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  1. I agree with you, in my business i have a no drug (including weed) policy, ironic since im a farmer πŸ˜… but as you said some positions require a sober mind, but i know my employees come to work blazed and i don't say or do anything because its during off hours however i know some places that would still get you fired...sadly
  2. without a par meter its hard to tell how much to push, honestly I go full power on everything even my LM301bs so if you mid veg I think you safe to go full and see how your plants react
  3. I would run it blue for seedlings and the rest of the stages on full spectrum especially those type of burples. Those are one of the better burples and it will get the job done, they have the natural white to try and give a boarder spectrum compared to the original burples that only have veg and bloom switches (Blue & Red) I dont know how efficient the light is but with burples you usually need to supplement cal-mag
  4. Did some research on them seems simple and very useful. Im now in the same boat was you when you first bought it, wanted to get more of them but also need to test it out so grabbed myself the dual sonoff, atleast I can wire it up two appliances in my tent off one switch
  5. What type of appliances can you run off those sonoff switches?
  6. oh my Id buy a whole house just for it πŸ₯ΊπŸ€€ F**k it id live in it
  7. I'm impressed to be honest, might actually do more business with them. I'm looking at getting some space for a bigger veg room and I might get one of their bigger LEDs. So far so good and the price is very reasonable compared to other leds on the market, and the extra features are neat, i can save on some timers and space with the built-in scheduled timer. would diffinatly recommend them
  8. Love the creativity might even try something similar πŸ€™
  9. All the best with the grow πŸ‘Š
  10. You can also take a plank and drill one hole on each side and tie some type of string to it and to the roof of your tent for a "floating" shelf
  11. Neh man just look at your and @PsyCLown setup. You guys setup is actually going to make me get off my ass and actually do something about my grow space. stay tuned 🀣
  12. Wires alover the place. Will tidy things up in this tent through out the weekend and than I ll post an update. My problem with this grow is the lung room is very small to start with, and tent isn't the biggest either
  13. You do not want to see any of mine trust me πŸ˜‚
  14. SO is your tent/room organized? Is your electrical cords well placed or are they like mine all over the place? Let us see how you organize your grow spaces, let us know how you setup your fans, your lights or just how you organize your electrical cords & lets help members with ideas for their own space and safety
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