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  1. I hear you guys, and well done to those that made their goals! I just broke my Feb detox, it was going ok till a few days ago I get a message that there's Tallymon and Tropicana Punch in the mix that I "have to try", couldnt help myself! Weakling! I don' think I was fully committed though, will have to get in the right mindset next time, this shit is not easy. Since lockdown I've been smoking too much for my pocket and tolerance.
  2. I second all the good feedback here. Great product and even better service. @Light It Up for the win.
  3. They're on a windowsill which gets a full days indirect light with about 4 hours direct sunlight. If the wind is ok then they get even more sun outside. More weirdness, looks like a tiny new growth is emerging from the cotyledons...
  4. Hi everyone, For my first grow, I decided to sprout some bag seeds I've been collecting. To my surprise (some were over 2 years old and not the healthiest looking) they all sprouted. However one of them just grew massive cotyledon leaves and stretched taller than the others. After a few days some tiny, hook-like stems with extra tiny deformed leaves appeared. The growth was really slow so I dismissed it as a deformed plant that was struggling and likely wont make it, but it wasn't dead yet so I kept watering. I wish I took photos at this stage because its hard to describe how super weird
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