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420SA Growoffs 2020 - How can we improve

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Sup Guys, how's the planing going for the next indoor growoff? 

Anything planned for the near future?

I also support a buy-in idea with participants paying a fee to enter the competition and to be able to get the seeds for the comp.

I personally found the forum thanks to the growoff poster that I saw on Facebook. Maybe we could do a competition between members on the forum more like a "forum only" growoff with the more experienced growers.

Then we can do an open growoff for amateurs with some advertisement before hand to draw some more people to the forum if we want to grow the forum? But I guess then we still have the issue of them not posting or keeping their dairies updated. 

Maybe a minimum like R100 to enter the amateur competition with prices going to the best dairies with forum members voting. Let's say the top 5 dairies get 50% off to enter the next "forum only growoff" and completed dairies have the option to join the "forum only growoff". 

I don't think I saw any Solo cup challenge on the forum, maybe a solo cup growoff can be fun.

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Hi fellow growers, just read through this thread and came up with an idea to ensure that all participants grow a similar or same phenotype... Maybe it has already been brought up but what about every participant gets a clone from one motherplant? Would that be possible from a logistical point of view?

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On 4/14/2020 at 10:21 AM, 420SA said:

Perhaps an entry fee may need to be charged but we will discuss that a bit later

Reading through your post and thinking about it. it makes sense to have an entry fee. You get respect for it, I am talking about the people paying the entries. It can be used for the distribution costs, so you dont have suppliers letting you down. Free does not work, people dont respect free. Throw the entries into a kitty of sort and make the winnings bigger or lets donate that as a community to the Dagga Couple/ Fields of Green for All. Afterall they are the reason why we can grow in the first place.

I dont think you should eliminate newbie growers, but of course they need to be active in the community. Just want to say keep it up. I won 3rd prize in a comp on here last year, never expected anything and received my prize very quickly. Great community!!

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