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  1. Another half ass update, it’s just so wet outside, all day long so I really am quite done with these plants lol but here goes Some of the plants are close to done, other are really taking long, so I may harvest what I can this weekend or next and update on the bud I get out, just to note the experiment plant of the gorilla glue, is in limbo land and I’m sure she will stay like that for a good forever, so I’m also just gona composting her, unfortunate but ya, the 2 sugar widows coming out nicely
  2. What light hours are you running for these autos?
  3. @Naughty.Psychonaut When you read an article that township man kills his mother for R10 to go buy dagga, you just know.
  4. All the best bru, lucky we all know you personally and will surely still be able to get some of those awesome genetics, what ever the future holds, it must include your strains I hope! this doesn’t necessary mean you are stopping what you are doing with breeding? If you are closing the store.l? I dono, I’m making assumptions.
  5. Ya that doesn't look great, all I read was 10 x 20l containers with weed in them, that's definitely a large amount
  6. Was too tempted to take a pic of this just because… rooooots
  7. Whoop whoop nice bro! Will keep an eye out for the unboxing
  8. I have also been checking that light out, don’t know if the diodes matter too much, but surely enough to be mentioned or named atleast.
  9. Hello 420sa members, Sunday is always a good day for a small bit of gardening, my garden is a wreck at the moment, but we are still kicking, some updates on the plants, I think they are flowering better here, let’s see how it goes. the experiment plant of the Gg#4 clone is setting up for its second flower and I couldn’t leave it in its 10l pot as I would certainly run into issues, so I gave her the 40l of used soil well depleted, and will still be feeding, now more aggressively, they both will it 1ml p/L today. Gg#4 experiment plant, then cut off all the lady bits and topped her so let’s see how that does for her Gg#4 control buds sugar widow control, starting to make her way into flowering, nice stack on this plants, nice leaves Sugar widow control , getting some frost very similar Structure also stacks very well, these plants are the type I’d definitely want to grow again @Totemic and pm is running wild in these parts but we treating as we go and they are surviving. Yielded a Gg#4 experiment tester, this one with nutes, let’s see how she smokes, I will be honest
  10. The Haze clubs hearing is confirmed for the the 9th of June, there we will find out what they think about the clubs. Currently the amended draft proposal includes a paragraph about the commercialization of recreational cannabis, no details just an insertion and somewhat of a notion that regulations would follow somewhere. With so much detail around what where and how in terms of cannabis and cannabis consumption, one usually gets the feeling that the community is still being strung along the path of bullshit hopes and dreams. I still have little faith in governments vision for cannabis. The only further extension they want to offer is instead of 4 flowering plants if you are alone, they will allow 1 individual 8 plants on the premise that medical evidence is provided for the need for palliation. 8 plants, no more! As if they are coming to the table and meeting the needs of the people. Buying, selling, giving, and everything in and around the shadows they don't care. More than 8 flowering plants and you'll still be considered a criminal with the merky system we have. Doesn't mean you'll be convicted. Just means you could very possibly be inconvenienced. You got to take your hat off to these guys doing their thing and writing a side law for themselves to be governed by, based on what information they have. Not saying what they have come up with is wrong. As I have said before, these guys upscaling and taking themselves away from initial preface are still journeying on unchartered territory. Actually people have already been there and done that, and well they have court dates now. I get the whole empowering the community scheme and getting everyone to grow more and make things more accepted, but at the end of the day, we need to see face value of this thing, government see illegal farms as part and parcel of the Justice system, the same Justice system that is still amending the bill, even though Rama P said moenie wary nie, Precedency got this... More lies.
  11. I think your light intensity is too high.
  12. Should update here, but things have happened as I thought they would, lazy gardener mentality, so these plants have become quite an annoyance not because of anything really but because of the street lights causing all the plants to slow flower down as well as revegging seen on the one GG4 clone, other control one going on with flowering, So they have still be getting nutes but not as often as I was away, they got a 0,5ml p/L dose before I left them. you will notice I moved all the plants out on the astroturf, next to the shade cloth, the street light in question is in a south west position, so they in a more shaded dark place at night. At the time I moved them I thought to go and have a look at the weather to see when’s the next earth watering, pm doesn’t stop for nothing anyway, let’s see if we can fight all battles ☝ Gg# clones below Sugar widows below sugar widow control buds sugar widows experiment buds gg#4 experiment buds revegging Gg#4 control buds the situation
  13. I think I heard on cannabiz news desk, them saying that Haze club had got a date at the constitutional court to finally get an answer regarding their model and legitimacy of such, they said around June/July I think. Then they also commented that it being useful information or not is determined on how they plan to introduce this new recreation commercialization bombshell that has recently been dropped. Making them legit regardless. Something is coming, fingers crossed!
  14. Some new stuff to get to, still a while, but I will get to it.
  15. Goodmorning all, just a update from the plants, they are going well. I mistakenly left the irrigation running and flooded all plants so they havnt been gettin anything, didn’t do too much damage luckily, will try get the plants out soon for better pics and updates.
  16. Maybe you’ll even get some pineapple Chem’s if you lucky
  17. Week 10, they are coming down this weekend, I can’t stand the bugs. No bud damage, so I should be happy.
  18. People just want feedback, its imperative when running a business. Some do not acknowledge this.
  19. Hello @Cannabist, I received an Easter special email, are you guys operating!??! I would possibly like to order something?
  20. That’s great to hear bud, glad you are having success, I wouldn’t say pros, we are all humble gardeners, and many willing to help. Which is good. Share your grows in the grow diary and let the peeeps help you out even more
  21. Some bud of the outdoor dqxslurri; not too much longer
  22. About week 4, these plants are doing well with nutes, but I held back today because of the colour, and did molasses, microbes, aminos, kelpak, fulvic and humic, all plants indulged
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