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  1. @PsyCLown yes yes bro. Absolute class those 2 Austrians. New album was off the hook. They also have a new single out "No Tomorrow".... epic.... Your Hospital podcast was the perfect Friday vibe, thanx good sir. Some other respectable folks whose beats I dig are: Nero, Pendulum, Flume, Sub Focus, Worakls, Nto, Joachim Pastor, Stephan Bodzin, DJ Shadow, Miike Snow, RJD2, Stimming to name a few.. I could go on forever 😅 Then I also like metal, alternative, dubstep, progressive house, electro, classical and basically anything that sounds nice. 🔊 Camo & Crooked actually did an amazing set with the reb bull symphony last year. Magic how they melted the sounds together. And then also a last shoutout to Goldie.... D&B Godfather
  2. Duuuude... very very nice. I love me some d&b..
  3. Yo. Unfortunately this one is the fixed model. But atleast you can tilt for direction.
  4. Hi folks. So a buddy of mine told me that they are running a very cool special at Clicks for Mini Desk fans which work very well for circulation in a tent. These bad boys normally go for R229 but with this sale I was able to pick them up for R159 which is a steal. I bought 5 😅 you can never have enough.. I confirmed with the manager that this special is running till the 20th nationwide while stocks last... so get to your nearest Clicks if a small fan was on your to do list. Happy Growing!!
  5. I had the same on my indoor plants,failed extraction fan required an open door during the day so they sneaked in.. I did a removal/squash and from the smell it became quite evident that it was part of the stink bug family.
  6. Excited to see this grow. And totally in agreement. Epic gesture by @PsyCLown to show the true roots of community. We live to share
  7. @Golden-Goose hey bro. I love learning more about special genetics and who the OG breeders out there are. And from what I've read it seems like Oldman Green is next level. His preservation of some insane old genetics is super respectable and an art in my opinion. From what I've read he also has some other mad shit in the vault like UK Exodus Cheese '87, Buddha's sister (Soma), Peach Slush 90's and Super Silver Haze '98... all those epic pre 2000 strains some of which were lost to time.... His colab with Karma opens up the crazy spectrum and allows him to work with strains like Road Dawg. It sounds like he is also has some working arrangement with US breeders which gives him access to some fire US genetics, match made is heaven. Will definitely do an Old School Genetics run in the future. Cheers
  8. @Wulf that's a good question man. I had a chat about it with a friend just a couple of days ago on the range. Firstly I am not legally qualified to give advice but our take on it was that if you were to use a sec 15 or 16 licenced weapon to defend yourself and the actual action of using the firearm falls within the ambit of the law. I.e all the legal requirements for self defence. One can argue that the action was warranted irrespective of the licencing status of the weapon used to protect yourself. So your competency status to use that weapon within the confines of common law and the firearms control act should be able to provide legal basis for the use of that weapon to protect yourself. Again this was just our opinion. Cheers
  9. @Prom hi bud. Sure there are legal ways to carry a sidearm in South Africa. You can have a look at a Section 13 licence which is for self defence and valid for 5 years. (Only shotgun and handgun allowed under Sec 13) Otherwise you can get a sec 15 which is an occasional sport shooting/hunting licence or a sec 16 which is a dedicated sport shooting/hunting licence. These licences are valid for 10 years and also includes semi automatic rifles over and above handguns and shotguns. In order to obtain any of these licences you first have to complete a competency process and examination in order to obtain a competency certification. After you receice this certificatiom from an accredited institution you still have to apply for a SAPS competency card. This will allow you to apply for the actual licence to possess a firearm. You will also need to first purchase the firearm before being able to process a firearm licence as the serial number and description of the weapon is needed to finalise the licence application. There are lots of people out there that will be able to assist with such a process. Institutions like GOSA and PHASA. I have to advise that the process is quite cumbersome and for a competency and firearm licence from SAPS can take up to a year.. I hope the information helps. Saps link - https://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/faq_categories.php Cheers
  10. True that brother. I must admit that the trailer on YouTube looks insane and in depth with nice game play visuals. If it can deliver in any way like Half Life 2 did with all the hype that backed it back then I would be super happy. It's been a while since a game hooked me.. hoping this one might do it.
  11. @BluntKnife @Ill_Evan morning gents. Nice thread going here. Have you guys checked the new Cyberpunk 2077??freaking insane open-world first person shooter game.. Looks unreal 😎
  12. Mitch McConnell style. 😅 Sad day for the industry and this is happening in progressive countries?
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