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  1. Hey guys, It has been awhile so I hope everyone is doing well. Im on the hunt for some clones and I'm having no luck with suppliers. Cannaclone and Clonemart are the only suppliers I know but I can't seem to get a response out of them after 2 weeks of trying. Can somebody please point me in the right direction (bonus points if it's KZN), or if any members have some clones they would like to pass on, I have some Violator Kush seeds from BarneysFarm that I would happily trade. Really itching to get growing again.
  2. I'm referring to the test drops bud, only one hundred bux https://www.futurama.co.za/general-hydroponics-ph-test-kit?gclid=CjwKCAiA65iBBhB-EiwAW253WxShFtY9pcrPATJwI5NZVw-c4r_zOMMrj5tq2NBd-KFPG5c5kuBn8BoCBkEQAvD_BwE
  3. Why don't you just get some ph drops? Not the quickest way to do it but nice and cheap.
  4. Welcome aboard bud, where abouts in our beautiful country do you reside?
  5. That's a bummer, hopefully things turn around for you soon
  6. What happened bro, why selling so soon?
  7. Have always had good results when using the glass of water with paper towel method.
  8. Big thank you to @Cannabist for the prize, dont think I've ever won anything in my life. Unfortunately can't post a pic as my Note9 has turned to a ball of shit since the last update, but I got same as @DamDave. I had great success with Barneys LSD (also purchased from @Cannabist) so cant wait to see how their Violator Kush grows out. Once again, thank you to @Cannabistand the forum for making this possible.
  9. I am currently listening to my wife shout at me for using her GHD to try press rosin
  10. I like to be able to view grow logs of strains im thinking of trying. Big international breeders are easy to find grow logs for on growdiaries.com. This isn't really the case for local breeders. I also want to know what to expect from the strain im gonna be investing alot of my time in to get to harvest. Although I dont deny some local guys have that fire, the only one I would try at this point in time is totemic. Ticks all the boxes.
  11. Bakstein420


    Lol no way bro, just enjoy watching. I have sky dived once, it is definitely on my list of things to do again.
  12. Bakstein420


    Hard enduro or UFC... There some UFC action on tomorrow
  13. I'm sure you want a slight negative pressure in your tent, not positive pressure. I would use the fan for extraction and settle for passive intake. +1 for the Sonoff TH16, I too use one.
  14. Just another day in sunny south africa... Sorry to hear your bad fortunes bro.
  15. Howzit bro, why don't you start an introduction thread. You can tell us more about what you growing, your setup etc...
  16. Store credit for beans that don't pop is great, except for the retailer that has to cater to all levels of growers. I know alot of seed banks started that way but i imagine it got way out of hand. Personally I was reimbursed by GSR for 2 seeds on my first grow that never germinated. Honestly, it was probably more my own fault than faulty beans. Regardless they kept me happy and I have been a returning customer since.
  17. @Prom Incredible how fastbuds made sure you were a happy customer, amazing service even taking the knock on such a big order. On a side note, i would want to find the dude from customs that took my shit. I can handle losing a few seeds, but a $600.00 order... shit just got personal. (insert ninja assassination emoticon)
  18. Slipknot live is also quite the experience.
  19. I like sacredseeds, not the biggest selection but everything comes in breeders packaging. Also I think today is the last day of their 40% off xmas promo.
  20. Welcome back bro and well done on the cultiv8kits challenge
  21. They currently running a 40% off Christmas special on all seeds, except singles.
  22. I am the opposite. I love lifting weights when buzzed, especially if I have an old school rock sound track to accompany it. I find i tend to zone out from lifes interruptions and it helps with the mind/muscle connection. I believe arnie was a big time stoner when in the gym.
  23. Still got a few weeks to go bru..
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