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  1. Fully agree with you man. He pulled a Lance Armstrong and got caught for good. Fuck weed suspension but EPO is on amother level. I got Cory all the way. His last 2 fights against Marlon Moraes and Frank Edgar was exceptional. He has the full arsenal of MMA skills to challenge for the title. His loss against Sterling taught him a lot. But then again who can put up a fight against Yan and expect to win (except if he disqualifies himself. Lol)
  2. Glad you can check it out. Have fun and enjoy man ✌️
  3. Yeah yeah bra. And the online DSTV Now catch up has all 7 episodes to watch. 😆
  4. Fair enough man. If you do get some time in between all of the episodes are on DSTV catch up. There have been a couple of cracking fights thus far. Who do you have for this weekend between Cory and TJ?
  5. Yeah man. Team Volkanovski has really clawed back from their first string of losses. Craig Jones is an exceptional Jiu Jitsu coach.
  6. @Adansonia digitata do you follow TUF?
  7. Thank you very much for the kind gesture. Excited to try the wood vinegar and some more of your products in the near future
  8. I would take a guess it is a farm close to Hogsback?
  9. @Dr. Green please keep us posted bud. You have the gift and you are working with some great genetics. Excited for the smoke report and round up of the grow. All of the best and may your pollen settle where it is needed 😆
  10. Bro this looks unreal. So what are your thoughts about Karma's work? How's the smells and bud density? It looks like you have some epic bud to leaf ratio. And very well done on that 4 pot scrog. Your tent looks packed, and healthy AF Shit I wanna rock that strain now
  11. @ORGANinc. from what I have seen with your growing style you shouldn't have too much to worry about
  12. @Weskush Dutch Passion has a CBG variant available through Trophy seeds. I haven't seen any other local seed supplier that stocks CBG strains. https://www.trophyseeds.com/product/dutch-passion-cbg-force/
  13. @ORGANinc. looking smashing good sir. I have to commend you on the health of your plant. She looks like she got it all this morning 😆 Beautiful leaf colour and supersized to boot. Well done man.
  14. Welcome good sir. I hope you enjoy your stay. There is a lot of knowledge floating around here and I am sure you will be able to gain a lot. There are also a lot of folks who swear by Hydro so stick around and let's grow. P.s I like those bricks helping with the training, smooth move
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