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  1. I use an Aircomfort from hydroponic.co.za connects to phone via Bluetooth keeps loggs for months If I had money I would import a Pulse Pro
  2. I ended up putting this plant outside and started over as it showed problems again. Now have the same clone in ff classic and it's doing great
  3. Was looking for your IG earlier. Tagged in my bragging of the Headbanger.
  4. Whoop all went smooth very glad to have my hands on these
  5. Cool no rush Do you have a link to that podcast?
  6. I did the eft yesterday already you should have received pop? Haven't done a journal here in a while but I'll do one on this run. Only in about 3 - 4 months though
  7. I pulled the trigger on Headbanger can't wait!
  8. I started watering more often as this soil doesn't hold water as I'm used to with freedom farm I also increase the nutrients and feeding it at 5.8ph now She is looking a lot better I might be able to save her in time for flip
  9. I also remember when opening the bags that the soil looked different. One had lots of perlite while the other bag hardly had any perlite
  10. I used only ph water and biodyne first watering then 2 feeds of ph water only. I then introduced biobizz at 1ml per liter as the plants were struggling. Contacting Jamie won't give me the month + of veg wasted I might restart this run. Also the one time I did contact Jamie I got no response
  11. I believe we are suffering from Iron deficiency due to high pH of the organolux soil
  12. So i always grow in freedom farm classic and decided to do a run with Jamie's Organolux My plants are not looking good at all with leaves curling down like yours I use biobizz the same as i would with freedom This soil doesn't hold water the water just runs through I feed pH 6.1-6.2 and runoff is at 7.6 after a month of using it. I'm going back to freedom farm for sure
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