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  1. Those beans were eager to get going, how they doing?
  2. Total dry weight 54 grams, very happy with the result. These nugs are rock hard and smells like a newly opened box of cocopops. will upload some buds pics shortly.
  3. Greetings all, I harvested on Monday and Tuesday night. ~ I had to do a good trim before drying as I lost 4 big colas due to bud rot, ~ After the trim I was left with 315gram wets buds with no stems and leaves ~ Drying them in a box with a small Pc fan for air circulation. ~ I will de a decent report regarding height and all and all on the weekend with some more pics and bud pics. I will also do a smoke report when they done curing. ~ This was really fun to do and a great learning curve. ~biggest thing I've learned is better IPM is needed to succeed. ~ I cannot complain about the genetics as I know I did not make it easy for this lady and she had some hard times. ~ the Buds I managed to save is all chunky, meaty and hard, will definitely be a good smoke. Thank you to all involved, Thank you @420SA for not banning my ass for missing a few updates and being patient. I will be back for the next one and definitely going to be a contender then. @Totemic thank you!
  4. Week 12 Flowering.. ~ a few white pistols showing up here and there, trichomes are a few milky but no amber ones yet. ~I'll harvest this week as I won't have time next week. ~These Nugs are so tight, I might have to do a proper trim before drying as I don't want to lose any to Bud rot or mold. I'll be drying in a box with a PC fan for air circulation. ~white spots on leaves from spider mites, keeping a close eye but not seeing any new ones. ~ next pictures will be from harvesting.
  5. Grow Update. Currently in Flowering week 10 ~ Buds have put on some weight in the last week ~ seems like the spider mite infestation is under control and not seeing any under the microscope,they left some damage on the leaves but don't see any on the buds. ~ I've been flushing with plain tap water ~ Next grow I will be sure to follow a stick IPM ~ trichomes still clear with a few milky, will keep a close eye this week to see when she is ready for the chop.
  6. Grow Update: Week 9 flowering (Day 58) ~ Sup Ya'll.. so we on the final sprint to the finish line. This competition is on fire, Dude's growing dank ass weed. I know mine is giving off some delicious smells and I'm sure the same can be said about all the others as well. ~ I've learned quite a lot from this grow and being able to follow along with others and their grows and their challenges was really great and informative. You guys Rock! ~ Maybe not the biggest nugs around but these babies are rock hard ~ Took some photos outside, my phone with the HPS lights makes the photos have those lines.
  7. Grow Update: Week 8 flowering.. ~ Good Morning all.. i know you all have the same problem, waiting is killing me! ~ Not to much to report this week, i added an extra 400W hps over the weekend and hope it will help fatten up these buds a bit. ~ I gave her a good feeding of bloom nudes and that has stopped the yellowing of the leaves. ~ I think the low humidity in the garage might be the cause of the leave's tips pointing up like this, but i can be wrong. Not to worried about if for now as the plant still looks oky and cant do to much to bring the humidity up during lights on. ~ This one branch is on its own mission, pointing side ways, i tried to tied it down but the she goes the other way, hopefully its the heavy buds doing it.. ~ thanks for dropping by my dairy, have a good day! SmokeyZero Out!
  8. Greeting guys.. Sorry for the late update, we have been having issues with Igen lately and they only sorted it out over the weekend. Week 6/7 Flowering.. ~ not much to report this week, buds gaining size nicely now ~ I gave her some AACT and she really loved it ~ ~ Trichome development is in full swing and she starting to get nice and frosty ~ She has a slight hint of mint / beechies and very fruity ~ ~ I cant give any information regarding my temps/ humidity due to my hygrometer growing legs and decided to take off. Cant find that lil bugger any where. ~ this has been such a fun grow, really nice to see other peoples's growing styles and just all the information and tips are super and learning so much..
  9. Week 5 flowering. @CreX Thanx for the advice, I did not do a flush, I just added a small amount of the biobizz Veg with the bloom, i did not start it off with biobizz Veg, I didn't see any need for nutrients then as i was using a living soil. Next time i will try@Green Leaf Organics recipe for living soil. I have learned a lot by reading the diaries and following along with the growoff. Next run will be fire. ~ Well not going to bad i guess, she still growing and going to give some bud at the end, a success anyway. ~ Buds building nicely ~ not as frosty as the others guess @Dank and I choose the ones with less fairy dust. ~ a few bud sites, I hope they grow up to be fat and disgustingly delicious. ~ My defoliation was a bit on the wild side and maybe the new scissor a bit to sharp. 🙈 ~ She a fighter though and she building up nicely ~ damn this waiting thing is crazy, and i thought fishing is a waiting game.
  10. Grow Update: Week 4 Flowering ~ Greetings Earthlings, the 4th week of flowering is here, and here comes the pain lol.. ~ I have noticed a few of the bigger fan leaves started going yellow, im not sue what can be the cause as nothing has changed over the past few weeks, i used some explogrow and some AACT. ~ I have noticed the same thing happening to one of my other plants (I will post under the sick bay thread), leaves yellowing very fast, maybe a nitrogen def? Do they still need some nitrogen during flowering. haha guess the lack experience starts showing now as the first few weeks was auto pilot. Any inputs are welcomed. ~ Could it possibly be CAL Def? ~ Luckily the split in the stem did not have a major effect, maybe just stunned her a bit. ~ Keeping it closed for now ~ This bottom picture you guys can see the leaves starting to change and going yellowish. ~ Not sure what my next step will be, maybe give her a flush and start building the nutes up again.
  11. Grow update Flowering week 3. ~ Afternoon growers, starting week 3 of flowering and all's good so far. I thought I might have gone a bit too far with defoliating but she seems to be filling up nicely. ~ I will check the split that was covered with tape tonight, and take a photo. ~ bud sites building nicely and managed to pull the two main branches down a bit to expose the inner nodes, hope they push hard for the light and make a few extra bud sites. ~ I got some mulch from a buddy and tried it, but I'm going to remove it tonight as it seems to be getting some mold or something on it and don't think that can be good, ill put a pic of that on as well. ~ cheers for now
  12. @Kgrows I'm not sure which pheno I received. The stretch has not been too bad actually, she is at about 77cm now, before flowering she was about 56cm. I'm not sure if transplanting her before she went into flowering also helped her to stretch and grow some more. I'm happy with her overall structure and size, her lower branches are stretching more than the top ones, which is cool because it makes the canopy more even.
  13. @Kgrows Morning, stretching quite a bit, but i think its due to the fact that i had her under HPS the whole time, i have seen the plants be more stretchy due to only running under HPS. i will get her height now now and compare to about 3/4 weeks ago. She also started to change smell from a spicy to a more sweety fruity smell.
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