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  1. Marzcanna


    Khamzat, what a fight. Been watching him since his early days and I always Blvd he was top 5 quality. This fight was his biggest challenge and I was really hoping he won even tho I had my doubts. What I can say is the man is a killer that can take a beating, I do think he lacks abit of technique in his stand up game but that will come with experience and training (look at how khabib improved his standup game) but it's safe to say that a guy with 4 fights in the ufc and entering the top 5 is unheard of so I'm happy for him, but watching him fight on sat I have to say that I don't think he's ready for the champ. But Atleast now we will know what he's made of, he can take alot from his win. Top 11 beating the 2nd best guy shows the potential this guy has, now he can learn and improve himself, id give him anther 2 fights in the top 5 before giving him a title shot. I honestly blv if he has to fight for the title now unfortunately I don't see him being able to take down Usman but give him anther 2 fights he may get enough experience. I won't be surprised if we looking at the next champ
  2. I think those cheap burple lights with the veg & bloom switches would get the job done, you might have to run them full spectrum but they work well for clones and seedlings and somewhat for veg aswel. Hardly any heat. T8s are always a good option. I have a similar setup using the old burples and when i move them into the flower room i just let them veg for anther 2 weeks under the powerful lights just to give them abit of size before flipping.
  3. The calyx does seem to be male. Possibly still early to tell
  4. Looks great in there ! The only thing is as you know when budget permits it is to invest in stronger lights, yes they can be pricey but they will pay you back in the long run with bigger and fatter buds for a few years. Welcome to the Fam!
  5. Well I'd be lying if I said that wasn't what I was getting when I first started
  6. Welcome, nice setup. Looking foward to future grows
  7. As @Naughty.Psychonaut already outlined, I also don't think heat alone is the problem, maybe a combination of things as he stated above. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think heat stress is usally indicated with crispy curling upward leaves, judging by the pics and this is a long shot without much info, it looks like continuous nute burn. But that's only one variation. Ph, water practices, very low RH, nutes, and heat can all play a part in the issue
  8. Most plants range around 8weeks after flower with the occasional strain doing it in 7 weeks but we all can agree it usally takes longer. A 9 week or 10 week seems to be the spot for most my plants, that's when I usally look at the tricomes
  9. I think @Ill_Evan is right, in theory aslong as the res is higher than the pots it should work. If anyone is up for trying it that would be good info for anyone trying to create more space in their grow room
  10. What air pump are you using for the domes? Can't seem to find a good one with multiple outlets
  11. I would like to know your thoughts on the use of Leca / Hydro balls with autopots, we know it's recommended by the autopots company, but there's alot of growers who don't use them at all and say plants grow just fine. I did use them on all my plants but one on my previous grow and didn't see any negative effects, this current grow I have not used them at all and again I don't see any negative effects, the plants seem to be growing as normal. So what's your guys thoughts
  12. You can even add taps to every line going into the trays so you can turn each tray off individually if needed without having to turn off the whole system
  13. Just a quick note for the organic growers, you can do organic with autopots with great results, infact there's some debate weither or not organic in autopots grow faster and bigger than synthetics, from my previous grow comparing them both it definitely seemed to be the case but I won't go into much detail at this time (there's some articles on the net already covering this) So there's two main ways of using organic with autopots, 1. adding layers of ammendments throughout the soil and than top feeding when needed (I suggest turning the system off for a day so not to flood the trays) or 2. using liquid nutes in the tank with bigger valves (valve 5s). For op growth I would suggest investing in bigger valves regardless of what method you use and the new 20L fabric pots. The autopots have made my grows a "sit back and enjoy" vibe. Only going into the room once in awhile to check for any leaks or to top feed.
  14. The ideal temp is 16c, it's very difficult to do that during the hot season without an aircon, 23c isn't bad at all and and RH is on point, I would still dry trim for that extra moisture. Without an aircon or someway of bringing down the temps, our best bet is to focuss on RH and dry trim.
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