion, I went ahead and replaced with an identical part to its original part was simple and easy to replace. made sure the power is long and not tugging on the power block and check the connection regularly to prevent that from happening again
  5. Just followed. Great job on the last harvest as well
  6. Lemon Pie has got the chop yesterday as it seemed ready. Grow report and yield will be made once dried in a week or so
  7. Think I have my pics mixed up the first one is WC and second is SP
  8. Wedding cheesecake grow review The wedding cheesecake has amazing potential to give you great yields. Of the three autos, this was my tallest plants. It was extremely easy to grow her and used LST to train her. It’s disease resistance is great as I did find PM in the tent but not on her even with my tent being too compact at times and poor defoliation management from me. Her buds is nice and compact, however, it doesn’t fatten as great as I would like to have. I think I should have removed more of the lower branches so that the main branches could get more energy so not sure whether it is just a smaller producer or whether it was due to me not clearing the lower growth. Her smells are sweet and fruity but can’t put an exact smell to it but very pleasant to the nostrils. 6 days into drying and the plants gave me a combined weight of 107 grams with 60 grams of Larfy bud and trim, which I’m fairly pleased with 53 grams per plant. She’s a 50/50 hybrid but just as the SP I haven’t tasted her yet and was already high when trying the resin from the pruning blades to give any smoke report but will update in the coming weeks. I would grow her again knowing that I can improve her bud sizes with proper plant management to increase yields.
  9. Strawberry Pie grow review My best strain I’ve grown so far, whilst my growing experience is limited to 2 previous harvests, I’m certain even the most experienced will agree that she was a delight to grow. She doesn’t grow to tall but what she doesn’t have in height is quite the opposite in bud production. She is also a speedy grower, she grows just as fast and big of the rest of them(wedding cheesecake and lemon pie auto) but in flower she slows down in her stretch. I grew her with 2 other fastbuds strains and certain she will have produced the most bud in relation to its size. I weighed her biggest cola day after chop which came in at 41g which really impressed me. Another 3 big similar sized colas and few smaller branches should see my dried yield reach 70g and above in 90 days on the dot with 9 weeks flower. She can handle her nutrients quite well, I went above fastbuds recommendation and attempt full strength dosages (from week 4 of veg) of organic nutrients and she handle it like a champion, inciting me to push her even harder. At which I chickened out and was worried to over do it. I am keen to see how far she can be pushed in future as I’ll definitely be growing this strain again. Her resistance to mold and pests was also impressive as there were signs early in flower of PM in the tent but after a good defoliation it never popped up again. Moving on to her bud structure, she get really resinous and dense flower that fattens and fattens. In her last week, her trichomes said she was ready but yet she kept on growing, if it wasn’t for me and my smoke preferences, she’d still be fattening after 9 weeks of flower. Just touching the buds leaves you with the stickiest fingers that you have to give it a good scrub with olive oil to get off your fingers which speaks for her resin production. She’s has glittery trichomes that covers the most beautiful complements of colours, during early flower her buds were all green as she developed they started fading pinkish red like a nice rose. After her 48 hour dark period before chop some of those red tones turned purple which left me staring at a combination of green, pink, red, purple bud with orange pistils and glittering trichomes to top it off. She holds a sweet aroma with a subtle hint of skunk that even my carbon filter had difficulty hiding. No need for aftershave when all you need is 5min in your tent to get smelling good. This is no joke, my friend would come around and have this ongoing joke with me that I have my canna-cologne on upon getting that wif when greeting. With the right training early on (LST) she can give you great yields as all her colas grow to be fat densed buds. Ive received a weight of 144 grams after 6 days of drying which 72g per plant. I’m extremely eager to taste her but I said to myself to be patient and give her at lea at least 2-3 week cure to fully appreciate it. Smoked the resin from my pruning blades and gave me a good knock.
  10. Have you ordered any seeds from Mephisto since you posted this? I think ima ask my relative in UK to send it to me. Just a question regarding stealth shipping though. how stealth must it be? If it were in a Xbox/PlayStation game cover would that be sufficient? Don't customs have scans that will be able to pick up what’s inside the cover?
  11. Will write a report on my overall experience in due time
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