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  1. Week 3 of flower, pulled lots of leaves yesterday. I feel as they they are somewhat behind, maybe a lag somewhere along the line. Will postpone feed to tomorrow if that, might leave it another week. Happy so far, not sure how much stretch is left.
  2. Very similar this pheno is reaching out and giving a few bud sets per site.
  3. Here with the mid-week, Week 2 1/2 of flower. Pistols are coming out to play. Not much triches, maybe they will start showing end week 3. Got dimmers luckily thanks to @Light It Up So now we can dial in the lighting at least. End of week 3 will also feature another big defol and possibly a feed.
  4. Check out these guys, strains look well. https://hokuseedco.com/
  5. Some happening middle of the week, decided to push these branches apart to open up budsite for the middle 2 arms on the small plant, better late than never. And then image of the living mulch, just a combination of different covercrop as-well as green and brown mulchies. No pest pressure and/or anaerobic situations for now.
  6. Thanks brother, do appreciate that man. Don’t go complementing too soon, The first 3 weeks of flowering is rough on the plants, hopefully we can maintain good health throughout πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  7. UPDATE to the end of week 2 of flower. No feeding necessary, they are doing well. Will just been spraying some humic/fulvic over the topdress/livingmulch. Definitely flower time πŸŽ‰
  8. Did you make those bends out of that sturdy garden wire?
  9. This is some insane training and for the time allocated. MadnessπŸ’£
  10. Not much to report, day 11 of flower. Maintaining good moisture and we not leaving any plants behind. I've probably got the most stretchy pheno (must be the slurri shinning through) and also the most compact one (which I really want to nurture and make sure she still get adequate light - never know what she might look like). Onto the next couple.
  11. Thanks man, You can use oats, I heard many people opt for the oats route. I have also used oats but not as a replacement to barley. I would consider Oats (jungle) as more of a fast release enzyme in the soil. Whereas malted barley still has the husk intact and many a time sprouts again leaving you with ruler long tap roots in the soil looking for the light, all eventually becoming food for macro arthropods. So using oats would be better utilized as a starter mechanism and carefully done as to not cause a big bust in the Microlife. around 250ml - 500ml per 100L of soil
  12. They really reaching out now, nice!
  13. Nicely done brother πŸ‘πŸ»
  14. Fluster over and back to happy. Day 8 of flower. Quite exited for these, I have to say. Regardless of the competition, getting to grow this strain is satisfaction alone, @Totemic strains are better than the most expensive out there β˜πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» Just my opinion based on what I’ve grown
  15. Update - Defol done and net in. No feeding this week
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