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  1. Manny Warren on Facebook owns Leon LED. He has a 200w Samsung light for just over 4k
  2. I just stick to my schedules as normal and didn't have any problems. I personally do not worry much Taking your plants out in the sun is way more risky due to pests
  3. I got a bunch of these hygrometers from wish for next to nothing but then the wait. I believe I saw them at hydroponic.co.za Since I read that boveda packs takes some of the terps I stopped using them but hey I'm not too sure that they actually affect the terps
  4. I don't like auto's but tried some outdoor this season again and it confirmed that they are definitely not for me. The yield is just not good enough although I had a decent yield on 1 out of 6 plants.
  5. Powedery Mildew is a bitch once you have it, it's very difficult to get rid of completely I've never won the fight myself 100%. Definitely don't us neem oil it will make your buds taste bad and is also apparently not good for your health. Peroxide, milk & bicarb all only manage the PM but does not take it away completely. I did milk during the day or lights on then peroxide at night lights off. I have a friend who completely got rid of his ongoing PM issue using sulfer this should probably be use before flowering not during. Hydroliq is now sold by hydroponic.co.za as mentioned above its expensive but worth a try and we would all love to see what it does here I'm sure. I haven't tried the stuff from Jamies garden shop. All the best
  6. Also they sell rigs and all the equipment needed to dab at the Rosin Factory the plus side is you get to test them before you buy
  7. How much bud did you use to make that? I have yet to try dabbing but dont want to buy a rig just to try it once. On the zweet inzanity I got 18% yield. All together I got 15% yield I'm with you I never did dabs because firstly I didn't like solvents being used and secondly due to me growing for myself I never had access to dabs. If you in cape town go visit the Rosin Factory they will gladly let you test a few rosin dabs
  8. 7g of Zweet Inzanity I get so high off dabs I passed out the last 2 nights from hitting a few to much yet during the day I feel so energised
  9. I got 18% and 17% yield from the presses that had good meduim sized buds the Popcorn brought the yield down. The jolly rancher had crystal like ooze coming out of the press and was by far the best. I ended up spending over 2k as I got a rig and some bangers and what not but I'm very happy
  10. It's in Somerset West. Check out The Rosin Factory on Facebook. I paid 120 a press he prefers to press 25g at a time but can do bigger or smaller depending or your needs
  11. Look I don't know much about the technique but I believe he presses for 11min. He did say that he is the only one who presses in this manner as far as he knows but it works for him and I'm super happy with the quality and taste you can clearly taste which strain was which
  12. So I visited these guys yesterday took about 50g of meduim sized buds and about 50 of popcorn. All together I got just over 14g of top shelf rosin the guys at the Rosin Factory were very nice and super impressed with the end quality of the product. Pressed mostly Jolly Rancher and Zsweet Inzanity the Jolly rancher came out super nice. We pressed all of it at 85 degrees. I am no longer a Rosin virgin and would definitely recommend visiting the Rosin Factory
  13. This is great I'm interested in a code please
  14. Shot man ill have a look always good to save a few bucks. I use 4 x 20 liter pots in a 1.2m growtent they the perfect size for me
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