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  1. You cannot purchase lady bugs in this country, I've been looking for many years. Just buy some spidex from koppert (https://www.koppert.com/spidex/), they're based in JHB but I'm sure you can find a retailer down there if you phone them up and ask.
  2. As far as I recall when I asked the agent last year he had no intention of bringing it in. However the Canna range is in the process or near registration completion those are pretty great nutrients from what I’ve seen.
  3. Keep LST at below 27 if possible with LED you will generally find your ambient will be close to the 30 mark it your LST lower. https://growersnetwork.org/cultivation/optimize-your-grow-for-a-led-lighting-strategy-part-one/
  4. floraflex is widely available all over SA already, has been for over a year already.
  5. Yep I already have, tried it once, didnt really see anything magical happen.
  6. Bloombastic is still under going registration. But screw that, the canna range is coming soon.
  7. Make sure your life insurance policies are up to date.
  8. What did you expect to buy from a dodgy shit hole like Cannapax.
  9. Listen you can flagellate Russel all you want, fact is he did it, it’s done and now he’s in Jail, he thought he was above the law with that flimsy piece of traditional healers crap, which was the biggest joke there ever was. As for how it was done, you would need to go and speak to those owners, but they’re unlikely to come forward.
  10. He’s scammed people that is why the community is predominately against him, part of his agreements was meant to also include legal aide, he was fart in the wind when shops started getting raided. What he did was stupid and reckless and done out of pure greed.
  11. greenkush

    Do you bud wash?

    Bud washing works well - This was lab tested and measured in at 28.5%, 0.5% higher than the breeder gave, so definitely no loss.
  12. I never claimed it was illegal, so not sure where exactly you pulled that out of. If you make a product you need to state its contents, this how things get their approvals from the governing body, really nothing more to it. Everything I’ve looked at about bud candy mentions nothing of the compound but a mix of pk with amino acids etc. I never asked about your yields, nor do I actually care. I was merely curious if you did a control group test of these hormones to see if there was a definitive difference, unfortunately if you have no control group the results are subjective. Anyways keep well.
  13. Poor choice of words, my own outcomes showed no viable difference. Care to post a picture of your bud foliar fed vs unfed? Care to post a link to where they state it contains it? That does not seem like something that would be legal, considering they are governed by strict federal regulations on what they put into their products.
  14. I have a jelly breath seed that has not popped and its been a few days now
  15. I did not document it, I am merely stating I did not see any benefit using it and not using it, as a transplant and recovery aide sure. BTW where on the Big Bud label do you see Triacontanol?
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