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  1. @Naughty.Psychonaut, in my case there are other plants in my garden that are well into flower, so that's not an option for me. But generally a light outside would surely work and safe the extra workout of bringing it in and out every day.
  2. Currently I extend daylight hours for a Deluxe Sugar Cane clone, I got from @SkunkPharm. We aren't yet in winter, but it would obviously start to flower if I wouldn't give it 6 hours extra under a small floodlight. In two weeks I'll stop giving it extra light and let the sun do it's thing. I am curious how that one turns out.
  3. I heard that vegging plants inside and bringing them outside once you want them to flower works, too in winter. But I still need to try that. Edit: @CreX re-reading your suggestion, I see that's what you meant by needing an indoor setup, right?
  4. Thanks for sharing this, @Chris Jay. This might become useful info next time I'll travel up along the coast.
  5. @TheUltimateNoob, it seems like you got some experience with ordering directly from the seedbank overseas. Have you ever experienced issues importing genetics? I mean with customs? Edit: I see @Prom, is also experienced with the import.
  6. I thought just to be fair, I'll also share my experiences. Trophy seeds is one of my go to seed banks. I ordered more than 30 seeds and they all popped. The only time something went wrong was when they sent me an Original Amnesia photo seed instead of the auto version. I always wanted to grow the photo version, so I am ok with that. I think many South African vendors have a disclaimer that they won't take responsibility if the seed shouldn't germinate.
  7. Congrats to the winners! Dave, do you remember this "momo" app? BOB looks like momo's skull somehow. Enjoy the new Bong!
  8. Yes, let's hope she strips for me, hehe! If not, trimming is going to be a royal PITA.
  9. Just because she's developing so nicely, I feel I need to share another picture of the lady. She really starts to smell strong now. Edit: I also feel, I need to support local upcoming businesses. This plant has been grown in "joumasesoil" soil. Check it out on instagram. I believe they'll start selling their soil soon.
  10. Hi Wulf, I am sorry you need to go through that. I think crime will increase sharply in not too distant future. Everything gets more expensive, more people are unemployed. The poor population increases and they get even less for their little bit of money. Of course that doesn't justify hurting other people or just take things that aren't their's. But do you really want to allow the death penalty as a tool for the authoroties in South Africa? The same authoroties that are a big part of the actual problem? I am sure it will be missused and many innocent people will die. That guy has been sorted
  11. Deluxe Sugar Cane will be my personal new favorite for evenings on the couch. I love it!
  12. Hi, not 100% sure but these could be mealy bugs. They produce honeydew which the ants harvest. The ants transport them to other host plants in turn. Check them out on google, but I believe neem oil would work against them. Edit: I wouldn't use neem if you're too far in flower already. Edit edit: @GreenGrow Garden Routefound the match. Never saw those around yet. Thanks man, that info might come in handy in future.
  13. Really looking exciting Dave! Going to follow this one. @StonerZN, I believe OKC stands for Orange Kush Cookies. A strain that's making the rounds here and which I heard good things about! Dave pls correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Thanks man 🙂 ! Sure I'll post another one before she gets chopped. I am super curious how potent the bud from her will be.
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