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  1. Hey @GreenGrow Garden Route, I only saw this now... For me smell was an issue too, when it came to decarb, but I found a way to decarb with next to no smell. Take your trim/bud, grind it down a bit. Fill it into one of these 1 liter consol preservative jars with those 2-part lids (screw-on ring and lid). Don't fill it up completely, maybe 80%. Flip the lid upside down and screw the ring on loosely. Meanwhile bring you oven to the desired temperature. Take a baking tray, put a towel on it and place your jar on top of the towel. The towel will prevent the bottom of the jar being in direct contact with the baking tray, which can get too hot even on a lower temperature setting. Decarb for 60 minutes and shake the jar every 15 minutes to ensure all the material will be "baked" evenly. This works for me. There's nearly no smell compared to just do it on the baking tray.
  2. Fridge

    HPS time frame

    Hi, I grew with HPS a long time ago. I had to replace the bulb every 12 months or so, otherwise they loose their light intensity.
  3. Haha, you mean on the forum or in this country? Edit: But I must say these guys have balls. I would shit myself, being paranoid of getting caught.
  4. Hi, you are correct. When someone talks about outdoor, they talk about cannabis that has been cultivated outdoors.
  5. @CoolJ, awesome I always wanted to get these and I have a bit of a thrips problem too. You didn't get these somewhere in the Helderberg area, did you?
  6. @420SA, yeah I know and the 1st price looks awesome this month. That being said I grew out one of the the Bodhi seeds I won and it's a keeper. I wish there would be more Bodhi strains around. I took some clones already and gave them back to the community. Edit: LOL, now my stoned butt has understood. I was under the impression that I can only win the 1st price once within 12 months, but I thought I can still make it 2nd or 3rd. In this case @The_StonedTrooperis right. It's meant as an inspiration
  7. Happy belated birthday @Stinger96! Hope you had a good one. OK, no theme anymore. I am glad I don't have to climb Helderberg, lol. Instead here's a flower from my first indoor run on South African soil. Zurple Punch it is. Thanks to the clone donor and to the one who gave me the grow equipment for a while. You know who you are ;).
  8. Cool thanks @The_StonedTrooper, it's always good to hear another growers take on this. And I fully agree with doing the bud wash, if anything has been sprayed. I lean towards growing as organic as possible, so I try to avoid using pesticides and fungicides, but unfortunately often there's no choice. I do Jorge Cervantes bud wash, if necessary. @Stefan, if you want to look into this video search his name on YouTube.
  9. I wouldn't use anything on the plants that are close to being finished. They are looking good by the way. Apparently the neem does not taste good and can spoil your harvest if applied too late in flower. I would manually remove as many mites as you can if you got some time and patience. If these are outdoors it also helps to put them in a windy spot. As for the others, I would spray them just when the lights go off and then again spray them down with water only before the lights go on again. You see they recommend 20-40 ml/liter of pyrol? I chose to mix in 30ml per liter. Solved the mite problem but my plants showed phytotoxisity for weeks after application. Edit: check out @The_StonedTrooper's reply. Seems like rinsing isn't necessary. I always did for good measure. @The_StonedTrooper, won't it leave a funny taste in the buds? I never did that as I didn't want to risk it.
  10. It has been mentioned by @GGG already, but I want to make extra sure that you'll use the minimum dose of pyrol first. I used that stuff on a high dose this outdoor season and it hurt my plants a lot. Also how far are you in flower? I would not use pyrol when too far in flower. I used bio insek during flower with success. But it's a "soft" solution and takes longer to show effect. https://www.jamiesgardenshop.co.za/product/bio-insek/
  11. Hi Stefan, are you sure it's a deficiency? First thing that comes to mind is bite marks from either fungus gnats, thrips or mites. Did you check the underside of the leaves?
  12. Thanks for making this thread @Naughty.Psychonaut. I was wondering the same as I want to reuse this year's soil. Bags are getting too expensive and I accumulated more than 300 liter. As far as I can remember the elemental blend costs around 420 Rand. I think one can either top dress or mix it in (of course before the grow starts). I think of mixing it in, but the question is how long before planting takes place should I do that? Like I.e should I do that now or only in October just before I plant? I hope you don't mind me asking in your thread fellow psychonaut, but I figured it's related to your question. Edit: yeah, his shop is in CBD Somerset West
  13. I too have an arizer solo, just the first model. I got it when I started enjoying weed again more than 5 years ago and I still use it daily. I planned on upgrading to the mighty, but after reading @The_StonedTrooper's review regarding the battery life I will think twice about it. After all it is quite a pricey gadget and for that price it needs to be perfect.
  14. @Ill_Evan, as a surfer the waves in the background caught my attention. This video is played backwards or am I too stoned. We need biobizz back. Oh and I am looking for 45 micron bubble hash bag. I feel Serenade is something that would be popular over here.
  15. I got myself a Blaze glass bong and I am super happy with the purchase. There has been a little hick up as a part was missing on arrival, but Ashwin has sorted it out. I feel this needs to be mentioned as they replied and reacted very swiftly. Awesome product and awesome customer service.
  16. I wish, I would be its guardian, bro. But I am lucky, I got quite a population in my garden this year. You stay in the Winelands, right? I saw many in paardevlei this year, but they seem to only come out at certain times of the day.
  17. Mr Chameleon here has been around my plants for most of the season. I guess that qualifies him as pet.
  18. Sorry to revive this thread, but I think I promised to post a pic of my plant when it's ready. Today was harvest day. This is the plant stripped of the leaves.
  19. Hi, just quickly want to jump in here. I used numerous bags of orgaluxsoil and never had an issue. My seedlings grew perfectly well and my grown plants do well too. I saw complaints too but from one or two people that fed their plants with other stuff as well. So it's impossible to say that it was the soil that was too hot IMO. If you use orgaluxsoil without adding anything other than water you won't have issues, I think. Try it and if you see ill growth please post it here. I stand corrected.
  20. I would say, no it's not ethical. How does one call that? False advertisement? I once had an eye on these beans (the juggling ones). Glad I didn't get them and thanks for bringing that to my/our attention @StickyD420.
  21. I agree with you generally, but I have seen people turning from friends to enemies as soon as money got involved.
  22. THIS!... does your wife also give you kak the next morning?
  23. I blame the media. The media that feeds issues in order for these issues to seem bigger than they actually are. Big issues sell better. Chris, I hope they'll leave you alone eventually. I get the idea that the cannabis community is generally an awesome subculture full of good people. Just as soon as money gets involved things turn south. People get greedy. Edit: I blame the government too.
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