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  1. How difficult would it be to breed lady bugs? Would there possibly be a big enough market for them?
  2. Plenty of places bro, try @Cannabist. He is carrying stock locally and can import others if required.
  3. Those Blumat setups look awesome, would love to have one someday.
  4. You can try have a go at the person who sold it to you but I dont think anything beneficial will come of it.
  5. That looks terrible bru. What did they knock you for it?
  6. Ok. My brother in law has a farm near the Midlands in kzn. I'm thinking of doing something similar to the pic above. We go there every 2-3 months to ride dirt bikes, some of the most beautiful natural scenery I've ever seen. Was thinking of clearing a 25m squared area and drop some seeds. Then check on them every time we go back to ride.
  7. Would love to attend just as a spectator but I'm in kzn. Hope you take pics and post here. Especially of the pineapple throw...
  8. @Naughty.Psychonaut 5 pics bro. Those pink pistils look insane. Reminds me of feeding silk worms beetroot leaves to get them to spin pink silk.
  9. I saw eggs and Albany and my mind goes straight to French toast. Sorry I got the munchies 🤣
  10. While we discussing bongs, when I win lotto I'm getting one of these.
  11. Yep. I wanted bud quickly and it was advertised as 60 days from seed to harvest. I am currently in week 10 🤣
  12. @Mr_Nice_Guy what are the dimensions of that cupboard? I am currently growing in a space no bigger than L72x W54x H90cm. Apart from heat/light stress she is doing alright. A little training and I imagine you could grow almost anywhere. Not sure what yield I can expect, but for a first grow I'm happy. All the best for your grow bud.
  13. @Mambawana like marigolds? Quite a fragrant plant that has very colorful flowers to divert your gaze from the cannabis behind it. Was quite common to see 1 or 2 tress growing in marigold flower patches when I was a youngster.
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