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  1. Hmmm... this is a pretty interesting read Found this, there might be a bit of fat added though, what do they go for direct from the supplier?: https://www.growfolk.co.za/brand/netafim/
  2. Yea, a way more robust solution!
  3. Legendary support from @Light It Up !!! Just received new an upgraded dimmers with connectors for my lights! Thanks guys!
  4. donnob

    Utillian 421

    Awesome, thanks for the update dude. I think that settles it, I'm gonna give it a go
  5. Sounds a lot like the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.. If the tent is closed, the lights are both on and off
  6. donnob

    Utillian 421

    Hey @Pants Wondering if you could give me an update of this vape after having it for a few months. I'm considering buying one of these...
  7. Thanks for checking in @Light It Up I'll remember to use your email in future. I'll send you a DM shortly
  8. Yup, sound advice, some patience is required here , your plant has some way to go still, bonus is those buds should still fatten up nicely
  9. What he said depends on what effects you're after though. Like for me and the effect I'm after I probably wouldn't wait too long on the amber, I'll harvest if I see mostly white and as little clear as possible but that normally comes with some amber here and there, exactly as @Weskush said Also, send us some shots of the whole plant and buds. For me trichomes are the last thing I look at. First signals are pistils that have mostly turned brown/orange, there will just be an overall mature look to the plants. I only start to look at trichs when I see that. But then again, some strains could throw you a curve ball...
  10. You guys are Disconnected the potentiometer and BOOM, back to 240W Somma took the pot off the lights on the opposite side of the tent as well. Don't use it much anyway Super stoked!! My Friday is made!! Thanks for all the help guys!!
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