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  1. Thats the 1 of the issues with growing outdoor bro. And as for the soft and then hard issue. Clueless bro. But i would love to feel what u feel 😅🤔
  2. Howzit bro. Remember the 150w led light is only good for veg. U need a plan for flowering. And theres only 2 options. A proper growlight or the SUN. The 150w light would be good for a 70x70cm square max. To get good value out of the light. If u have a 1mx1m square footprint. I would suggest min 2 of those lights. But im sure u said u have a 80 x 80 tent. So 1 light should be fine. Depending what u willing to spend on electricity a 24 hour light cycle is good too. For flowering u need more watts and u need to have the light lower to ur plants. Depending on the light u get. It would tell u how low for each stage of the plants life. But with the led veg light. The members here can advise u.
  3. Looking good bro. Nice and plump. Looks tasty too 🤪
  4. U pretty equiped with what u need bro. As @CreX mentioned the light is the only thing missing. Depending on your budget. And a 80x80cm space. A 90 -120w quantum board with be great. But if u got abit more cash to spend u rather invest abit more now. To save u from an upgrade later. Especially coz a light is abit pricey. Like a 240w quantum board for example. But its all up to what u willing to spend. For a 90-120w roughly about 2-3000 For a 240w roughly about 4-5000 Another option is if u could utilize the sun. Theres amazing veg lights out thats really cheap at the moment. Plenty of experience with them in this Forum. But for flowering u wont be able to use it. U would have to use the sun.
  5. Howzit bro. There are seed starter plugs that is much more reccomended then the jiffy starters. Its dark brown. Apparently alot better in quality. And its about a rand or 2 more then the jiffy. Maybe try that. Since u wana give ur seeds the best possible start.
  6. Thanks @CreX some solid info. If i do get the warm white light. I would still be putting the girl outside in the 10 hours of sun. And instead of a dark period i would use the light at night. But i would do this only if its gona make sense and make some difference. Instead of no light. Adding Some light that helps flowering. Yes it probably is not gona grow me some dank nugs. BUT. . . Wouldnt some warm white light help instead of no light at all??? If i need to get 300w of light in there for a very small difference. Then it obviously wont be worth it. Due to power consumtion and what not. For example lets say the plant is growing at a performance level of 65%. With only 10 hours of direct sunlight. If the warm white light helps to let the plant grow at a performance rate of 10-15 percent more. Which would put me on a 80 percent performance grow rate. That seems benificial. But if the warm white light gives me only 10 percent better growth performance. It would not be worth the trouble. I hope this isnt too confusing.
  7. Yeah. Sorry for any confusion Growing autos. Using the acdc cool white light for veg. 6000k. For 14 hours and 10 hours of direct sunlight. Now wanted to know if anyone uses a warm white floodlight with any success. Coz i wana use the warm white floodlight to extend the hours during flower. As i can only get about 10 hours of direct sunlight everyday. The acdc 6000k seems to work well. Was hoping the 2700k would have good results too. Since the veg light is so common currently. I thought maybe others tried the warm white aswell.
  8. Shot bro. Grow space is small. So maybe will give 1 a try.
  9. Howdy @BluntKnife Yeah the ff and biobizz seems like a winning combo. Grow and bloom is standard. Fishmix and topmax makes a bigg diff. As the guys suggested start small with 1 liters. As the stuff does cost abit more then your average nutez. 1 of the members had a feeding chart for the ff soil with biobizz nutez. See below. Also u share what strains u planning to grow bro.
  10. Looking at something soley for the purpose of extending daylight hours
  11. Hi all. Just wanted to check. . . I see alot of people have experience using Cool white LED floodlights now for vegging. Which is around the 6000k range. However. Has anyone tried or had any experience with a warm white LED floodlight? Used in the flowering stage? (2700k) Would love to hear some feedback if anyone has some.
  12. Welcome @Pants. Have a great time man. ✌
  13. Looks like someones been busy. Welldone on the builds homes.👏
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