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    Slurricane / CHeese
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    Growbed and Quantumboards
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    Blackstrap molasses/Kelpak/humic&fulvic
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    Joints and bongs

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  1. This tent is about a year old, it is still in very good condition. no rips or tears or any zipper issues, I don't think Ill be able to courier this as i'm not able to put it back in the box, So its in a tote and poles and joins in the box. Collection would be best so for any CPT peeps looking for a bigger space.
  2. My apologies, it loaded and everything seemed ok but not displaying, let me take more
  3. Very welldone bro! Check at those buds!
  4. Hello guys, so these boards are up for sale, I have not been able to put them through a full run as I have downscaled somewhat and will not be needing them. They are in their box's collecting dust. Very good lights, and at a good price I think. These have some degree of water proofing. both come with dimmers
  5. I'm trying but shit can find anything. If I do I will brother man☝️
  6. I watched a youtube video interviewed by like a German news company, their place looks very legit. Suppose you have to do all that, Someone said it was 30 bar to setup. He knew some people.
  7. This one has been on my mind for sometime, I picked up a couple of really effective methods from the The regenerative growers guide to garden amendments. Now I'm definitely going to spy this one, thank you kindly.
  8. Nice, My first book was the university of Oaksterdam... I would have preferred something like True living organics.
  9. So I thought many of the members would have some good books to mention here for people to look into and learn more. If you have read something that you thought had really valuable gardening information, please share. Here are some of the my best reads I've come across. - Foundations of natural farming (Harold Willis) - The Intelligent Gardener (Steve Solomons) - The Regenerative Growers guide to garden amendments (Nigel Palmer, John Kempf) - A Soil Owners Manuel (Jon Stika) - Paramagnetism (Phillip Callahan) - Biological transmutation (Louis Cevran) Not really gardening but outlines assimilation possibilities - Quality Agriculture (John Kempf) - How Plants Work (Linda Chalker) - Grow your Soil (Dianne Miesslar, Elaine R Ingham) - The Ideal Soil (Michael Astera) And lastly obviously Teaming with microbes, fungi and nutrients (Jeff Lowenfels) There are quite a few really dense reads like Soil micro-organism and higher plants (N a Krasil nikov) and Mineral nutrition and Higher plants (Horst Marshner), Which are widely considered more academics reads, I'm halfway through the first one. Then 2 books I'm dying to read - Science in agriculture (Arden Anderson), Life and energy in agriculture (Arden Anderson)
  10. Yeah man Organic is wayyyyy cheaper, Like alot alot cheaper. I cant remember the last time I spent money on amendments, and when I finally do have to buy the odd kelp meal, lime etc. its like 50-100 buck a litre... This is why I really cant understand people saying doing full no till organics is more expensive than the bottle nutes. I can understand not wanting to stress over mixing soil and yadiya, but now with all our soil brands that offer high quality soils from the bag and re-amendment packages, it really is a win over-all, in-terms of the budget.
  11. Hello bud, The plants are looking good, all looks pretty normal to me. Plants are very similar to humans in that from a very young phase are quite fragile in their infancy and then spring up into their adolescence getting stronger, healthier and hardier all the way through their mid life. Then once flowering comes along, during the middle or so, there is a noticeable decline in health and this is all normal everyone gets old. If you have only fed worm casting, you have given the soil more than anything, a workforce to make nutrients more available, I would definitely hold back on the worm casting for the remainder of the grow. The plants are fading back so the colour will completely leave the leaf and appear yellow until they fall, again very normal. Then you seems to be about halfway through flowering. Quite important to note the following as everything will be impacted by this, What soil are you using? There could be things the plant requires as your finish, or they might already be available and nature is taking its course in which case water will do, maybe some Aminos, humic/fulvic, Kelpak will be a great add, high potassium molasses weekly too, but tiny amounts will do the best job. Again the type of soil matters the most. Using synthetics in a thriving organic medium needs to be done with the utmost care and precision, I would advise against it as your plants look right on track.
  12. Really we have the very best people fighting for Dagga in our country. I'm not sure if bias could be counted here, but seeing the talent and courageous actions, wisely taken from all of the leaders in SA. It make me really proud to be South African. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I like Jeremy, he is most passionate. It seems the whole bill scenario has hit quite a fender bender and calls for a write off. Jeremy really ignited that energy in the beginning of the hearing. Someone else mentioned. I suppose its back to waiting, If I have to pick a country in the world that could deal the final blow to a stigmatic colonialist thinking, it would have to be a country that is ripe and full of wisdom, some people say wisdom comes with age.
  13. Last purchase... Original GG4 - Joesy whales
  14. I may have tried a couple of times 🙄
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