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  1. @PsyCLown hey bud. The seeds were popped on the 28th of August. Early veg growth looks alright and didn't respond too bad to the high stress training. Still 2 toppings to go before I flip to flower so just really hoping that it atleast presents well in flower. I really wanted to support local and that is why I gave them a go but with all the noise around their ethical practice I wonder whether I will get what I thought I would get. Only time will tell... 🙁 Atleast I am also growing out some of that Inhouse that you gifted me so that has me happy knowing I will atleast have that and also the OSG seems to be legit... Here are some pics. Sunset Sherbet Purple Dosidos
  2. Wow what an amazingly intelligent and talented guy. Thanx for the share it was a good watch
  3. Fuck me.. now the fact that I don't have social media pisses me off... ☚ī¸ I am currently running Sunset Sherbet S1 and Purple Dosidos... Motherland claimed that the lineage is from the OG breeders of those strains... Sherbinski, Archive and Grand Daddy Purp... Shit, now I am stressing whether there is even a smidgen of truth to this. Only time will tell as to what these supposed strains will turn out as. So as I understand it they steal pics from other growers to market their shit.. does anyone know whether they actually had a breeding program to create all these wonderfully named strains that they are trying to sell? Karma is a bitch and once you are exposed it's hard coming back from that as your integrity will always be questioned. Super bummed....
  4. Fuck me that's a bunch of money. 10 of that 30 bar probably went to some bureaucrat for making the licencing process happen. Sadly it also points to the fact that cash is king and the small players will face a moerse uphill battle to be part of something like this.. If you can perhaps find that video please share. Would like to have a look.
  5. Hi folks. So I (tried to) read an article on Cilo Cybin, the local company with a licence to grow and future listing on the JSE. The article could have been a good one if not for the total utter lack of knowledge by the reporter. Mother plants only lasting 6 months, cannabis flowers becoming mother plants, and cloning from leaves... get the fuck out of here... Here is the link if you wanna read up. Honestly speaking I would actually love to visit their facility to see what's up and to hear what gear they are running. Might make for some interesting conversation. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/trending/cilo-cybin-cannabis-growing-and-processing-plant-to-list-on-the-jse-2021-10
  6. Very cool thread. So the book I have is not about gardening but more like an academic read on cannabis and health.. Haven't started reading it yet but it is quite dense with a lot of information...
  7. Hi folks. I got an email from @Cannabist confirming some massive savings on @Totemic genetics. I think this is perfectly timed for all the growers looking at the outdoor season with Spring on our doorstep. Support some local đŸ”Ĩ and check out what's on offer. Very good prices for some proper genetics. Happy growing folks
  8. Thank you good sir. A lot of people can benefit from this information, me included.
  9. Love me some Oni. Excited for the Zero Wilson! Good luck
  10. Thanx for the kind words man. But I can't take credit for this one. A lady very close to my heart does pottery and made this little awesome 1 hitter bong and as I was sending @Weskush a seed I thought I might as well fill up the package. If you are really interested in one pop me a message then we can hook you up. I learnt how to use Pudo and makes sending items really cheap and affordable. R50 for locker to locker and they have a good footprint across SA. Have an awesome Friday. ✌ī¸
  11. Smoke it up man. True that we all have so much to be thankful for. We live to share
  12. Hi folks. So I came across this exciting article of the first company to get a licence to produce, package and distribute cannabis and related products. They are also looking at entering the psilocybin space which I am very excited for. The company, Cilo Cybin, is also looking at an IPO locally and internationally. I definitely want to find out more about this company but it seems like they got their shit together and also have the capital and expertise to enter into this market while it is in its infancy. Might be a clever move to buy in if the company's strategy looks sound. Enjoy the read. https://businesstech.co.za/news/technology/515352/cannabis-company-plans-listing-after-being-handed-first-rights-to-grow-and-package-weed-products-in-south-africa/
  13. @Pants check those roots my boy 😆 @Prom you probably grow some of the fattest nugs on this forum. Very well done man. Great defoliation and proper balance on nutes. Will use what I have learnt from you on my next grow.
  14. The RH in the dome plays a big role. I followed your advise of lowering it by leaving the lid slightly ajar as my dome doesn't have any vents. When I used this process the rooting success ratio moved from the odd 90% to 100% The tops that I clone with are also relatively small reaching about 10 to 15 cm. With about one to two nodes above the cut that I fully remove with only the top tip remaining and those fan leaves at the tip getting a proper trim down. I also don't really mist or spray my dome too much within that 2 week period probably only about 4 to 6 times after the first initial spray down. Happy cloning my friend and hoping this little bit of input can help you knock those top cuttings out of the park
  15. Hi CreX. I primarily only clone with tops due to the mainline that I run. No special process and close to 100% rooting success rate. I cut the tops and keep them in water for a couple of minutes till I am done with the one plant. I then use Dynaroot rooting powder and dip the stem in it. (My rooting powder is also probably 6 to 7 years old) Then over to peat cubes. I do remove quite a lot of leaves and any nodes that are above the cut so as to allow for a smaller leaf foot print. If the stem is relatively big the rooting might just take a little bit longer. The Twisted Helix cut that I gave @PsyCLown was a top cutting.
  16. One of the most informative (and sad) posts I have seen on this forum. Especially on a pest that's not very well documented. Sad for your financial knock but happy that you have seemed to find the trick that tames the beast. I hope your troubles are over friend and that many more grows can prosper without those fuckers.
  17. Fuck me. That's some good expression of the strain no doubt. Proper fire going there my good man.
  18. Will keep you posted man. I will pop you a pm and then I can maybe arrange to send you a seed as I have 5 fems and only intend on growing one. Let's just hope my germination rate holds solid 😂
  19. Nice man. Excited to see how it pans out for you. @The Grass Baas grew out a Critical outdoor once and it was one of the smoothest outdoor smokes I have ever had. I am currently germinating the White Afghan Skunk by OSG and its supposed to be a very close representation of the Super Skunk strain. If you were able to get to Pretoria I would shoot you a cutting anytime. This is how they describe the strain: " The cut of Super Skunk used is a high yielding cultivar from the 90's. This is original SS, and not the watered down stuff you see these days. Old school skunk funk with notes of ripe mango. Unfortunately this cut of Super Skunk does not take well to pollen, and doesn't throw a lot of seeds. So an Old Widow male was used to revitalize the line. Old Widow was chosen to keep the traits of this stellar Super Skunk intact. Don't be fooled by hype. A proper cut of Super Skunk is pure gold. Some of the best smoke I've ever had."
  20. Wow! This looks like an outdoor party I would like to join!! Beautiful photo with an amazing view of the cosmos well done
  21. I concur. I just use the breeder time frames as guidelines as they mostly wanna sell shit that "flowers quickly" but in reality that is far from an accurate representation. I sometimes wonder whether the breeder counts pistil development as the start of flower or the flip to 12/12. I also check the trichome and most of my plants go over breeder guideline. Some even up to 2 weeks over the guideline. Especially when they say 8 week flower..
  22. Fully agree with you man. He pulled a Lance Armstrong and got caught for good. Fuck weed suspension but EPO is on amother level. I got Cory all the way. His last 2 fights against Marlon Moraes and Frank Edgar was exceptional. He has the full arsenal of MMA skills to challenge for the title. His loss against Sterling taught him a lot. But then again who can put up a fight against Yan and expect to win (except if he disqualifies himself. Lol)
  23. Glad you can check it out. Have fun and enjoy man ✌ī¸
  24. Yeah yeah bra. And the online DSTV Now catch up has all 7 episodes to watch. 😆
  25. Fair enough man. If you do get some time in between all of the episodes are on DSTV catch up. There have been a couple of cracking fights thus far. Who do you have for this weekend between Cory and TJ?
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