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  1. Same here, really want to grow it this outdoor season.
  2. This is awesome news to read and many congratulations. I went to a nursery the other day which was recommended by@Stinger96 , just went to browse and see what they stock. Apart from the wonderful guy and lady that owns / works at the place, the abundance of amendments and nutrients etc I also saw a cabinet with your seeds in which could be bought right there and then. Was really refreshing to see. Keep up the good work and thanks for always sharing your knowledge.
  3. Would you say veg time was too long in the 10L pot? I have tine lines of the grow and if that's the case I will make a note to flip earlier. Thanks for the insight, still trying to dial everything in for this year's outdoor
  4. Thank you for the help guys, appreciated. I think I over watered before turning off the taps. I amended the soil before I flipped yes. Thanks again, very excited for this plant.
  5. This is a green gelato from Totemic which Im growing. The plant has been flawless and vigorous the entire growth except for the last 5 days, not sure what is going on. The flowering window is from 29 June. Living soil Rain water Totemic bloom mix Outdoor. I noticed the plant looked a bit droopy a while back so I wrapped cling wrap around the pot. I find the bottom half of my soil is compact or something because when I water the water will drain out of the pot half way down, until it reaches the compact area, no idea why this is happening. I have tried not watering as well as over watering but the plant still looks the same. Does it look like an issue or is this just signs of the end being near? The leaves almost feel like paper and the leaves are just curling down.
  6. I would like to try this bloom blend on my next grow but still need to read up on the ingredients. Im growing in living soil so just want to know if theres any of those ingredients that would be harmful to the microbes etc. Im mainly thinking about the MPK. Thanks for sharing this knowledge, it makes it more fun and interesting growing this way, learning along the way.
  7. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks. Never knew males produced trichomes
  9. Apologies for the kak question but what am I looking at here, besides it being a male? What is it in the picture that excites you?
  10. I actually wanted to start a thread here last week regarding denatured ethanol. I want to make a tincture but not sure if you can ingest the denatured ethanol.
  11. Where did you get the Elvis from? Ive heard of it for a couple of years now but could never find it, not even bud to smoke.
  12. www.biltongandbudz.co.za www.groenseeds.com www.golden-goose.co.za www.sacredseeds.co.za https://marijuanasa.co.za www.cannabist.co.za
  13. Thanks all for the valuable inputs. I am not planning on making or breeding my own, was always just a thought in the back of my mind. Also never knew they used chemicals to achieve this, not that there's something wrong with it, just interesting. So thanks for scratching that itch guys, really appreciate it.
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