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    Local: Rooibaard/Old Skool Transkei - Canada/U.S: Aurora Kush - BC Big Bud - Blackberry Kush - Black Diamond - GSC varieties - Skywalker OG - White Rhino
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  1. Jeez this during lockdown? 3 months is seriously overkill especially if it had tracking number - if without tracking number, then sure 3 months is very possible - tracking option doesn't cost much more either under R30
  2. I've heard capemail hub can be potentially be an issue when sending seeds but mind you this was with regards to incoming international mail (i think) so I'm sure its more SARS/Customs intercepting than actual checks being do be at capemail - will see if I can find the thread, its somewhere here on 420sa
  3. Love super cropping, I just always make sure I've LST'd the branch first otherwise trying to work it after she develops a fat knuckle is a bitch
  4. Nice one bud! Once a week should be good for feeding, maybe lower dose a bit on nitrogen as it starts going into preflower but otherwise during veg stage unless you overdone the nitrogen & have a toxicity - its always needed
  5. Name & shame? Always looking to skimp on schoolfees were possible, I've got still got student debt to pay
  6. Very good growth though, stretching very nicely
  7. Might be the camera but she's looking a bit pale/yellow - might be developing a nitrogen deficiency - hit it with a dose of grow, should take it back to the shade of green you had 2 weeks back
  8. Whoops must of been lekka blazed hey?! He he - definately worthwhile marking bottle with permanent marker - skull & crossbones vibe
  9. Lol nvm looks like its just the print of the tray lol looks like there's a shadow on that needlearm - *early morning bake*
  10. Sick shit bro, congrats once again What are those 3 turntable things you got there?
  11. Ahh, I always figured those were fake anyway he he he like testimonials on a local page
  12. His is digital though, like this https://www.vapirwise.co.za/product/volcano-vaporizer/
  13. Yeah one day I spent $40 on chocolate at a dispensary in Toronto (200mg I think) my cousin was baked like a mofo, I felt sober but wasn't keen on moving lol, even reaching for a smoke took staring at them for a minute first - was kinda like a hell of a bablas without the pain - the pluk was sucked out if me big time. Vape is nice, especially the high end ones, that same cousin bought a volcano Vape (he's insane, top of the line cad$700) and that thing is pretty serious - only drawback is you don't get an intense amount of flavour and changing temp only helps so much - maybe 35% of the terpene/flavour profile, but damn its smooth though, however for us folks here in RSA forking out R9k for a vape is a bit heavy as most people will rather get a used indoor setup instead - but definitely worth it if you health conscious, pays itself in the long run https://vapestore.co.za/volcano-easy-valve
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