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  1. They also received a top dressing of bone meal, bat guano and talbourne vita fruit and flower. Also a dose of Explogrow and a good watering.
  2. Picture above is the Skywalker Haze auto from Dutch passion. Then a group photo. Then sour apple auto from HSC. Then the Pluto cut auto then the Planet of the grapes both ethos. Then gorilla cookies from Fast Budz 420. Last pic is of the 2 Bobby’s Widow males they have been Isolated in the other tent. The sour apple is ready to be pollinated just waiting for the pollen to be dropped.
  3. Welcome Bundy, are you in SA? What city?
  4. So they are really starting to grow faster now. Gave them a good watering/feed on Friday. Today just a good watering. The sour diesel from seed stocker is showing no pre-flower yet. The Sour Apple from Humboldt seed company is just starting to flower. Gorilla cookies was stunted but after the feed is also looking better. And the 2 kushes have got lekker wife leaves and are looking good. Bobby’s widow plants are catching up now. The are 65 day strains.
  5. This is the Grow one Africa model. Natures nursery.
  6. Hello spray jadam wetting agent with potassium bicarbonate https://www.totemic.co.za/product/wpm-treatment-combo/
  7. Today I decided it’s time for more wattage in the tent. It is going to be cold next couple of days. It also looked like they can handel more light. I am only on the 185hlg the other one will be kicked into action when we reach flowering.
  8. It is possible that a light shines on it at night this preventing it to flower. Very kak soil preventing it from growing big.
  9. No the Bobby’s Widow is regular auto flower seeds. https://gnomeautomatics.com/ This way I can get regular auto flower seeds and then I can just work each line in the direction I want to then I start working on the F1 generation of these seeds.
  10. How many do you have in that tent? When are you going to make your own seeds?
  11. The sour apple is Humboldt Sour Diesel x Magic Melon auto. And the other sour is from seed stoker. Will see how they turn out. I hope it is at least a sour terpene. But I will work the line so find and stabilise the sour. One of my favourite terps.
  12. Not to worry. One of these days I should have enough auto flower seeds for all the street lights in Cape Town. And with the city replacing the old HID lights with LED’S it is just going to get worse.
  13. So one of the Bobby’s Widow looks like dying this morning. So I soaked 2 more seeds. I really want to be able to select out of at least 6 plants for future work.
  14. So. Everything is looking good. I have 4 Bobby’s Widow u and going. I still have hope for the 5th one to join the club. The 6th one’s tap root had issues.
  15. Yes when Led was still kak expensive it was worth building your own lights. But with Lumii Black 720w coming into The market it will be hard to build something for cheaper than that.
  16. SkunkPharm

    Vacuum chamber

    Where are you based? I buy all my lab equipment from lasec sa. They are in ndabeni in Cape Town.
  17. I stand to be corrected but I think the case will be heard in the cape high court.
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