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  1. I was out here thinking the freedom farms green bag was the shit 🙄
  2. @Skankhunt42. how did the cape ape seeds grow go? Would love to see sone pictures.
  3. Cape ape seeds not looking too bad. Got a run on the go.
  4. The wrap is sounding like a good idea right now. Watering every 2nd day now as to every 3rd day before.
  5. Cracker harvest bro. 👌
  6. Awsome neat slick build there brother. I love it. Spelling
  7. Forgot the nutez bro I use nutez with my freedom farms. Call it R100 worth per plant
  8. What area are u in? We could reccomend grow shops in the area. Maybe u could do some shopping at the shops for the individual items.
  9. Y take a break from a good thing 😁
  10. Always the easiest to hit the tolerance break when u not well and shit.
  11. The qb's are the popular lights right now bro. And everyone that used them . Have great things to say. Im sure u will be able to run 2 plants with that 110w qb. Maybe strech it to 3. 1 of the members here were running 4 plants with a 50w cool white light.
  12. I have the freedom farms fabric bags. They cool. But water easily finds its was out the sides when watering. Also in terms of pot size. The autos will reach a max of 1m in height (provided they are grown absolutly perfectly. Correct lights. Correct light height. Correct light schedule. Perfect nuetz feeds. Etc) as someone starting out and still learning abit. U probably dont have to stress too much on the 1m max height. Also the bigger pots u get. The more soil u will need per grow. Autos almost always go for alot less time then the photoperiod plants. Which means less time for roots to fill the pots. All that said. I think a 10 liter pot would work well. Just my opinion and experience.
  13. Im in jozi bru. But just finding out if they do. When i am around there. Will definitly check it out. But from the combo pricing. . . It doesnt seem too appealing to me. As i know what i could get here in Jozi.
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