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  1. Yeah I agree haha, see here in KZN we have lots of dispensaries that sell everything from seeds, to bongs, to CBD products and some backdoor THC stuff thats not so backdoor I think he might be looking for stores like that
  2. True, not trying to be rude or anything it just seemed like you came across quite hostile when the guy just asked for store recommendations. Couldve been dealt with better
  3. Well not really, since a quick search on google will show a plethora of options. So I think you wrong in saying they would prefer not to be publicly named? As well as that I dont see him asking for cannabis, he might be wanting grow equipment, CBD Edibles, any one of a hundred things?
  4. Covid has been awful for lots of people, mind if I message you?
  5. Haha, I will be sure to message you fellow mortal
  6. Awesome I will take a look thank you! And yes I look forward to the day Thank you as well for the compliments! We looking to do a CBD range soon as I found a hemp farmer (legal) who sells bulk hemp which is great. Looking to get capital from the THC side and get a mini factory some day when sales start increasing a bit
  7. So in each gummy (There are 8 in a pack) there is 25mg of THC which is 0.025 grams of THC (The chemical), usually for people who consume cannabis somewhat regularly I recommend 100mg to get high and say 50-75mg for some sort of relief. Elderly people I usually recommend 25mg for relief and 50mg > 75mg to be high, although Im no doctor in the dosing recommendations and everyone is different so I would say take my advice with a grain of salt
  8. Thanks bro means a lot, not sure if this is allowed for me to say if an admin has a problem with it I will delete it but right now its a local Store here in Hillcrest (Durban) That is stocking it, hoping to have it at other stores in durban in the next week or two. Not really sure what other methods to use for selling it around the country though. like if there are any online stores that would like to stock it or something still feeling my way Suggestions would be appreciated! @Naughty.Psychonaut
  9. Thanks bro I appreciate it, but yes definitely, tooks weeks of testing and fails to find a good recipe that doesnt melt in the heat or go mouldy, like these last 6 months roughly so Im hoping people like them.
  10. Hey guys, So last month I posted a photo of my gummies in this forum. The support and feedback was great so thank you, thought Id tell you guys that I got my first sale yesterday, a nice store in my area bought a box to test them out with their customers! Some guys I remember commenting last time @Chris Jay @Naughty.Psychonaut @Adansonia digitata
  11. Thanks bro thats some really useful information! I definitely want to get them on the shelves theres a few local stores wanting to buy. I am very big on being as close to legal as possible, Ive also ordered a few kilograms of Hemp flower to make a CBD range, thats going to be my main focus point while I sell some THC gummies to a few local stores until theres a way to legally make the THC side big
  12. Right now just a couple local Canna stores working on a CBD range but waiting for the Hemp
  13. Hey! They last around 3-6 months, we have added a light preservative though but its nothing harmful. But that sounds awesome I would definitely be interested!
  14. It doesnt matter whether or not they can control it, the CPA states that any goods that dont work are valid for return, I expect that to especially be so if I am paying a few hundred rand a seed. Its a flaw in their own business model if they have issues with it, the consumer has a right to purchase a working product, voets toets does not apply.
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