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  1. Week 5 flowering. @CreX Thanx for the advice, I did not do a flush, I just added a small amount of the biobizz Veg with the bloom, i did not start it off with biobizz Veg, I didn't see any need for nutrients then as i was using a living soil. Next time i will try@Green Leaf Organics recipe for living soil. I have learned a lot by reading the diaries and following along with the growoff. Next run will be fire. ~ Well not going to bad i guess, she still growing and going to give some bud at the end, a success anyway. ~ Buds building nicely ~ not as frosty as the others guess @Dank and I choose the ones with less fairy dust. ~ a few bud sites, I hope they grow up to be fat and disgustingly delicious. ~ My defoliation was a bit on the wild side and maybe the new scissor a bit to sharp. 🙈 ~ She a fighter though and she building up nicely ~ damn this waiting thing is crazy, and i thought fishing is a waiting game.
  2. Grow Update: Week 4 Flowering ~ Greetings Earthlings, the 4th week of flowering is here, and here comes the pain lol.. ~ I have noticed a few of the bigger fan leaves started going yellow, im not sue what can be the cause as nothing has changed over the past few weeks, i used some explogrow and some AACT. ~ I have noticed the same thing happening to one of my other plants (I will post under the sick bay thread), leaves yellowing very fast, maybe a nitrogen def? Do they still need some nitrogen during flowering. haha guess the lack experience starts showing now as the first few weeks was auto pilot. Any inputs are welcomed. ~ Could it possibly be CAL Def? ~ Luckily the split in the stem did not have a major effect, maybe just stunned her a bit. ~ Keeping it closed for now ~ This bottom picture you guys can see the leaves starting to change and going yellowish. ~ Not sure what my next step will be, maybe give her a flush and start building the nutes up again.
  3. Grow update Flowering week 3. ~ Afternoon growers, starting week 3 of flowering and all's good so far. I thought I might have gone a bit too far with defoliating but she seems to be filling up nicely. ~ I will check the split that was covered with tape tonight, and take a photo. ~ bud sites building nicely and managed to pull the two main branches down a bit to expose the inner nodes, hope they push hard for the light and make a few extra bud sites. ~ I got some mulch from a buddy and tried it, but I'm going to remove it tonight as it seems to be getting some mold or something on it and don't think that can be good, ill put a pic of that on as well. ~ cheers for now
  4. Hey guys i will update shortly. Running around a bit.
  5. @Kgrows I'm not sure which pheno I received. The stretch has not been too bad actually, she is at about 77cm now, before flowering she was about 56cm. I'm not sure if transplanting her before she went into flowering also helped her to stretch and grow some more. I'm happy with her overall structure and size, her lower branches are stretching more than the top ones, which is cool because it makes the canopy more even.
  6. @Kgrows Morning, stretching quite a bit, but i think its due to the fact that i had her under HPS the whole time, i have seen the plants be more stretchy due to only running under HPS. i will get her height now now and compare to about 3/4 weeks ago. She also started to change smell from a spicy to a more sweety fruity smell.
  7. Flowering Week 2: ~ I present the Oops moment ----> ~ only used tape, not sure what else to do. ~ a bit heavy handed on the trimming but in sure she will recover nicely if the split can heal. ~ bud sites looking good
  8. Good morning, will update during the day. ~ I was busy trimming some of the lower leaves and tying down some branches when I noticed that she split in half where I topped her, a nasty looking split down the main stem. ~ used some tape and pulled the two branches back together, taped her up and carefully moved her from the ground and found a safe spot away from the dogs/cats and little exploring hands. I have an extra 400W hps setup that went up above her. There are no droopy leaves yet on either side luckily. ~ i will update some pictures of the fix, was unable to take one before the tape went on because it was abit of a rush to close that up as i don't know when it happened. ~ just a note to self, No touchy touchy plants when flowering. (Pigeons420) ~ having a wake-n-bake session and waiting to wake up the ladies.
  9. Week 10 update ~ week 1 of flower, and she is stretching out nicely. ~ will trim some of these lower leaves during the week. ~ starting with bloom nutes this week. ~ she reaching for 70cm tall now and I will get her width in the week. ~ Have not had any major problems and over all she is a happy lady.
  10. Week 9 update Busy week behind me and busy week ahead, here is the weekly update. Happy with transplant, no stress and she loves the new leg room.. Will do some clean up on the lower leaves and then flip her into 12/12 soon if i get a chance this week, otherwise the weekend will be the 12/12 weekend. She looks messy but happy with her overall structure.
  11. Week 8 Update ~ decided to do a final transplant into a 5 gal pot, have not noticed much stress. ~ happy to see the branch with 3 leaves continue to be happy. ~ I will do a bit of Low-stress training in the next few days to get the canopy more even. ~ She is about +- 56cm tall ~ I have one other female that is looking very good as well but decided that ckc#2 will be my flowering lady for the competition. * I planted 6 seeds, all was successful until I decided to move 4 of them to DWC before I had all the hick-ups out of the way, paid dearly as all 4 died within days. 2 plants was kept in coco mix, survived and now I have two females to choose from, decided on ckc#2 but will continue with ckc#1 in her own dairy as she was transplanted into the DWC system. I will open a new grow log for ckc#1 and her DWC journey.
  12. Week 7 update: Wow already week 7, decided to do a final transplant and will flip to 12/12 as soon as she is recovered if there was any shock. ~ I noticed something cool happening on one of the branches. ~ she started making 3 leaves ~ only one branch have it so far. ~ She happy and shooting pistols all over, ooh and so spicy when bending the leaves
  13. @Totemic These are some awesome genetics bro, well done!! The minimum effort so far but plants looking beautiful and healthy. Shot for the opportunity to grow your beans!
  14. Grow update Week 6: ~ Not much to say, growing nicely and no complaints, CkC #2 definitely a female and will probably be my lady for the competition. ~ Transplant to her final pot will be this weekend ~ bending the main stem to expose the lower nodes ~ Nice strong smell when handling her, different smell to the other strains i have going. ~ note to self, No more touchy touchy plants before work! You smell like a stoner's dream and a rain forest deep in Jamaica!
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