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  1. How do you mean the spread is little? A quantum board has much better spread as it has multiple sources of light as to a hps which has a single source?
  2. I don't like Hps because of the orange light and I don't like cheap LED's because of the blurple light. I'm a huge fan of CMH best spectrum at the price and use Samsung led to supplement. CMH creates less heat than hps and is more efficient even Gavita launched cmh fixtures now.
  3. No more fresh active intake for me as I got PM due to it so moved back to 2 150mm passive intakes with stockings as filters. With my new tent coming I got some extra secret jardin light baffle intakes
  4. I use eazyplug-plugs and have gotten far better results than with jiffy-pellets or Rock wool. I don't use rooting hormone just straight into the plugs. In summer I had some root in 6 days now in winter about 12 days
  5. It's super easy just bubble bags, ice, buckets and water with some knowledge haha
  6. For now I just stick to bubble hash I've learned how to dry as my hash got mold in the past. After drying I'm going to press it with a glass bottle filled with boiling water Did this yesterday think its about 20g atleast
  7. Joints and pipes I prefer joints but the pipe is quick and easy. I have a RooR bong and a volcano digital but only use these on special occasions I make Coconut infused oil but give most of it away
  8. My friend bought a 320w second hand quantum board from a guy on gumtree. Worked fine when he bought it so today he worked on his new setup and when he switched on the light a few of the pannels fried. He gave Growopz a call today and explained his problems. He is now at home with a working light fried pannels replaced free of charge same day. I think this is excellent service and growopz.com needs to get the recognition for his great after sales service. Well done and respect
  9. 115g so you can't even grow 1 outdoor plant? Fuck em
  10. Id be sure to give an update should I complete this mission. For now I'm just trying to understand which would be the best way to go about it, one thing is for sure it won't be cheap so it would take me some time to get there BTW live rosin is the hash then press method live resin is the bho way of doing it
  11. I understand when freezing freshly harvested bud and making hash and pressing that it is referred to as live rosin which has a much better terpene profile compared to pressing cured buds. I'm all about taste flavour profile and not just potency so if I can turn fresh flowers into dabs which taste better than any other method I'd be very happy
  12. So I've been growing for the past 7 or 8 years wich meant that I had no need to buy weed which resulted in me getting a bit outdated with newer stuff like dabs. Basically I don't know where to get dabs but the aim is probably to just make it myself. The way I see it there is 2 opinions: 1 Make bubble hash with fresh frozen material and then get a rosin press to press live rosin. This concerns me as making bubble hash is not very efficient using bubble bags loosing out on a lot of potential product. 2 buy a pro kit from dablabz blast with bho and purge with vacuum heat pump also using fresh frozen material. The concern here is the butane tainting the product. Am I missing anything is there a better option than the 2 above? I normally make bubble hash or coconut infused oil.
  13. I also suggest you look at growopz.com which is a local guy in cape town as well as atreumlighting.com I bought myself strips from Atreum and I'm very happy. Atreum has some boards available on amazon too. All these boards are made in the same place in China.
  14. I agree freedom Farm soil with biobizz Bloom if you have extra bucks get the biobizz grow too but you won't need it for the first few weeks the freedom Farm soil should be good for 6-8 weeks atleast I also add a bit of Epsom salt when using biobizz
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