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  1. You never stepped on my toes, I was merely pointing out that you can get some good deals. I've got lights that cost me 3K from alibaba and I've grown perfectly fine under them.
  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with lights coming out of China. All grown under lights from alibaba, zero issues at all.
  3. Without the regular how fast do they drip ? Can you take a video plox?
  4. Yeah I meant 3 part GHE / TA (GHE - America, TA - European, individual entities, same formula)
  5. Nice, thanks, I emailed them going to place an order next week and give them a try.
  6. Maybe I used it wrong, but my plants suffered defs constantly using the stuff, yellow, browning etc. I followed the instructions to a T. Eventually switched back to GHE and now use the bottles as paper weights for my clone domes.
  7. I still need to follow up with the guy and actually order a bunch, they're not that expensive at all just getting them is a pain due to no online store.
  8. Looks like calcium, even though you adding it you could be locking it out, I'd suggest raising your ph to 6.1-6.2.
  9. It's only a fuckup if you tinkering with the soil constantly or it was formulated incorrectly to start, coco can go south extremely fast. I've grown in all mediums, if you have the patience to hydrate and buffer your own coco it's a no brainer. I've however gotten lazy in my old age and rather just buy FF soil now and run with it.
  10. Yeah, that actually is a good idea. Nice one.
  11. https://www.crazyplastics.co.za/product/syringes-3-part-50ml Problem solved.
  12. Ordered on Saturday morning, received today.
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