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  1. I manged to get 3 x volcano grinders off ebay for R430 including shipping couldn't resist as the one I had served me well.
  2. So my plastic Volcano grinder broke after about 7 years of use. Its an excellent grinder and I have no complaints. I can get a new one for R290 but before I go with that again what do you use and would you recommend it?
  3. Just add some every 2 weeks or so with your feed. I do a handful in a 25l bucket
  4. I'd go with biobizz, grow Bloom, bloom and Epsom salt in freedom farm classic soil. This is all you need to harvest a good crop when starting out
  5. I've looked at the XP when finally making peace with the price after I saw the shipping and potential import duties I just said no. Maybe when I win the lotto. How much did this siet you back all in all with import duties and shipping?
  6. I got some fungus gnats in my seedling mix from Freedom Farm. I got it sorted pretty easy but yeah it's no good buying contaminated soil
  7. So many strains from DNA at a great price. I might just switch banks Edit: I suggest you only show strains that's in stock. No point having seeds on your site that's not in stock
  8. I don't need a tolerance break if I smell weed I get high
  9. Hydrobizz sell screens but yeah you looking to DIY
  10. The 12000btu look on Facebook marketplace there are loads
  11. I'm lucky my AC stays on and resumes doing whatever it did when before you disconnected the power. I have a Defy
  12. I forget to ask who sells a 20l Meaco at this price? Cheapest I can find is builders 5.6k
  13. You can easily build these for about R700 even cheaper if you have some wires and plugs laying around. I see some shops sell these wired for 2k it's a great tool to have for your portable AC
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