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  1. @Cannabist thanks for letting us know. I’ve seen a similar breeder called MegaBuds. Similar in the sense of fast big yielding autoflowers. Have a look at this one cup challenge yield. May be a great alternative for customers such as myself who enjoys fast, big yielding autos.
  2. @Biltong and Budz are you guys planning on stocking Mephisto and Nightowl seeds any time soon? I follow their Reddit sub and the buds are so explosive and lovely looking. I’m looking to try them out this autumn/winter but can’t find anyone that has any stock😅
  3. @Roasty do you add milk to your rice water to isolate lactobacillus? After seeing your post I searched how to make it and this article says to add milk to isolate the bacteria you want and remove potential threatening bacteria. http://seattlegardenfruit.blogspot.com/2017/04/how-to-turn-rinsed-rice-water-into.html?m=1 The article goes on to say the following: This particular beneficial microorganism is popularly used in composting that specifically arrest foul odors associated with anaerobic decomposition. Lactic acid bacteria thrive and feed on the ammonia released in the decomposition normally associated with foul odors. So if you need to decompose or ferment wastes less foul odors, lactic acid bacteria is the specific bacteria to use. Can this be used to safely compost dog waste?
  4. That’s great to hear! Thanks for getting back to me
  5. Stefan

    Air Pump

    https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/495275565/Hailea_Air_Compressor_55L_min_30W.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsvqOsPiJ7gIVjYFQBh0yJQwNEAQYBSABEgKlw_D_BwE this is product I’ve found, if I can get away with a cheaper one, please feel free to recommend it
  6. Stefan

    Air Pump

    @CreX yes it is for teas, my apologies🙈 I’ve found 30w apparently good for 55l and below for R800. Is this a decent price? And can it be great should I choose to switch a vortex system later on
  7. Stefan

    Air Pump

    Hi all, can you please help with suggestions with an air pump for 20-50l buckets. I’m not sure what to look at to determine what makes a good pump. I plan on using a airstone and just a simple preparation. I’ve read about the vortex systems but for now, I’ll probably upgrade in future to such a system but for now would like to just try making tea itself. forgive me if this has already been posted somewhere, had a quick scan and didn’t see it.
  8. Wow, we an international forum haha. I’m half Polish with my father being Polish, however, 3 of my mother’s sisters married Germans. One of them stays in Cape Town but the other two stay in Germany, I believe in Hamburg and Frankfurt.
  9. I agree, the access to cannabis in South Africa will probably mean we won’t have this Spice enter our market, but you never know. I watched that documentary on Netflix called the business of drugs that also highlighted how dangerous this can be. But the one thing you could identify it was that it was sprayed on a herb(not cannabis). This is quite worrying in Germany as you won’t be able to easily identify it
  10. @PsyCLown thanks so much, the seeds arrived today! Will start growing them in Feb😁 so excited to grow them but have a few plants on a 12 hour light schedule at the moment. In this time ima prepare my soil to be perfect for these girls. Great gesture @PsyCLown and I would like to add to your wish to have the whole community have access to CBD strains by offering clones when available. Will post in the Cape Town group once cuttings can be taken.
  11. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-12-17-cannabis-grow-clubs-want-concourt-to-decide-if-customers-can-sit-back-relax-and-enjoy-the-fruits-of-their-joint-labour/ https://www.capecannabisclub.org/press-release/ Hi All, whats you view on private grow clubs? im sure most of us heard of that raid in Ottery in Cape Town and found the above article saying it was The Haze Club's facility. the National prosecuting authority and police believe that a grow club constitutes a crime as the sale of cannabis is illegal, however, C3 and THC believes that a grow club is an extention of your private right to cultivate cannabis and an area in their grow facility is technically leased out to members, thereby making it their grow. C3 has suspended their services upon advice from their legal team and has instituted a declaratory order to have the High Court clarify whether this is a legal means of business. Apparently this will happen within the first half of 2021. I honestly, cant see how it can be illegal as these companies are basically allowing many who cant grow and grow on their behalf for either technical skills, space, effort, etc. anyway, regardless how you feel about it, it will be exciting to follow what comes of this as it will be the first case in South Africa that deals with commercialisation of cannabis.
  12. Haha thanks bro, when something looks too good to be true it’s generally that 🙈 50000 hours lifespan my ass😂
  13. You can get a 1kg for about R50 - you’ll probably need a container as well to extend the length that it lasts which I’ve seen you can get a polystyrene cooler for R20. The dry ice can last about 4 months but I would say that it wouldn’t last 4 months in the tent environment due to excess heat. Should at least last for flowering. I might try this out over the summer and will definitely make a post evaluating whether it can be used for the long term.
  14. How are these lights - 600w under 1k as well? They have different sizes from 50w - 200w. I own an Apollo 8(think it’s 280w true wattage) and use a 1.2x1.2 tent. Was thinking of getting two of these as a supplement light to get the most of the full space of the tent. What you guys think?
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