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    White Rhino. OG Kush. Choc Gelato x Ghost Train Haze. Unknown Autoflowers.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Whatever u got.

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  1. What up man. And welcome to the forum. ✌
  2. 146g dry from an Auto. Dammm bro. Please teach me
  3. Hard to find better combos than weed and games. 1 of the Best relaxtions u can get. Im rolling with the call of duty and fifa mostly. Playstation
  4. Welcome V. This the place too be man. U will enjoy it here.
  5. Shot alot for this article @420SA. Is it on any official documents? Or government websites?
  6. U need to be moving with sneakers then bru. Cant be rocking the oldsandles
  7. Dont go get ur white ass electricuted Im gona be in the North West this weekend
  8. What up @GrowNoob 3k is not a budget light bro. 3k is a great light. When reffering to a quantum board. That would be a fantastic light to get u through many entire grows. If u do a DIY on a QB. It should land you about 3k for 240w board. Budget lights are normally under a grand. And then u get super budget. Like me. Under 500 . But my light osint full spectrum. Btw . I love the experimenting idea and trying the soils with side by side grows. Would love to see the results. Keep us updated.
  9. Good stratergy. Aint no body got time to be checking tiny amount at a time. Especially u guys who grow massive plants and multiple plants.
  10. @CreX @PsyCLown please drop some deets about the USB Scope. That pic looks insane
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