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    White Cookies, Pineapple express, KushNcheese, Jelly Breath
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    Biobizz, Calmag, molasses
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  1. May your new chapter be blessed man. And thanx for sharing the love.
  2. Good move man, you've really made a lot of strides since the Covid clusterfuck hit. I like the infusions you are doing. 3 of those olive oil variants caught my eye. Do you courier?
  3. Sweet drop man. That old dirty biker is still tickling my fancy. Just germinated the Orange road, Larry OG, Blue D no5, Old Widow and MOB×Old Widow. All with a 100% germination success rate Will start a diary on that in the future. We also need to trade some OSG Cheese man so let me know.
  4. Couldn't agree more on both replies. Spot on bro Hope you enjoy the fights, we will be watching it live and hoping for smeshing prelims and mains
  5. Yeah unfortunately Kelvin probably saw a couple of vids of Dricus doing his thing and decided it best to get injured quickly to avoid going for a 6 out of 7 loss streak. Dricus will remain in the USA and train out of Florida for a possible fight in coming weeks.. Let's hope the match makers gets its sorted with a proper match up. Quick question for our UFC fans - comment with who you have for the following fights... Volk vs Zombie Yan vs Sterling Silver (should have never won gold) Burns vs Smesh Chimaev Dern vs Torres
  6. That's a very good question... I will have to hit up a 150 dabs and get back to you on that one Probably around the 15 gram mark as a thumb suck?
  7. Would the concentrates include Rosin and how much would be required then? Very excited for a possible Joburg cup. Would be awesome.
  8. Yeah man that's a huge step up and Gastelum will be hungry for the win om the current win/loss streak he has. Dricus will struggle to knock him out, I don't think he has been knocked out before. And Gastelum also has some great wrestling if it goes to the ground. Dricus also has a submission game.. Gonna be a a crazy nerve grinding wait for that fight. A win for stilknocks will put him right up there to start challenging top 10 fighters. Amazing opportunity can't wait
  9. Cool man. I would stop giving the fish mix at week 4 or even 3. As @PsyCLown said it might also be a lockout and it might be due to fish mix/bloom combo and high N. What is your ml/L with the two? If you feed nutes with every watering it can also help to do one off one on with normal water and water with nutes, your intervals sound spot on.
  10. Hi folks. Seldom do you get an article in mainstream media that is well articulated and objective in the interpretation of legaslative frameworks that could assist in laying a roadmap for the SA cannabis project. Fair enough the article is not an essay as the technicalities of this subject does not offer a short and unanimous opinion but his approach is on point.. Less is more when you want to regulate cannabis based on the constitutional implications of certain sections like human dignity and the rights in the bill of rights. He touches on the approach of alcohol and cigarettes vs cannabis.. I just wish the team working on the legislation can read this. Great opinion piece. Have a read if you would like.. https://www.news24.com/fin24/opinion/opinion-keep-off-the-grass-less-is-more-in-cannabis-regulation-20220309
  11. Hey man. I would cut out that fish mix at this stage as it's carrying quite a substantial amount of Nitrogen which your plants dont necessarily need at this point - NPK ratio 5-1-4. The bloom has a fine balance of N to carry the latter half of the flower stage. NPK ratio 2-7-4 What type and size pots are you using and what is your watering/feeding frequency?
  12. Yo man. Is it Cameron Saaiman, kickboxer? I think I have seen him before in the earlier EFC days. Fighting out of CIT with coach Morne?
  13. Masvidal all the way. I don't have a lot of respect for Colby. The Bryce fight was real good as well. I like him a lot. Did you see the mad fight card for April 9?
  14. Hi folks. Just a big thank you again to @420SA, @THCSA and the judges for the awesome prize. I received my Jelly Fish bong today and will be dabbing it up this evening.
  15. Thank you so much, it's truly an honour and I am very thankful. I will be pressing some flower from the recent harvest and blaze it up with a nice rig from @THCSA Thank you to the judges, @420SA and @THCSA I will post some pics once the set up is sorted.
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