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  1. @PromHi how's it going? I need some advice if you don't mind? I received this message from UPS "Good Day, We have a shipment for you and we require the exact description in order to process clearance. Regards, Brokerage Specialist,UPS SCS South Africa" There is a company in the states that send me some hydro nutrients to try, Will I get the package if I declare it as Nutrients? Do not think they are registered in SA. The company declared it as product samples.
  2. We have some CPK s1 And we have some FruitLoops - And here we have - Black Queen
  3. @Bay Seedsdamn dude you guys rocking this boat! @CannabistThanks for the work you guys putting in to get us a local's list all in one place!
  4. Yeah man add those guys to the local's list on the Cannabist site, will be great having a good local selection.
  5. Greetings brother, all good this side thank you! We have a nice section here on 420SA as the Grow Report section, that to me is key and serves as a quick reference to see what to expect for a future grow or breeder. That is where we can help the local breeders, grow their lines and give honest review. If breeders is favoured by the community that reputation will spread and demand will grow for the said breeder or breeders. Another point for me is the ability off the strain the take stress, I stress the shit out of my plants to make sure they are tough and if the smoke comes out good it h
  6. Yeah I think give the local guys a spot to shine. But also think there should be some standard set, Consistency and trust is key. There will always be the true breeders and then the "fly by night" guys. Track record will speak for itself and I think we should start tracking these local guys and do our own grow reports where people can have reference to, trade that's fire phenos in a clone form and see if it can be repeated by other growers, then that can be considered a true keeper. Local breeders should build a community of followers and growers, charging the same as internat
  7. Greetings @Dank , Have you watched the movie "Kiss the Ground"?
  8. cool beans bro, do update when you have the light sorted.
  9. @DamDave yo man you can definitely use that HPS bulb for flowering, does it have the ballast? Im currently using those for my setup in the garage and im happy with the results.
  10. Such bad news, Hope Myrtle is doing okay. Truely best people we had fighting for us all.
  11. This lady was harvested, total dry bud was 128grams. Nice mature cheese smell. This was one of the side branches. I will definitly do another grow with this method, the buckets are sets up and taking nutrients from them every 2 weeks.
  12. @Kiteloop Yo man what did you decide on doing? Upgrading my space on the garage and looking into some of these ideas
  13. Awesome build there brother. Have a look at one of the dairies called teas,teas... by Crex, really loaded with information and recipes for some lekker AACT. This stuff is great and do wonders to the plants.
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