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  1. Greetings bud! Thank you for sharing your story! Goods to have you here, wishing you all the blessings, peace and love the future will most certainly offer! 💚
  2. I think neem or pyrol will be your best bet, Ive got an infestation of them on a tree outside, had to cut her almost completely bare to spray those things effectively, they create a white waxy bubble over themselves, that the same type?
  3. Great article. Urgent request to stop arrest and a few comments on the draft masterplan. ''Zoning'' - respectfully just don't 🤣 https://www.cannabiz-africa.com/halt-cannabis-arrests-while-legalization-debate-underway/
  4. Strategic procrastination... lets hope there's a shift
  5. Its unfortunate and definitely not the way people want to live. Maybe this High court application by haze club catches some traction.
  6. And how exactly do you imagine the regulation would work regarding a coffee shop? Just from your understanding?
  7. Implementation of Pillar 1 - Effective regulatory system - signing off of the Private Purposes Bill into law. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural development invited a few stakeholders to a virtual meeting at 10am yesterday, they probably outlined the the aspects of the masterplan, seems nothing has changed, and plant counting is a go. Pillar 4 - Producer Support Systems - bla bla bla about education and support for small scale/informal farmers (wonder how they going to support them while putting them in cuffs.) Suit up or be excluded.
  8. Hey man! Sounds like you have it all figured out, should have good success. Just made me realize I forgot to mention malted barley in my mix. The barley seeds will sprout if broadcast over the soil or mixed in, So I wouldn't stress too much about that, you want to add a decently layer of mulch for it to benefit your soil as a ''mulch'' so just keep that in mind. Also having a thicker layer of mulch makes you more susceptible to over watering issues, so just be careful there. Inoculating with beneficial would be best practice every month or so, this is only to make sure there is an a
  9. Cool man, there is so much I don't know too. Just sharing what I've learnt.
  10. Yeah but very interesting concept! Over doing it in a living system is veeeeeerrry easy! Been there done that. But it would be because of the sheer amount of nutrients available. @GreenGrow Garden Route Sorry for all this gibber gabber on your thread bro.
  11. This is exactly it. If we eat shit all day long, we can’t expect to be healthy. On the other end of the spectrum if we want to be healthy and strong, we must eat a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Theres a fine line there, even if they’re daubed healthy foods, if in high enough excesses will cause more harm than good.
  12. Quite right, plants with a brix of higher than 13/14 seldom have problems. Bees don't waste their energy on plants lower than 6/7, so it goes to show
  13. Oh no I’m referring to your specific comment about plants attracting unwanted bugs, only scenario I see that being possibly is if the plant is sending out those stressed signals. Well documented phenomenon. This is all. Otherwise, healthy plants attract beneficials.
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