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  1. I'm currently doing autopots with freedom farm classic and TA pro organic nutrients which is meant to be a organic nutrient for drip systems. I have 15l pots and top fed with plain water for the first 2 weeks until the roots reached the bottom. When I activated the autopots the first res was filled with water only and the plants did not like that at all. I then started feeding with nutrients and it has been going better but the grow took a knock from that first res with just plain water. I will try it again on the next run and do nutrients in the res as soon as I start using the autopots Salts with autopots is definitely easier but I will only make up my mind after the next run
  2. I got a thick bottom quartz banger from them and it's awesome. Good service too
  3. I wouldn't grow auto's outside in winter without extra light. I'd be surprised if I get 25g off a plant
  4. Best place I've experienced someone smoking although I didn't smoke myself was the Afrikaans class while the teacher was writing on the board lol
  5. I'm a big fan of thegreenaffiliate.co.za currently
  6. I recommend that you try Eazyplug-plugs they more expensive but work great
  7. Haha My dumb ass saw the video on freedom farm classic and I noticed that the Calcuim was a bit low. I decided to add some greenhouse feed calcium as I had it on hand and added 15ml to my 20liter feed. My plants didn't like it at all and took a good knock luckily they recovered in time before I had to flip to flower
  8. I got some Nag Champa F2's from Terpfi3nd and LA confidential from DNA_genetics
  9. I Just got a local bank to special order me a pack of LA Confidential from DNA_genetics took 2 weeks. Problem is so many other local banks already stock DNA_genetics and can get you a pack pretty fast if they don't have stock.
  10. I use logik box fans from game comes with a 3 year warranty I've had them for about 2 years now still running fine
  11. I use normal kitchen measuring utensils found at the plastic store for cheap
  12. I'm not going to get technical it's above my pay grade lol However I just recently started my frist "salt" grow with EHG nutrients and coming from biobizz it feels like I'm cheating So much easier to get healthy fast growing plants my only concern is tasting the "salts" in the flower
  13. Probably around 3 weeks from now. Yes that is the one I returned out of paranoia lol. If you have space can't go wrong with these the #5 in my tent is a yielder
  14. I'll post final weights when I get there I estimate 400g for this harvest and 550g for the other tent that is coming down soon
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