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  1. If i'm understanding you correctly. it all depends on your end goal. So where ever you top, 2 new and progressively larger branches will form from that point. The method i'm describing above involves topping once 4 nodes are formed (that will be the only topping required as the desired number of bud sites has formed naturally)
  2. After reading this properly, its exactly what i'm doing next time lol. 4 nodes 8 main colas cleaned and trained from the bottom up. Very excited to see this method through. Involves about half the stress if that. FASTER FASTER! 🀣
  3. @TheUltimateNoob @StickyD420 Thanks guys! appreciate it! Yeah man I was going to do something similar actually. After reading reading, I thought its gotta be better to just let those main branches grow out before topping and then the foundation is already set. will prove a bit more difficult with clones but ya will still be trying to use those same principals.
  4. Thanks bro! I've enjoyed this method, but i'm going to opt for a easier and less time consuming way next time round. Will see how it pans out.
  5. Week 4 flower under the @Liontree Supernova 320 (100% today). Happy with the progress thus far.
  6. @Ill_Evan Howzit bro! You seem to be quite clued up on the topic. I was wondering if you may know what would be the legalities around the Clubs supply system. Or have a good idea on the direction. Would there need to be GMP, and ISO regulations that need be abided by? Or these contracted clients who are paying for services rendered would not have to be so stringent? There has to be some sort of quality controls. And licensing, tax registering? Maybe it will be something that becomes more clear when commercial laws are revealed. But If you say it’s may be better than the Laws in Spain, Then there must be good provision for small scale farmers/club suppliers. Which is amazing!
  7. I by no means have enough experience to even begin to judge which way to decide that. But I thought possibly per meter m2 because that takes all limiting factors out of account. But yeah I read some guys doing insane m2 yields. Surely everything has to be spot on when breaking the 500 mark, Or that could be easy for some. Like I say, not an expert. But love to hear what people think increase the success ratio the most. To answer the question because I went way off topic. I would say I would be happy with growing something that makes me proud I guess and progress from there.
  8. That's perfect thanks bud!
  9. I know what you saying, the none stop giggles are gone... Stop smoking for a week. I tried and got 2 days, but the high was 2 weeks young if that make sense lol.
  10. Wow bru, im actually heavily impressed with that 50w, How far from the plants do you have it sitting bud? Nice one!
  11. Week 3 flower under the @Liontree Supernova 320 (60%) Cleaned the girls thoroughly, so a bit more light penetration for these pistols.
  12. All very good stories! Many similarities to mine. Also grew up in a very religious household, and still am very much religious. more so than before I reckon. I was quite a late bloomer, started at a mates 17th birthday. Had a bong of chronic as it were to start my experience, and what an experience it was. I thought I had entered the realm of hard drugs to be honest lol. Most vivid sort of a trance I've ever had, and it didn't help with my mates flickering the lights on and off while making weird noises (back when I thought demons came from weed) but I was soon to find out where the real demons were actually lurking. Man i'm loving all these positive messages. So yes! I too have been around all kinds and i'm a real advocate of how good this humble plant can be for people, I found that during my struggling times for me and my family, the simple goofed evenings brought me a new found understanding of religion and painted a way better picture than I could on my own. Some would call that blasphemy, I would tell them to get ducked. πŸ¦† All this being said, I have also come to believe all things in moderation. So I have always smoked weed in teeny tiny amounts, because "DAM some shit is straanggg''! Smoked dabs once, and never again. each to their own. I started growing my own weed because I noticed some weed taste good and other weed didn't really. So here I am on the journey to create the tastiest weed I hope. Very happy heart'd topic @PsyCLown
  13. Check out www.liontree.co.za
  14. Hey bro! Hope this Sunday morning started with a spark πŸ”₯😬 I layer mine. Hot mix at the bottom. And I let it β€œcook” for about 5-6 weeks, I leave it in the garage. Still get nice and steamy in there. The next round will be sitting for longer so should be just better as Tote explains. If you do layer your mix. Try remember this, the roots will only engulf the mix once they seek the nutrition. Usually during flowering. So make sure to have a mix suitable for flowering. So lowish on the N spectrum. If you going for veg and flower in the mix. The recipe and layering strategies will need some tlc good luck bro!
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