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  1. Looks like you have thrips and fungus gnats both not too difficult to get rid of. The damage on the leaves look like thrips to me I had my first unfortunate encounter with them in my last grow. For the thrips get some swirsky predatory mites biobee and livingseeds is where I got mine. For the gnats I spray some Margaret Roberts Biological Mosquito insecticide on the topsoil then ad a layer of Diatomaceous Earth when top soil is dry and hang some sticky yellow traps. Make sure you don't overwater gnats love moist soil This way you don't have to spray anything on your pla
  2. The 2nd 1.2mx 1.2m tent has 2 clones of Headbanger #5 on the left and 2 Headbanger #7 on the right under 315w cmh 4.2k will add 240w worth of Samsung strips when they get bigger. Need a few more days before transplant into final 20liter fabric pots
  3. The first 1.2m x 1.2m tent has 4 clones of Headbanger #2 under 480w quantum boards. They were just transplanted and moved into this tent today
  4. Sweet the clones will be going in the tents today or tomorrow depending on how much I can get done
  5. So i found 3 females in my pack I did kill 5 seeds from the pack being brave and stupid while drunk trying a new method of germination. I will be growing these out in 2 x 1.2m tents as I made cuttings from the mothers. Is it cool if I post pics here of the grows? One tent will have 4 clones of Headbanger #2 the other tent will have 2 clones of Headbanger #5 and Headbanger #7 each.
  6. I own one it's an awesome grinder maybe the sieve is too fine but that doesn't bother me personally
  7. So i will put a 6inch extraction fan, with carbon filter on low speed. Maybe even a 125mm just to change the air for the plants, not to cool
  8. We are going to seal it up as far as we can but I am not planning on using Co2 yet
  9. Thanks i was thinking 18000btu my friend told me a 12000btu should be fine. This is not a sealed room I would probably run a 6inch for fresh air exchange It will get loads of direct sunlight
  10. So I'm looking for some advice on what size AC I should get for a 3mx3m nutec insolated shed? I plan on running 2 x 315w cmh fixtures with max 880w of led. There will be a dehumidifier and circulation fans in the shed, maybe some water and air pumps too. Will 18000btu be too much maybe 12000btu? I have no clue
  11. I use an Aircomfort from hydroponic.co.za connects to phone via Bluetooth keeps loggs for months If I had money I would import a Pulse Pro
  12. I ended up putting this plant outside and started over as it showed problems again. Now have the same clone in ff classic and it's doing great
  13. Was looking for your IG earlier. Tagged in my bragging of the Headbanger.
  14. Whoop all went smooth very glad to have my hands on these
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