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  1. Perhaps find out. Mine was the same and the vet did the tear duct test and it came back that his is not producing enough tears so he is on eye drops now.
  2. Did the vet check if the dog's tear duct produce tears? They would have inserted a piece of paper in its eyes to measure it.
  3. Coupon gives an error saying it needs to be 19 characters long.
  4. Im also definitely buying some of them as soon as finance allows it. Hopefully end of this month and will add them in my next grow for sure.
  5. Awsome!! Thanks for the recipes, will visit the shops tomorrow for some ingredients.
  6. Im just feeding them with malted barley and microbes, still looking for something to fatten them up. I have used ash from the fire 2 weeks ago but not sure how much I can give them before running into issues. I would prefer to give something organic / natural. Thanks for the advice, I have removed all the yellow and dead leaves and gave them a small haircut. Im also keeping an eye out for PM as it happened with my first grow but I think theres enough wind here to assist with evaporation etc.
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the help. @SkunkPharm this is the second grow in your soil and Im still impressed each and every day!
  8. These plants have been in flower since 13 December. I have noticed some of the lower leaves turning yellow, some dying. Could this be fade or a nitrogen deficiency? Im growing in living soil so if its a deficiency, what could I use here? The tallest is sour diesel, middle is GSC and the smaller one is a cannatonic cbd.
  9. Thanks. I have another auto seed so will keep an eye on her progress for the next week then make a call.
  10. I planted this Blow dream auto a week ago. The seedling had a bit of trouble getting rid of the seed but it eventually fell off. The day after the first leave and the one true leave fell off so I was wondering if I should keep it seeing as its an auto with limited veg time.
  11. https://www.jamiesgardenshop.co.za/shop/cannabis-microbial-consortium-cmc-750ml-r125/
  12. Microbes are living organisms that forms a symbiotic relationship with the plant, feeding it what the plant needs. I only know of Jamies Garden shop and freedom farm microbes that you can buy off the shelf, other than that you have to collect your own from soil. Just to note, when using microbes in living soil you should water with rain water or tap water which has been standing for about 24 hours. Normal tap water will kill the microbes. Microbes are fed with molasses and some other things, but I only know of, and use, molasses.
  13. Very good look plants you have there. I hope to grow some of your seeds next year.
  14. This is very very generous of you wow, well done man, we need more people like you in the world I am certainly interested in growing some of this if its still possible. We made some medicinal oil with another cbd plant we grew and it has helped many people. I actually told someone less than an hour ago I will try and find some of this for his girlfriend who is struggling with anxiety and I will pass some seeds off to him also.
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