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  1. I would not buy a chiller from Jungle, they push up their prices something chronic. Getting a second hand chiller is absolutely fine, all you would need to do is regas it maybe once a year if that. I am getting a second hand ancient Haliea 400lt rated chiller for my RDWC system. My marine tank runs a Teco 500 R245 gen chiller, top of the range, but also pocket burning.
  2. Come now @PsyCLowndon't be a pussy drop your numbers ;). I'd venture to estimate I've spent around 80K since I started growing again, but this year I've spent about 30 +-
  3. https://leroymerlin.co.za/efekto-eco-fungimite-200ml
  4. Go to any nursery and ask for efekto Sulphur, mix a bit in water and spray.
  5. Wrong. This is a common misconception, UV sterilization on marine tanks has to do with keeping free floating algae spores in check, it damages the DNA thus not enabling them to replicate. Heterotrophic bacteria in marine ecosystems primarily adhere to the surface of the glass and rock work, thus using UV has very little effect on the bacteria in the system, you actually need good bacteria in the marine tank in order to do conversion of NH3=>NO2−=>NO3-, without this extremely import conversion your live stock would die. I run both UV (55watt) and Ozone (200mg/hour) on my marine tank.
  6. Just spray some Sulphur and be done with it.
  7. Good Day, I have a pair of 600 watt LED lights 561C Samsung diodes in 3500K for sale, it comes with a 600 watt HLG driver, these boards are used, but looked after. Reason for sale is that I've recently upgraded to new lights so these are just collecting dust. Please note this is for collection or meet up only, I will not ship these around the country as that's a lot of effort.
  8. Takes stupid time to grow unless you graft it onto root stock --- which I did not do, I should plant my other seeds.
  9. Yep, my fish tank one set me back 12k.
  10. So a friend from a marine group is gifting (trading for a few corals) me an old chiller (perfect working order, albeit in a dire need of a clean and maybe a re-gas).
  11. That is not what rhizomorph means, the literal meaning is root forms. Rhizomorph's can either be friend or foe, so they are not all classified as symbiotic.
  12. I’d avoid introducing that pine fungus, it would be advisable to rather use cultured or storm bought mycorrhiza. You could potentially be introducing a pathogenic fungus.
  13. I’ve only done cuts of a single pheno of pancake stompers for now. So will go with those, when they root.
  14. Airstones in. https://streamable.com/dj8qeo
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