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  1. I don't really see anything wrong in calling it ''Samsung boards" because that what they are using... which isn't lying... but maybe also include the driver name being used after Samsung, that way people know is cant be made by Samsung and Muso/meanwhile etc. just a thought.
  2. Just spit balling, China's got millions of these manufacturers on Alibaba
  3. Shenzhen Meijiu šŸ‘¹. they keep emailing me lol, at least they good with follow up, I can always commend that.
  4. I've used Freedom Farms and Just Cannabis. I would put them in the standard or average category. Good for a base line soil. I have not used Jamie's Garden Soil Orgasoilux but have been intrigued by it since the first time I saw it (asked a reputable source how his trial was and he confirmed it). If the ratios are correct, which i'm sure they would be. That would have to be the most complete, all rounded soil on the market in SA today. To have that many ingredients and still come out around the same price as other brands definitely means other brands should go back to the drawing board. In terms of what you are getting for your money. Orgasoilux is far above. But then again, very easy running into problems with feeding, because you don't really need too.
  5. Do you have a link? would be interesting to see. I'm definitely going to cling wrap route for now. Microbes like it moist.
  6. Definitely going to give this a go with the current plants actually. Not sure if its the genetics or just the size of the plants, but they dry out way too fast...
  7. 4th and final bbg sativa leaning pheno, smallest of the bunch = 51g This totals to 241g from the @Liontree supernova 320. Not terrible considering no nutes were added throughout, teas fed weekly. At times there was definitely enough space for 5/6 plants. But towards the end, I needed to maximize airflow between branches so opted for more space.
  8. 3rd BBG sativa leaning = 70g Quite a variant of different smells and appeal throughout the pheno, surely each smoke will be as interesting.
  9. Great work man! ā˜šŸ»šŸ™ŒšŸ» Definitely inspiring me to pull up my pants and set some goals like that šŸ‘ŒšŸ» Welldone!
  10. Thanks man! waiting another 2 weeks at least till the smoke test lol... but I have fun during the burping šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø
  11. And here is number 3 pushing more on the sativa side and definitely the stand out plant for me... Very pretty!
  12. Number 2 came down a few days ago. These 2 are more Indica leaning... both are curing... 1st BBG indica leaning = 53g 2nd BBG indica leaning = 67g
  13. Ya I hear what everybody is saying about airflow and the importance. But Iā€™m ventilating my tent quite well, and I run it 24/7. Ventilation will always be required and done properly, but more so movement of stagnant air in and around the tent, getting rid of all the dead spots in the tent made huge difference. So incorporating everything to successfully battle PM needs to be taken into account. Definitely an environment issue
  14. How often do you end up using this product though? If on the instance, and when timely. Then quite regularly? I feel like @Fridgedoor said it just right. If you gna get it, you gna get it. But stronger plants are proven to be more resilient, then what happens when they start dying out? Around the same time everybody gets PM anyway
  15. The bacillus strain bacteria is effective at fending off PM how effective each strain is compared to that of another bacillus strain, well thats another set of trials in its own but Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is pretty good I think. Can be used thoroughly There are trials available for controlled testing on their page. Can definitely agree with its effectiveness https://vuna-agri-shop.com/amylo-x/ Same as Disease-Pro
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