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  1. Sup Guys, how's the planing going for the next indoor growoff? Anything planned for the near future? I also support a buy-in idea with participants paying a fee to enter the competition and to be able to get the seeds for the comp. I personally found the forum thanks to the growoff poster that I saw on Facebook. Maybe we could do a competition between members on the forum more like a "forum only" growoff with the more experienced growers. Then we can do an open growoff for amateurs with some advertisement before hand to draw some more people to the forum if we want to grow the forum? But I guess then we still have the issue of them not posting or keeping their dairies updated. Maybe a minimum like R100 to enter the amateur competition with prices going to the best dairies with forum members voting. Let's say the top 5 dairies get 50% off to enter the next "forum only growoff" and completed dairies have the option to join the "forum only growoff". I don't think I saw any Solo cup challenge on the forum, maybe a solo cup growoff can be fun.
  2. Update. Soo it's been going good, besides the spider mites that came for a visit but have them under control. Still no nutrients and leaves been fading but that is due to harvest approaching fast. These buds are huge had to do a few on the spot redneck diy ideas to support them as they are getting heavy. Haven't been able to do a clean up of the old leaves but will do it shortly. The top of the main cola seems Abit weird but that might be heat stress due to it being close to the light. Very happy with the results up to now. I will take a picture of the RES, to think a while ago I was trying to run everything sterile. Now my RES would be a sterile growers worst nightmare. *Shot guys for all the information on the forum and to the Tea_King (Crex) for the push I needed to dump that first AACT into the RES.
  3. Good day all. As most of us know getting ready for the next grow is super exiting and getting the beans probably the most important part. I have ordered from Seedsman internationally and waited 11 weeks to receive my package, initial waiting period was 2 weeks. They did not show up after two weeks and even the postman was starting to get frustrated on my behalf because I would stop him two streets away to check for my package. ( I was eager to start) The waiting game got to me and I decided to get some Auto's locally, I ended up paying over R700 and got some seeds, not in original packaging. I planted 5 different seeds, boom not 1 of them was an auto. Two ended up hermie real bad, the other three became huge and was under 18/6 for 9 weeks, they were given to a friend and they only started flowering about 6 weeks after that. Lesson learned! Those were not auto seeds and I got knocked hard and lost my hope in local guys. I saw Cannabist here on 420sa and decided to give them a try. I ordered some Northern Lights Seedsman seeds and receive my package a few days later. Very happy and eager to start some auto's I opened my package to find this Seeds busted! My luck with auto's is terrible and they have not even touched ground yet! I got in contact with Cannabist over a weekend if I remember correctly and they were more than happy to replace the seeds. By Monday afternoon I received my new tracking number and they covered the re-shipping fee. Tuesday morning just after 8 I received a call from courier guy that my parcell is at my place. I did not make a big order as I wanted to test them for myself, seeds were sealed in breeder pack and took two days to receive replacement plus a Lil extra for the inconvenience. That is impressive! all I say is Well Done, Keep up the good work, keep those good genetics coming and I'm a customer for life! *Plant is about to be harvested
  4. Very nice result! Always lekker to have a variety,did you manage to take a clone from the Elvis before flip? You say you have your next round going, which beans did you choose?
  5. yeah I'm using a pump system but no air stones. Thanx for the advice I will definitely make a change and do an airlift system. This photo was taken 28/03 This is 02/04 Then we have on 05/04 And this one is today 08/04 Been giving her rain water and then nutrients from the biofilter #1 mentioned above. Going to give her some tea when the next batch is done.
  6. All those amendments added up to almost a tablespoon of dry amendments that was added. The aim is to have this system be continuous and recycling, Running for a long while to break down everything that gets added. Hopefully works like wine and only get better with time? whenever I take out some "nutes" from the bottom RES I will add the same amount of clean water to the top and have that filter though to the bottom and have all of that recycle through the system again. I finished a second system lastweek and was thinking of doing this one with more phosphorus and potassium inputs, like grind up pumpkin seeds, coffee grounds, bat guano, lucerne meal, mushroom compost and a few other. This is all experimental and going to be a learning curve. If this is possible to do from seed to harvest in hydro with these "nutes" added will it be considered an organic hydro grow?
  7. @CreX thanx for the advice will keep some Nutes close by. I have the system running for about 3 weeks now and got a positive reading for nitrate. Not sure my knowledge on this subject is nearly enough to be able to determine if it is the right food for the plants. I have a plant that received some of this solution and she seems happy. No Nutes in the Res,only AACT and that "nitrate water". She is going into week 3 of flowering I topped up with some more clean water and added a few more things to the top. (EWC, dried banana peel, kelp meal, insect frass, blood meal, turbo grow, mycoroot). Guess I should do some more research, but doing this as I go will give me a better understanding of what's happening and what is needed. All advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Well I'm not going to give it any nutrients from bottles or salts (I think). I want to try something but not sure if it is considered fully organic. I hope the guys on the forum could help with some input. what I'm trying to do is: (build this system already) "1. Day one, add worm castings to inoculate the system. Cycle the system for 24 hrs. 2. Day 2. Add a small amount of amendments like fish meal, etc or your dry, organic fertilizer. I'd add about 2 tsps or so (C:N ratio of around 10:1 works best). This goes in the top. Continue cycling or cycle for a few hrs and then just circulate in the lower reservoir. 3. Days 3 and beyond, add amendments at the same rate each day and do as in step 2. 4. Day 5, you can check for nitrate using the API or other such test kit. You should start seeing nitrate within 5-7 days (in theory). 5. Once you are registering some decent nitrate, you can use the leachate directly in your hydro system or add to potted plants as fertilizer. 6. To use, remove half of the nutrient solution (yes, you have to have a drain in the reservoir to remove this easily). Add up to 1 T of new amendments each day and keep the reservoir topped up. 7. You should be able to do this daily or every few days as needed. Just make sure to check for nitrate to make sure all is going well. (credit: Keith) " Will this be considered organic? From what I understand the microbes will break down whatever you add.
  9. Hallo, @420SA No hydro Nutes at the moment. I had some issues with this plant during a few hot days a while ago, root rot. The only option was AACT, since then it's only been AACT, with explogrow once. This was the roots that was left after a big lump came off full of slime. This is the roots today, only brow because of the tea. The leaves started looking better after a few days and kept getting better. And below is today
  10. Update: The plant is doing really good, fresh green growth and going strong. I have noticed the "balls" are getting less and a few days after that they were all gone. The RES never got a bad smell and the plant didn't wilt or look sick at all. Just continued to add AACT into the RES to build up the good guys. Will update some pictures soon.
  11. @Ill_Evan @PsyCLown Thanx for the advice, I have not done anything to it yet. I've done some searching on the net and some say its a household plant fungus, if it's good or bad that wasn't clear. The plant is looking healthy and no negative effects yet. I have isolated some of the "balls" to see if they hatch or what happens to them, they look more fluffy than slimy. They are multiplying and becoming more. I will keep an eye on the leaves and see if there is any negative reaction. Only tea in the Reservoir.
  12. @Dank yeah i also think its eggs. Jeez
  13. @Ill_Evan plant was looking bad but that was due to root rot but that has gone away since giving teas. Roots are healthy, the top has recovered nicely with green healthy growth. The plant is actually getting better the last 2 weeks, there is no slime on the roots or res, only feeding AACT in the Res. I think this plant was in a small container with some soil, then moved to the net pot with some perlite and became a hydro plant.
  14. Good afternoon everyone, going through the plants and checking if everything is okay I came across something terrible (I think). Does anyone what this is? This is on a DWC setup and only one pot has it. Brown roots are due to AACT
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