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Best Soil Mix Of 2021


Best Soil of 2021  

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  1. 1. Best Soil of 2021

    • Freedom Farms Premium Classic
    • Organics Matter Living Organic Soil
    • Just Cannabis
    • Jamies Garden Shop Orgasoilux
    • 3Sixty 420 Mix
    • JouMaSeSoil
    • Gorilla Mix
    • Best Green Potting Soil

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The thing for me was this, 

I walked into a grow shop in PE, looking to purchase the FF soil in green bags, and saw the bag open and mostly dry.

Seeing that bag, I saw plenty coco, and thought to myself, I can make coco at home, way cheaper, so I did. (Same ingredients).

Then next time, I bought more for the coco to make a proper living soil, that was breathable like coco, but had the goodness of a soil, and stuff for the Microbes to feast on, so similar to OrgaSoilux actually, bar the Guano and a few things changed out.

The grow from start to finish for me is effortless and add water and Microbes, the plants finish up dying, and I have an incredible high and flavorful smoke, every time. 

Pull the roots out and pop the next in its place and add my goods to the soil top, and round 2, 3, 4 and so on.

So happy I dont have to purchase nutrients again and worry about PPM or TDS and even pH.

I know my plants are ready, when they have no more leaves left. As below pic


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As a beginner, I found FF premium classic very forgiving. It seems to have the perfect balance of everything. In combination with a fabric pot it handles over and under watering very well. It says on the bag 'not recommended for germinating seeds' but I've had 100% success rate so far with paper towel method straight into Freedom Farm soil. 

So far I've always added liquid nutrients after a month. This year's outdoor grow I'm going to try it amended with Dirty Hands elemental blend (and mycoroot), a few top dresses and pH'd water.

One note on this soil though, it is MOSTLY coco and perlite so it can dry out VERY quickly outdoors in fabric pots, especially in smaller pots and in the middle of a hot and windy summer **cape town** I've heard you can line the inside top half of the pots with plastic, to retain moisture while still air pruning the roots.

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