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  1. So many strains from DNA at a great price. I might just switch banks Edit: I suggest you only show strains that's in stock. No point having seeds on your site that's not in stock
  2. I don't need a tolerance break if I smell weed I get high
  3. Hydrobizz sell screens but yeah you looking to DIY
  4. The 12000btu look on Facebook marketplace there are loads
  5. I'm lucky my AC stays on and resumes doing whatever it did when before you disconnected the power. I have a Defy
  6. I forget to ask who sells a 20l Meaco at this price? Cheapest I can find is builders 5.6k
  7. You can easily build these for about R700 even cheaper if you have some wires and plugs laying around. I see some shops sell these wired for 2k it's a great tool to have for your portable AC
  8. My AC is fixed permanently to vent straight outside. I cannot unclip ducting and switch AC to dehumidifying mode every day due to work commitments. So what I've done is to hook my AC up to an Stc-1000 temperature controler which only switches my AC on when temps reach 29 and the AC is always on cooling mode. I will get a small heater for winter which the temp controller will switch on when it gets too cold so temps are sorted with the portable AC and temp controller. I went for the stc-1000 instead of a timer so I can save on the electricity as the AC is only on when needed. I now only need to control the humidity during lights off really which I can do by putting the dehumidifier on a timer hopefully, should it keep its settings like my AC does when you disconnect power.
  9. Both the AC and dehumidifier will be outside the tent in a small room where the tent is at
  10. I have a portable AC that's hooked up to an stc-1000. The AC chows too much power to run all the time so I'm getting the Meaco which only consumes 250w compared to 1300w from the AC. Going to have to play around to get them all dailed in. Maybe I just use dehumidifier during light out and AC lights on
  11. I'm about to purchase a 20liter Meaco dehumidifier this will be the last piece of expensive equipment, my setup should be complete after this. Id like to know if anyone knows of a better dehumidifier than the 20l Meaco? Thanks
  12. Ethos don't strike me as a breeder who puts lots of time into stabilising strains. This could be good for pheno hunting to find something special that not everyone has.
  13. Dr. Green


    I've been using SK eco oil but only in veg
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