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    BarneysFarm LSD & FastBuds Gelato
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    LED (haven't tried anything else)
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    Any form of inhaling, edibles dont really float my boat.

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  1. I am actually growing in organic matters at the moment, gave it a try as it came with some Mycorrhizal fungi.
  2. You can double up on the foam for areas where the door curves. So stick down one strip of foam, close door and check for light leaks. Wherever you spot a leak just put some more foam.
  3. Go get some sealing foam from builders. You can get it an various thickness and width. I used it on my grow cupboard and works perfect.
  4. They sell rigid strips in various lengths with a range of diodes to choose from.
  5. I would recommend buying strips from Digikey if you want to DIY.
  6. Yes there is no excuse for no communication..
  7. Bru I have been in your position before. I was amongst the first batch that order from cannabist when he first arrived on the scene. We all went through this before and we were all taken care of in the end. I personally received more than double my order in seeds and a few smart pots. For perspective, I only ordered the LSD and Charlotte's Angel on the left. Plus it was only meant to be 3 beans of the LSD.
  8. I'm nearing the end of my 2nd grow with these lights and buds are still coming out rock hard. I'm guessing fluffy nugs would be a possible way of telling the LEDs are fading without an apogee?
  9. Mygro did a video on them,
  10. I'm running aliexpress LED's 🤣 Claimed to be lm301b chips @ 3000k 2x "100w" boards straight 220v plug in
  11. I see you got some @1000Hills Nursery seeds. Really keen to see those grow out 🤘 local is lekker.
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