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  1. There is some more pictures on my Instagram @rolouw83 if you want to have a look I fill my first net 100% leave for a day and then flip I keep my first net about 60-70 cm from the ground and have never ran out of head room in a 2m high tent.
  2. All 3 of the Headbangers smell similar but not the same, I'm on round 2 with this carbon filter and smell is leaking I think this might turn out very pungent Buds are dense and plants not too tall or short I am happy with the seed no complaints here however only when I smoke them I will know if I have a keeper or not. I've pollinated all 3 with Headbanger #8 male and also pollinated a sage n sour female. I'll try to post some bud shots when I harvest
  3. So i haven't posted here as much as I wanted to but anyways its almost harvest time Headbanger #2 struggled a bit with low temps on about day 70 will get chopped this weekend Headbanger #5 & #7 is on day 60 we will see when they get the chop
  4. I grow in a 1.2m tent and my limit is 600g of dried trimmed buds can't see how I will get more than 600g ever.
  5. Me and my friends went to a party in the karoo my mate made us some home made boerewors and we were cracking Boerewors jokes the entire week up to the event only for Killawatt to drop this bomb featuring Nataniël. Mind Blown!
  6. After I see roots I keep them in the dome for another day or 2. I then plant them in small 10cm pots with freedom farm classic no dome. Every now and then ill have one that wilts in that case I just add a dome and give it a spray in 2 days or so I remove the dome.
  7. I've had no problems with budbuddies.co.za and got freebies. I would never try to enforce the CPA on a seedbank that just crazy imo
  8. I just had 2x Grav Upline steamrollers delivered broken by the damn courier
  9. I have a very good cut of sage n sour I'm busy crossing that with my Headbanger 8 male this is my first attempt at making seed
  10. I've also been looking at pineapple fields for years but to order a 90euro pack of seed from a shop where half my orders dissappeared just didn't seem worth the risk and now its no longer in stock. I want to try his starduster too but that too is out of stock
  11. I heard they had them and will be uploading them to the site this week
  12. I agree with S&P TD silent fans being your best local option for a silent fan I got mine from fans.co.za If speed control is most important then a AC infinity S6 with controller 67 is nice to have I'm yet to install mine but I got the entire AC infinity extraction setup with carbon filter silencer ducting and one way air shutters for just over 9k off Amazon
  13. Probably another 2-3 weeks need to fill the SCROG net first
  14. I've been growing in soil with biobizz for close to 10 years but I'm building a new room and I will be using autopots with EHG in there as it seems like less maintenance filling a reservoir once a week. I have a friend who grows seriously and he uses EHG and autopots. For me all his weed doesn't matter the strain has a similar taste in them and I believe this is due to salts. All my biobizz weed has a similar sweet taste again. For me there is a definite difference in taste between salts and biobizz.
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