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  1. Has growth visually stalled? Has she been this height/size for a few days? Can we get a pic without the blurple lights asseblief.
  2. This really is an awesome opportunity for someone wanting into the industry in SA.
  3. Never used them but I see @Aeradix supplies them, maybe he has used them.
  4. If only you were based in KZN... Although I fall well short of experience when compared to other mense on the forum.
  5. Congrats @Onion and @Scoobydoob, some boss pics 😎 @Scoobydoob is that a Thrasher hoodie you smutting in the pic?
  6. Looking tops bro πŸ‘Œ
  7. My bru, your beard 😡

    1. Bakstein420


      Was worried I was carrying nunus into my grow area.

  8. @GoodGrow built a COB setup using locally sourced chips, cant remember his supplier but he says who in this video.
  9. Maybe try @growopz https://growopz.com/products/120w-luminus-gen-4-cxm-32-cob-fixture
  10. You should bring it over and redistribute. I'm sure you would be a very popular bloke.
  11. Probably because of the clothing, I know my mate complained about high import tax on shirts he got.
  12. Honesty is the best policy it would seem, maybe customs seize undeclared stuff because they feel like you trying to make a stupid of them. But then if you tell them you got seeds, then they be like "ok cool bru, enjoy the grow".
  13. Never used Bio-Heaven due to insane price, Topmax is as far as my budget gets me. I see the guys overseas seem to love it. With regards to Budding Genius, I am not a fan of products with silly names like trance and fairy dust. Why not just call it what it is?
  14. Ya I've heard that GG#4 herms if you look at it funny. I myself have never experienced a hermi in my short growing endeavor.
  15. Is a hermie not stress induced?
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