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  1. @JeffVader, I think that's a great idea. I had ph issues with my own soilmix this year. Effed up big time there. Which is why I bought Jamie's soil for now. Used to grow in FF soil in the past and also never had an issue. I took clones from my effected plants and put them into his soil. Now they look way better. If it should be a bad batch of soil it's good to give feedback to Jamie so he can avoid what ever caused it in the future.
  2. I have most of my plants in his soil and they grow perfectly well. Without fertilizer. He's doing tests on his soil regularly and publicises these tests on his website contrary to most other soil producers. I hope the ones that claim it's a ph issue have actually tested it instead of guessing. I'd contact Jamie directly.
  3. Hi, to me it looks like overwatering (as you already suspect) and fungus gnats. Fungus gnats love moist soil. How heavy does the container feel? You can sprinkel diatomaceous earth onto your soil against the fungus gnats. I would also dry out the soil a bit which should solve both problems.
  4. Haven't been active here for some time, because life happens... But I 've been lurking here from time to time. This thread has caught my eye. It's a great idea @SkunkPharm. I would be on board. By now I've met a couple of the local members and I can say that I'd trust them. I think they might trust me too. I just would be a bit hesitant when it comes to members I haven't met.
  5. Awesome! Have visited their store many times and have never been dissapointed.
  6. Yes, I think that applies to indoor grows. Luckily indoor growers can tweak their setup in a way PM isn't going to get a chance to grow on the plants. Outside it's a bit of a different story I feel. Last season I observed PM on my sunflowers and pumpkin plants long before I found some signs of PM on one of my cannabis plants. It only showed up late in flower and I managed to control it and bud washed the infected parts. This makes me think that the cannabis plant's immune system gets weaker towards the end of their life cycle. That's just a hypotheses of mine which is probably wrong.
  7. Yes, I also gave it a try and the only place I found that has availability sells it for ~1400 rand which is quite a lot I feel. Maybe @Prom will have some input for us
  8. Wouldn't it be great if we as a collective of growers order and import a load of Serenade? Maybe problematic logistically but I would be in.
  9. This is the info people out there need, thanks for sharing. I agree the spores are everywhere. You just need to create the right environment for PM to thrive and it WILL thrive. I believe it also has something to do with your plants ability to fight it of (not saying your plants aren't strong prom ;)). The person who imports Serenade in bulk could make quite some money selling it here on the market.
  10. I think I might actually build this for next winter.
  11. Lot's and lot's of valuable information @Prom. Thank you for sharing!
  12. @Psylecta, I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying something new as long as you're prepared to pay the school fees ;). I do experiment myself quite a bit. Thinking out of the box is how new things get invented. However one needs to prepare for possible failure. You mentioned you are going to try Freedom Farms next. I never went wrong with their soil. However I only recently found out Jamie's has got a soilmix too. It's slightly more expensive but the ingedrients used seem unique to me. I spoke to him about it and it seems they really put a lot of research into their stuff. I just mention it as I never saw anyone on here talking about it or trying it. https://www.jamiesgardenshop.co.za/shop/orgasoilux-potting-soil-premium-living-earth-blend-30l/ Has anyone tried this soil already? If so how did it work for you?
  13. That's interesting to me and I think about trying that this grow. But they also only sow the plastic lining into the top half of the pot right? Otherwise it would kind of defeat the purpose.
  14. I can always recommend Inzane in the membrane. But I always get red eyes when consumed enough. No matter which strain I use.
  15. I only do/did tolerance breaks when I had to go on educational trips for work. I don't smoke a lot. 0.5-1 gram in the evening and sometimes a one hitter as wake and bake. I feel I don't really build up a tolerance that way. In the beginning of lockdown I started to smoke non-stop and pretty soon I just couldn't get the effect I was aiming for anymore. No matter how much I smoked/vaped. That's why I decided to get back to my regular program.
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