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  1. This is was on Wednesday, so we close to week 10 now. Need to get another week or 2 out of them, which I think they can survive out of these Pmwoods, rain for now but some sun ahead Before defol was on the 17th, weather is definitely keeping me in my toes, I could say this is the worst sort of situations to grow in and without extraction, but it has not gone too badly. touch wood summer isn’t absolutely ridiculous, really want to grow some autos
  2. And 3 weeks, will take off some leaves today, maybe a small inoculation, did the topdress last week. May just leave them after the defol though. The chimpancheeseDscxBrucebannerTortoni
  3. very unfortunate when these things happen, growing indoor is so very hard. Well atleast that strain looks like a nice strong plant however
  4. Hello bud I would stop using The ph down for now, until you can get a digital ph meter and guarantee the levels, For now I recon the plants are hungry and need some whole food, kelpak wont necessarily be enough, I’ve been having the same issue with very light soil I put together. Was with seedlings I sprouted in really light soil I put together unintentionally. Best fix would be to put them in new soil, but if you cant, start feeding, molasses or fish, any veg type nutrient you can find. good luck
  5. Thanks man! they atleast keeping warm but the humidity must be sky rocketing, however I haven’t been monitoring so just rolling with the punches for now, just got a nice big strong fan in there for now
  6. 2 weeks today, will be doing the top dress today/tomorrow.
  7. Update, 1 week into flower, just gave the girls, Buveria, trichorderma, Epsom, soy aminos, potassium sulphate, micronized soft rock phos, aloe powder and molasses
  8. Cheers bro, yeah I’m quite chuffed. Will update now 1 week into flower, need to make some changes here and there.
  9. Will flower the plants this weekend, let’s hope there is a bit of sun shine for them in the coming weeks
  10. Lol na, I just like to see a thick layer of a mulch. Very beneficial for the plants and roots.
  11. Welcome Ky, please share more about your experiences… you sound like you have quite a bit of valuable information and if you have plants growing start a grow diary
  12. Hello bud, I do not, just plain water in the res, I water in any feeds I feel that the plants may need every week or so. Ill usually just do microbes, molasses or fish, enzymes , traceminerals, humics and fulvics sometimes some micronized kelp etc. Then every month or so I top dress bonemeal, malted barley seed meal, soft rock phos, gypsum, kelpmeal, rock dusts etc. Mixed with worm casting and spread handfulls over the mulch. By the time I add another top dress, the top of the soil is somewhat exposed again, So ill add more mulch over the top-dress to get the area more active with the microbes. Mulch is really effective when you are reliant solely on microbes to feed the plant. Mulch definitely helps with water retention, but people think mulch gives you gnats. So its really up to you and your experience with it. Generally any unwanted pests are a result of unbalanced nutrients supply and over watering.
  13. I know I know, but at the end of the day. What you going to do bro? Looks like the current sentiment is everyone is done with the current government, and people are getting ready to vote. We are going to have a turnout like never before. I would give it until the 2024 election and then decide.
  14. Ya these plants look serious, this is just straight orgasoil lux? how long you plant on vegging the small plants?
  15. I love it, taking the initiative. Nice start bud... and welcome
  16. 2 weeks now, Giving some assistance to the Tortoni, she was struggling a bit. Quite enjoying growing in here. Not sure how much longer I’ll veg for, but will take it patiently for now skywalker looking to be male Get to grow these Dosixcherry cookies out, should be a treat, cheers @SkunkPharm
  17. Custom Qb 240w LED, Full spectrum 3500k with IR AND UV This custom Led at 80cm long is a great all purpose Led with much power and what’s best of all, this light is basically off the self, these are new Led boards on this fixture (used1 grow) , they are the releases that come with uv and IR, does it make a difference, I’m not sure, but they work wonderfully and only 1 year old at most used on and off. These are the Samsung Lm281b diodes, less efficient than that of the newer lm301b, however, still deliver enough light to the plant for the average home grower Come with XLG Meanwell driver and newish dimmers
  18. Custom 240w Qb, extended for better coverage, at 75cm long the light is 3 years old, used and cared for thoughtfully, Full spectrum Samsung lm301b 3000k diodes with 240w XLG-H meanwell driver, dimmers are about 2 years old. custom pc heat sinks to ensure diodes are cared for, still bangs out great lux numbers. nice grow starter or any novices wanting to explore indoor growing
  19. This LED light is a very efficient bar light configuration led, with 5050 bridgelux diodes, mixed spectrum of 3500k 6000k and 660nm far red, Muso 320w driver with dimmer, in perfect working condition. Completely waterproof light, massive heat sinks on each module. At about 4 years old, she still makes plant shake at half power, been used on and off, more off than anything sad to see her go if she does.
  20. Very well done @Pants , impressive getting some beautiful buds as well
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