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  1. https://marigrowuana.com/products/clip-fan?_pos=1&_sid=5211488f6&_ss=r Honestly these 6 inch clips fans dont move enough air. I just got myself 25cm box fans from checkers R229 they work much better for me
  2. I use an 85w CFL i found that any stronger and my clones take much longer to root. This is in a tiny 60cm x 40cm x 60cm tent
  3. Also i will be getting a pre press and use rosin bags when pressing helps a lot to press bigger batches
  4. Just cannabis rosin lounge pressed 25g sections of my popcorn 85 degrees for 11min. He presses super long my rosin was still fire I of course will be experimenting a lot i grow my own so no problem
  5. He recommended the 10t as i will be pressing flower and popcorn in 20g batches. You can use the 10t to press big batches of hash too. The 20t is too much pressure for hash, kief and sift
  6. I just ordered a 10t version 3.0 press from rosinpress.co.za Lead time 3-4 weeks but i got a R1000 discount due to the wait so a great deal. The owner Sean communicated swiftly and answered all my questions and also gave me some insight. Cant wait to press my own rosin. He will soon have his own pre presses which I'm also very interested in. Deal expires Sunday you can pay 50% deposit now and the rest when your press is ready just drop him a mail.
  7. Here's some local Samsung boards http://www.telec.co.za/shop/category/horticulture-full-spectrum-grow-lights-34
  8. Got some isopropyl off these guys R495 for 5liter took 3days. I only use it to clean
  9. Dr. Green

    Lost my bet ^^

    1 kg in a square meter? I'll believe it when i see it or maybe i just really suck at growing i get about 550g im a 1.2m with 555w of light
  10. Oh sorry i see not that kind of soil
  11. https://greenhydro.co.za/ They in Edgemead but only do online orders atm
  12. Manny Warren on Facebook owns Leon LED. He has a 200w Samsung light for just over 4k
  13. I just stick to my schedules as normal and didn't have any problems. I personally do not worry much Taking your plants out in the sun is way more risky due to pests
  14. I got a bunch of these hygrometers from wish for next to nothing but then the wait. I believe I saw them at hydroponic.co.za Since I read that boveda packs takes some of the terps I stopped using them but hey I'm not too sure that they actually affect the terps
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