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  1. @PsyCLown Well i cant say for sure how much truth there is in this story but the one thing that im absolutely certain of is that theres a lot more bullshit than truth and none of it in Just Cannabis's favour either Because how the fuck do they go & respond (on record nogal) making the claim that the product is substandard but because their supplier refused to do anything therefore UK company is in breach of contract - thats pure bullshit for 2 simple reasons 1.) they continued to sell the substandard product at a premium price - R180 for 30lt is pretty up there --- so one things for sure if they didnt fuck over their supplier they fucked over their customer and in my books if you capable of doing one its likely you done both 2.) breaching a contract doesnt mean you get the keep the shit AND still not pay for it - go breach your home loan and see if the bank gives you any money back so i mean instead of REFUSING to sell a substandard product they rather doubled down, packaged & marketed the subspar goods as their own inhouse premium brand with a premium price so i mean it begs the question if the soil is subpar then why continue scamming end users by claiming its premium and if its not subpar then why the fuck dont you just pay your invoices like the rest of us and stop giving the country a bad name. @Chris Jay yeah, but shame this Pommie still thinks he's getting paid though....someone never explained to him what a "ya bru" is lmao
  2. Where there's smoke there's fire - might not end up being fire but still reason for concern or at the very least "check it out"
  3. LOL - what soil are we talking about here though? all the say was that it was substandard coco peat? Kudo's to the journalist for using "Dagga growers" as clickbait lol it became pretty obvious us growers have nothing to do with the story so whether the end users of the soil were nuns growing roses or dagga koppe growing mad nugs is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT but i must say it was an interesting read so thanks for that My 2c = If this UK business man brings a suit against them these guys are fucked, its gonna take a long time but as long as the UK supplier doesn't give up/get gatvol of paying for lawyers these guys are screwed, i must say he's an idiot for sending that stock without having secured a deposit or at the very least having the buyers sign surety in their personal capacity as collateral in the likely event he wasnt paid (I say likely because its clear this is his first time dealing with south africans) Whats funny though is how the buyers are now claiming breach of contract & the product was substandard (both of which are possible) but they never returned the product or attempted to rectify the issue so if the product was infact substandard which i doubt because no one spends over a million for subpar stock & starts a new company to sell that same subpar stock so its starting to look pretty obvious like suggested in the piece that the newly registered company was only setup after acquiring the stock in order to sell the product without the guy in the UK being able to point back and say if the product is so bad then why so you continue to sell it? Either way things not looking too good for Progrow or Just Cannabis - all that UK guy needs to do is prove that the stock sold by just cannabis was acquired/supplied through Progrow & "sold" to just cannabis.......open & shut case. - however this isnt a win for the UK dude as he's very unlikely to get a cent for that stock as its very likely those companies were registered as a CC which would make the directors not liable for debts incurred in a personal capacity, however he could bring a case of fraud of theft by deception against them, but doing so is going to cost him more than what its worth..........Schoolfees paid thats for sure
  4. @Bakstein420look for my pic of a crossjoint in "420 culture" in the Gallery - i attached a joint rolling handbook PDF there
  5. Nice!!, lol i must admit its the first one I've seen in 18 years of smoking, that bulb is sure to make one cough themselves moertoe
  6. Welcome to the community! Glad to hear customer service is a priority for you folks, its a foolproof way to cement yourselves in the industry & i wish would companies would realize this & follow suit. All the best of luck & prosperity
  7. Leave that by the chimney when santa comes to visit, and after a HUF HUF, Rudolph will shimmy on down for a PUFF PUFF
  8. Well with the monster cape winds that hit yesterday/today, i noticed a branch from my alien tarantula broke/split about halfway thru the stalk (Wire tie downs + gale force = broken limb) was gonna tape it back on but was hanging on by a thread + i bought some dynaroot last weekend so hey figured why not clone the guy instead....this is basically the only time i use a dome at all, strictly clones - dont bother using domes for seedlings for the very reason that domes will cause the temp & humidity to spike in the circa 20 degree + range (typically) - creating the perfect temperature & environment that allows for a variety of bacteria to thrive which obviously increases the odds of a fuckup potentially occuring. @CreX @PsyCLown @SkunkPharm should probably ask this on my grow diary but since im here already might as well ask ( @DamDave sorry for temporarily hijacking your post) i spotted a weird odd looking green discoloration on my Alien Tarantula - can any of you folks spot what this may be , it kinda resembles a "camo" pattern which suggests it may be the beginning of a Phophorus deficiency? The leaf tip also slightly browing but too early to tell if the bronining tips is from potassium deficiency as opposed to, nute burn or nitrogen Tox - my initial guess was burn but flushing didnt clear it completely - Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated - apart from the discoloration they growing amazingly fast/well
  9. Hey there guys - have found a new potential use for a batch of custom made bags i made last year, busy trying them out. I've got alot of moles that tunnel through the yard so planting directly in the ground is definitely not an option which is why i've mounted them on the wall Wanted to get any input or ideas as to whether these would work, or suggestions to make it better etc. Sacks are 500mm long - 15cm Diameter
  10. LMAO, glad to see im not the only one who's employed a personal bodyguard for their ladies Has it got a name? lol - here's mine: introducing "Dik Frik", heard him while looking for males & found him climbing up a plant, he stayed in this pose for a good minute, if i had any mantises in the garden they probably eaten by now
  11. Psylecta

    Sickly lady

    Whatever it is should be included in this PDF (Kudos to the member on the Cpt clone group for sharing this) Its exceptionally detailed with regards to pests & fungus/molds/mildews etc looks like rust spot/rust fungus - its commonly brown but can be yellow too What's_Wrong_with_My_Marijuana_Plant_(1).pdf
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