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  1. Sorry but your frozen account issues does not remotely cover the lack of communication, be it here or email. Definitely won’t be giving you business that much is for sure.
  2. Stop using these fly by night pop up shops and use tried and trusted suppliers. I only deal with @CannaSmith you tell them what you're after they will find it, or BnB if they have in stock.
  3. They should get the boot if they don't reply by COB, they were last seen on the 2nd.
  4. No I did not grow it, its an example from the breeder. Correct its from In-House Genetics.
  5. Hurdur... I assumed the video was to support your claim for genetic weakness.
  6. I agree I generally tend to steer clear of fems unless I have no choice.
  7. If the strain is bred properly and stabilized there is very little to no chance of genetic abnormalities or weaknesses.
  8. Coco/Perlite + Haifa nutrients, plants just under two weeks.
  9. That is a fair trade off for the price, I assume all orders are in sealed breeder packs. If these packs are tampered do you offer a refund?
  10. @Cannabist Does the in stock represent local value in stock or your supplier?
  11. What mid flower NPK are you trying to achieve? What values did your feed consist of how many grams of each per x L's of water?
  12. Stop buying into bullshit organic hype, nitrogen is nitrogen, potassium is potassium.
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