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    Freedom Farms (for now)
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    LED (haven't tried anything else)
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  1. I do the same when buying parts for my KTM 🤣
  2. Still no response from @Cannabist? Their website looks so legit to be a con 🤔
  3. I wish I could get my wife involved. All she does is walk past the room and complain about the noise from the fans 🤣
  4. @Bospatrollie2 12 month cure 🤯 good lord that is long.
  5. And I was planning to do my next order with them 🤨
  6. No worries mate, I'm also new around here.
  7. Maybe try tagging @Cannabist or send him a private message.
  8. Sounds like she turned into a hermie. See @PsyCLown's comment above.
  9. Thanks @highchome that's a cool diy but I'm talking about the biodegradable fiber pots, not the material pots like FF make.
  10. Found some at Gillits nursery at R199.00 for a single 10L pot. Didn't think these things were so dam pricey.
  11. Hey guys Looking for those fibre pots that can be planted directly into soil, preferably a local (KZN) supplier. Thanks in advance.
  12. So Steve was true to his word and sent through replacement seeds. They actually arrived the following morning after talking to him, very fast delivery as it usually takes 2 days. I followed @Ill_Evan's illustration and took @Mambawana's advice and ditched the dome. 6 days later and all 3 have sprouted and are starting with their second set of true leaves. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  13. They recommended Durban Poison and C-berry 99, which according to their site are both space hungry plants. I have opted to just get some White Skunk, will see how that goes.
  14. So after chatting with Steve at GSR, he has kindly agreed to replace the seeds with my next order. This means I need to order another set of beans to get the replacements. I don't see anything offered in breeder packs so I am looking for recommendations. Doesn't have to be auto, but a smaller plant would suit my grow space. Anyone familiar with their seeds that can point me in the right direction?
  15. Ok so the seed that was showing growth seems to have given up, the tap root looks thin an discoloured With regards to the other 3 seeds, nothing happening. Not sure what to do here... chuck them in soil and see what happens or throw in the towel and start over?
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