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  1. greenkush


    No idea why their prices are cheaper, ask them. Use post box courier and deliver to a drop ship location and the shipping will be cheaper. That's what I did.
  2. A fool and their money are soon parted.
  3. Currently looking at either Canada, Holland and the UK - UK being the easiest as I can get an ancestral visa. Reason? Because I don't like this country, never have. Apart from the useless government, crime, just general failing economy, the grass will most definitely be greener on the other side, even if its just one shade.
  4. I'm starting plans to immigrate next year sometime, if everything pans out.
  5. greenkush


    You're going to need give a bit of background what you're doing, the soil its in, your current nutrient feed. etc.
  6. Moist thanks, much cheaper than buying neoprene discs.
  7. where did you find the knee pad?
  8. greenkush


    Of course it's bullshit advertising, why are you even surprised lol.
  9. greenkush


    Conservation of energy You can't magically create 1200w out of 240/480 watts. So there is no chance its equivalent.
  10. Please don't use the word "infect" mycorrhizae is not a pathogen.
  11. 30%? Please post the report. Perhaps you should notify Samsung, those diodes sound defective.
  12. Never had issues with Meiju, bought a few from them and arrived in about 4 days, longest was 6, marked lower value so customs was barely anything either. I know many others that have purchased and never had issues as well.
  13. Go Alibaba route, either R2T or Meiju. Good quality quantum board clones, with legit diodes. I've been running my 4 of their 800 diode boards for close to a year with zero issues. Stay away from companies like NaLite and Ono. The lights look pretty, but the quality is garbage. I just replaced a popped power supply in mine this weekend. Thankfully I had a spare power unit so i have 10 backs ups, but i'll most likely be rebuilding this light and rip out their shit drivers and stick in two mean wells.
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