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  1. Or it was the right strain all along 😆 the complexities of the human endocannabinoid system and our understanding thereof is still in its infancy. 100% on point man. It is a cabal of profit seeking organisations with only self interests and market share in mind. We have already seen big pharma dable in the CBD space and with the endless money flow at their disposal one can reasonably assume that once they enter the market full steam all the smaller players (that do their work based on ethics and integrity) will be relegated to the bottom of the food chain. Such an intricate topic that can be debated ad nauseam...
  2. Morning folks. I came across this very interesting article relating to a certain cannabinoid acid that can bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that can essentially block the virus from infecting human cells. The study was done by researchers at the Oregon State University and just goes to show how far behind we are at understanding all the numerous medicinal benefits of the range of cannabinoids that the plant has to offer. I have to be honest it is quite irretating for me that there is no real political will globally to embrace the study of the plant more aggressively as we are only at the tip of the proverbial iceberg at understanding the numerous benefits that one can find in the plant.. Here's the link if you wanna have a read.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-10395689/Cannabis-compounds-stop-virus-causes-COVID-19-entering-human-cells-study-finds.html Have a blazing day folks.
  3. Lol looks like it's puppy season. Got a Weimaraner puppy on this side as well 😂 looking at some puppy school classes now
  4. Very interesting pheno. Would love to see what mine looks like on day 58 for a nice comparison. Looking smashing
  5. Fully agree with you. I think it might be more due to the allure of the plant in its original form, untouched by humans, that drives the hunt for landrace species. It's like someone harping on about the good old days. Fair enough that might not be the quality that you would like to smoke or use but to see a plant as close as possible to its original unaltered state must be something special to behold. For me I wouldn't want to grow or smoke it but would love to walk in a field of cannabis that is relatively untouched by hybridisation or external influence. It's like botanical archeology 😂
  6. You are a legend. Thank you very much for sharing this. A very nice way to start a public holiday.
  7. Smooth move brother man. Would love a cutting to see if their "house" stock is up to scratch 😬
  8. Welcome back bro. Biltong and Budz also currently have some clones in stock and it seems like they ship. Not too expensive per clone as well. https://www.biltongandbudz.co.za/product-category/nursery/clones/
  9. I need some of that shit... 😬
  10. I haven't had the opportunity to run any of their gear but once you stock it I will probably run it. 😂 Will you also look at their reserva privada range?
  11. Jungle Boys gear seems to be pretty hard to come by and I've heard that they have a great reputation. And maybe some stuff from Berner, cookies.co - he is doing some good work with the guys in Humboldt county. This is more of a US snapshot as it seems like the EU stuff is quite readily available here. @Golden-Goose Do you have a couple of guys in mind?
  12. Very very nice man. I am excited to see those in action! So when will the beans be popped and what are you planning on running?
  13. Please share that footage once done good sir. I love a good strain hunt and the exploration of cannabis through different geographical areas
  14. Very quick delivery thank you man. Also very happy for the pineapple chem pack, much appreciated!
  15. Hi Chris. Will you please share the link for that episode?
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