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  1. Sounds like all the bases are covered, and your tent looks like a race car! 😎 One thing is for sure, PM thrives in areas with bad air movement, and bad exchange. So they definitely not surviving in there. Whooop Whooop!
  2. I see, nice one. That should work very well. Keen to see these flowers! 🀩
  3. Hey bud, what are the ventilation pipes running? air out?
  4. I have one like those, it just sits and does its thing. But my pride and joy is Sonoff Th16 switch I think it is. You can connect it to a heater and it has a probe that measure temperature and humidity, So you can actually regulate a desired temperature or humidity through this nifty WIFI switch. (depending on what you connect it too) Available at Communica... Thanks to this forum.
  5. Welcome back @Cannabist ! When lockdown hit I received my order about the same time I ran out of riz and really hadn’t a clue where I could have purchased, but luckily my order came with FREE STUFF! thank you πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. I’m pretty sure the frass contains huge amounts of chitin and massive amounts of microbial, also could be quite important to sustaining good fungal colonies. Neem seed meal is only found overseas from what I’ve seen. Can’t find it anywhere, happened to stumble upon a supplier for the leaf powder. If anyone knows where to purchase seed meal locally, I’m all ears. ☝🏻πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ»
  7. I hear neem seed meal is a next level add. That is the seed meal, which differs to the neem leaf powder, busy trialing the leaf powder in my soil now, both should have hugely beneficial antioxidant qualities. Just dosing it right is quite NB.
  8. I hear it quite different from professors and soil biologist around the world, very prominent figures. I'm sure when you get down to that level, there are still many unexplainable things. But the basics (and I don't mean this in an easy to understand way) they have down and that is, that nutrients on a macrolevel stem through to the microlevel regarding facilitation. Humic is suppose to be of the most complex structure being in the first stage of carbon decomposition. But not all Humic is the same. Leonardite rock humic is supposedly the most versatile in its super chelating ability
  9. I built a airlift brewer and purchased a 55l/m pump, only to scrap PVC and chuck the air stones directly, Feel with a big enough pump you get more displacement from just the stones. Now, I'm done with the teas too, and following a much more simple methodology.
  10. Good to have you back bro! And what a success, cracker harvest! I shall aspire πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯
  11. This is what I'm talking about these strains do the colour wheel proud with that Emoji heart green colour, those bubbleberry glues burst'd limey greeny madness in the log below. Week 2 of flower.
  12. Such a nice bright colour to them. ☝🏻
  13. Gelato pulls through strong, and growth is great for 4 weeks right?
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