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  1. This is also why I'm not too sure I would use it, but apparently many people are having great success with it so that's good to know. I'm just a bit picky with what I want in or on my soil at any given time, so I'm always doing my own thing in terms of top dressing and re-amending. Now with many batches of my soil that have not been tested i'm basically just winging it in terms of what I add. Its still going pretty darn well thankfully. But if someone were to just be like hmmm kelpmeal, bonemeal, dolomite lime topdress, disaster can be seconds away, so I always just give people friendly warnings.
  2. But you most certainly cant go wrong with Elemental blend, unless you put too much, as with anything.
  3. I dont know what is in Talborn Flower, but im sure it has more than 5 ingredients by itself and its 30 buck for 500g
  4. I like your style man! With top dressing, only want to add nutrients to supplement plants that have outgrown the pot so that they are not wanting during any stage of growth. then also being careful with compost or worm casting, I've had my fair share of compost that has not cured well enough and has adverse effect when applied, this can hinder growth significantly or even halt it completely, so imagine how kuck it would be if applied before flower. You get quality compost of castings you can mound on as top-dress and reap the benefits, but that you got pay top dollar for or make yourself. You are adding a few elements and some have a full spectrum of flower nutrients like the talborn flower, so just add small amounts of the other stuff and you should be fine. Anyway, I'm keen to see this one through, maybe start a grow diary and update up as you go along.
  5. Ya you want to be careful with autos, I don't grow many autos but I think best practice is to try maintain consistent environments. Then heat is a factor that is very situational, so what light do you plan on using? and does it give off heat, if so, you could possibly use it to heat up the environment. Also you could run the lights at night to keep the temps in a good range.
  6. Nice work so far bro, the wall heater will be perfect, try connect to a sonoff switch th16
  7. Yeah I can't disagree with you, however, These diodes will only ever be used at 75% power and that's for first 3/4 weeks of flower. Other than that, I run them 40/45%. yes they still less efficient. But at a 3rd of the price and concisely limited usage, they fit my purpose.
  8. Board only, no driver, no heatsink, no dimmer, no import costs, probably looking closer to a R1400
  9. This is informative for the new grower, but I really think anybody who is considering a budget should rid themselves of the fear and just go buy lights from alibaba, I need to buy new boards because one of them has an issue, and I’m picking up a lm281b 125w board only for 9 dollar, like wtf Anyway, that’s just my opinion, then tent size can be increased because of the money saved, more watts and more space, what else do you need.
  10. Both Gg#4 dried and smoked, happy with both, no massively noticeable differences, except experiment one was a bit rougher on the throat, may need to cure, also shorter high, but that could also come with longer cure. Gg #4 control So the experiment has come to an end, just cut both sugar widows and they ended with very similar structure Sugar widow control Sugar widow experiment (fed nutes) I’m most impressed with the sugar widow strain, they both stole the show out of the lot I was growing, will update with yeilds. so far it’s looking like experiment plant will be yielding higher
  11. I would cut the plant down. Looks good, well done
  12. Ill let you in on a little bit of a secret, the best version available is gotta be Biocult Mycorrhizal from Hydroponic, it has a few specialized species that I've had my eye on for some time. I have not purchased it yet as I still have my trusty generic granular version from hydroponic. But a little fun fact, apparently people have done some microscope work on how the different grades of mycos spores populated and the powdered forms have the amazingly better hit rates. But why would that come as a surprise, we all know about surface area by now surely. Anyway its not cheap either. there are other more affordable granular version there too.
  13. Ya then poor about 2l of water through the soil, plant some cover crops while you do that. What this will do is lower CEC in the soil, like how @Naughty.Psychonaut explains if the TDS is too high it definitely wont be beneficial to start a plant in that soil. Now we know for a fact that which ever way the inconsistencies fall in Orgasoilux, none of that matters, it will always be Jam packed with nutrient, as it is a super nutrient dense soil. Now when a soil oxides, and has many nutrients, they are more pronounces, because the soil is dry. For seeds and young plants, you want to cushion the initial nutrient blow, by doing what I suggested. There are more advanced steps one can take before plant that make it even more favorable for the roots, like watering with humic and fulvic acids, they are not nutrient dense so don't think about it like food, but more like the master keys in gardening, they allow the chelation of literally hundreds of nutrients, basically enforcing everything to place nice, almost like the cops who direct traffic when the robots are broke. Then also innoculating with Mycorrhizal. This is scientifically proven to be the biggest dollar return investment a farmer can make at initial planting as the benefits are astronomical. As the roots grow a vast colony of beneficial fungi grow with it increasing root growth exponentially. Then even trace minerals can be added, but not with Orgasoilux, too much nutrient there. Just a few to mention
  14. Please bud don't let me put you off getting the tools and having the information, its all learning curves and it will always be helpful, I've just gotten to a stage where the information in my scenario, isnt super helpful. If you using Orgasoilux, Make sure to wet the soil thoroughly before planting. until a bit of runnoff comes out, I would say around 25% watering. No plants in there obviously, then wait till that soil is ready to plant, in about a week or so, shouldn't be like wet wet, but moist-ish, then only water when pots are light light.... GOODLUCK bud!
  15. Ahhh instagram, I do not dabble unfortunately, I got enough scrolling vises for now.
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