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  1. hahaha exactly, they are kinda small, reddish and kak looking. But I already sprouted two of them, I'll put them in the ground outside and see what happens...
  2. Wow, this really sucks. I wasn't going to blast them online after my bad experience, because they did refund me after all. But after seeing this maybe I should share. After ignoring me for a week, they contacted me via whatsapp (personal, non-business account with no profile pic...sus). They apologised and explained that the seeds were stuck at customs (but its in stock on their website...sus). They refunded my money and said they would send free in-house genetics seeds to compensate for the stress and massive delay. It took me another 2 weeks of following up on this promise and eventually just gave them a polite fuck you, blocked them, and gave up. Totally unexpectedly I get a package from courier guy yesterday, its the free "in house" seeds. I'm VERY skeptical of what these seeds actually are cos they sent me 16 of them and I highly doubt they will just give away over R5000 worth of free stuff. I still managed to find the 6 pack of 24K seeds I was looking for at Natural Highs.co.za. I had the complete opposite experience with them, really really great service and I got my seeds a few days later with constant updates via whatsapp
  3. Wow thanks for the replies, that is a MASSIVE relief. Here I thought I just got scammed out of R1400 I guess now I just wait...
  4. Has anyone had any experience with Terp Council? https://terpcouncil.com/
  5. Every winter I enjoy my neighbors' outdoor harvest, he grows one big plant each of 6-8 different strains. This year the highlights (and what I'm currently smoking) for me are: Critical Silver Haze by Delicious seeds - not the most potent but has an extremely bright fruity smell and the taste matches it really closely. Great all day smoke. Purple Wreck by Reserva Privada/DNA Genetics - strongest of the lot by a decent margin, the buds smelled 100% like ripe litchis, took an extra 2 months for that litchi smell to come back in the cure, but it did come back. Amazing smoke, light body blows with a knockout punch to the temple, I would love to try growing this strain indoors, but its soooooooo leafy
  6. As a beginner, I found FF premium classic very forgiving. It seems to have the perfect balance of everything. In combination with a fabric pot it handles over and under watering very well. It says on the bag 'not recommended for germinating seeds' but I've had 100% success rate so far with paper towel method straight into Freedom Farm soil. So far I've always added liquid nutrients after a month. This year's outdoor grow I'm going to try it amended with Dirty Hands elemental blend (and mycoroot), a few top dresses and pH'd water. One note on this soil though, it is MOSTLY coco and perlite so it can dry out VERY quickly outdoors in fabric pots, especially in smaller pots and in the middle of a hot and windy summer **cape town** I've heard you can line the inside top half of the pots with plastic, to retain moisture while still air pruning the roots.
  7. Hi, Just yesterday I had to remove the dimmer completely because the light was fluctuating as a result of a faulty connection in the connector block. No matter how carefully I inserted the wires, there was not enough pressure on the thin wire to provide stable contact. I wasn't going to send any feedback because it's easy to replace, or you could solder the wires together, but I thought I would chime in when I saw this thread. Other than this tiny issue, the light is GREAT
  8. I hear you guys, and well done to those that made their goals! I just broke my Feb detox, it was going ok till a few days ago I get a message that there's Tallymon and Tropicana Punch in the mix that I "have to try", couldnt help myself! Weakling! I don' think I was fully committed though, will have to get in the right mindset next time, this shit is not easy. Since lockdown I've been smoking too much for my pocket and tolerance.
  9. I second all the good feedback here. Great product and even better service. @Light It Up for the win.
  10. They're on a windowsill which gets a full days indirect light with about 4 hours direct sunlight. If the wind is ok then they get even more sun outside. More weirdness, looks like a tiny new growth is emerging from the cotyledons...
  11. Hi everyone, For my first grow, I decided to sprout some bag seeds I've been collecting. To my surprise (some were over 2 years old and not the healthiest looking) they all sprouted. However one of them just grew massive cotyledon leaves and stretched taller than the others. After a few days some tiny, hook-like stems with extra tiny deformed leaves appeared. The growth was really slow so I dismissed it as a deformed plant that was struggling and likely wont make it, but it wasn't dead yet so I kept watering. I wish I took photos at this stage because its hard to describe how super weird the initial growths were. I really started paying attention when new, normal leaves started appearing, but from a new stem that grew at a right angle out of the cotyledons. It's like the plant was trying to grow upside down. That was a week ago, since then the sideways stem has slowly corrected itself and leaf growth has caught up with the other seedlings. I searched online and read some forums but could not find anything close enough to what is happening with this plant. Has anyone seen or heard of this? Here are some pics from today.
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