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  1. Hi. You can also try: www.trophy seeds.com www.africansmoke.co.za
  2. Welcome bud. Hope you enjoy the forum. That set up looks insane and really dialed in and that bud looks ridiculous. Running some nice strains as well. I am very keen to follow along
  3. @Fridge damn bro that turned out to be one decent sidewalk smoke man 😆 looking smashing and big ass buds Your entry was truly epic and original and you deserved to win. Thanx for the harvest pic update. I hope a smoke report will follow.
  4. Mr Cannabist. Thank you for the coolest seed shopping experience I have ever had. I have never received the amount of freebies from any other seedbank and I have used quite a couple of them. Keep up the great work and you will definitely have my support. I only ordered 2 Motherland genetics packs and got a shit load extra seeds and promo items.. What more can a client ask for?? Thanx @Cannabist
  5. Motherland genetics look real cool. Haven't seen their gear yet but now that I have I am itching to get some. Really nice to see that the parental lineage comes from very reputable breeders across the pond. Will definitely support
  6. Fair enough if you buy bulk seeds it will cost cheaper per seed. But do you really want to waste 4 months of electricity and nutes growing subpar stuff that won't smoke as nice as some decent genetics from a trusted breeder? So honestly speaking bulk seeds might be proper for beginner growers.. but if you know the quality of bud that you want you will struggle to get that consistently from bulk seeds. So on that note I have been burned by President seeds and bulk seed bank and will never again purchase any seeds where I know it was bulk or repackaged bulk. Rather cough up some extra cash
  7. Damn dude only six weeks in and that lady is a monster. And from the background fat ladies it seems like you got stuff dialed in. Well done!!
  8. Received my beans. Very safely packaged and the delivery was seemless. Thank you very much
  9. Too true. That's why I don't have either of the two.
  10. On a side note I popped your Palomino alongside the Tortoni and some other strains and at the moment the Palomino is looking like a champ. Fastest in the tent.. Showed tap root in three days and already working on the second node of true leaves just after 10 days since I popped it in the peat pellet. Tortoni on the other hand took a full 6 days to show tap. Still 100% germination rate 😆
  11. @Golden-Goose yo man. I am still seeing the previous prices. Should I just give it a while for the site to update?
  12. @Golden-Goose fantastic bro. Order will follow shortly
  13. Wow that's some very fast flowering plants man. Will keep an eye on my Tortoni to see whether it toes the same line. Looking smashing bro. Hope the smoke is as good as the looks
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