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  1. Agree on the quality of canna. Lots of good reviews from reliable sources. The prices gonna be stiff.
  2. Sorry I wasn't specific, I was actually referring to their nutrient range
  3. Not at all concerned about drowning my roots, the opposite infact. I want to automate my feeding while maintaining the same amount of level change in my reservoir like when feeding with a wand so that everything gets fed once in a 24hrs cycle before reservoir is empty.
  4. In my situation leaks are not going to be an issue. The amount of water each plant gets is of more concern. @SkunkPharm the manifold from hydrobiz that you mentioned, how many outputs does it have.
  5. If I grew in a tent I would go with a flood and drain, but that's me. I really want to build an irrigation system for my flower room. I don't think I would trust those cheap dripper kits that has those barbs that you press into irrigation pipe on its own. If you can get a manifold from floraflex(or similar) to replace the barbs style, then that's the way to make sure all your plants are always fed evenly. NB. Do you know if floraflex or agents even deliver to sa?
  6. Sounds interesting... if you find info... share share share
  7. I agree with the less not always more. More especially in a medium like coco. You don't feed enough, your yield will suffer. 800PPM is safe for most strains and should be a starting target. Apparently sulphur boosts resin production, I can't say that I have definitely noticed a difference. But there's enough information out there on sulphur and it's relation to plants in general and essential oils production. I add additional sulphur by upping my dose of Epsom salts. Seeing as I grow in coco the plant enjoys/unphased by the extra magnesium that would come part of the package. So in flower I add roughly 70PPM of Epsom salts throughout. I bump it up to 150PPM and stop Cal N a week or so before flush.
  8. I use to also feed veg Nutes first few weeks of bloom. The positive of this is plants stay greener during flower for longer. The negative I noticed was plants take longer to finish and they harder to flush with regards to the way they fade. I start bloom nutes and add a little extra phosphorus at flip. Then I start adding small doses of PK. Week 4 is my PK week where I load them. From about 200ppm-300ppm for the duration(strain dependant). After that I taper down and then add a little extra sulphur close to flush. Note, this is what I do for additives. Base nutes is compulsory and I increase PPM weekly up to flush. All this discussing nutrition is awesome. Keep it coming guys. Let's learn from each other.
  9. Buddy I've messed around with HPS long time. I only use magnetic gear and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Positioning of the ballasts are important to avoid fire hazards, etc. The magnetic ballasts can be kept remotely. I have plenty spares. You need some information on how to test/repair or what yield to expect out of them feel free to ask me. Post your set-up, maybe we can advise you while you busy completing it.
  10. @PsyCLown I'd love to add some trichoderma and all those nice beneficials to my growing. How's the haifa nutes doing in flower. Notice some slight nitrogen toxicity or dark foliage? Any feedback would be appreciated? I ask cos I know you following their feeding chart.
  11. @GGG All those you mentioned make a difference for different parts of the grow. The booster and MKP 100% increase yield and bulk up flowers when used correctly. I haven't used GH booster but I can imagine it's derived from mkp and has humates etc in it as well. MKP salts is actually a very primitive way in cannabis horticulture to provide extra P and K to the plant but it works and because we limited to what bloom boosters are available here locally and MKP is very cheap, I imagine it's what most of us use as a basis. Ripen is just there to provide some simple forms of P, K and some enzymes to synthesize remaining nutes in medium. And also help the trichs ripen faster apparently. I've stopped using ripener as it never really showed me much difference. My plants didn't finish any earlier and it's hard to gauge resin production when all plants are always sticky. I would think that ripen might increase weight a little as you will still be giving plants some pk instead of just plain water. Hopefully with more of us sharing our grows we will get more answers on what products make a difference.
  12. Yeah looks like she's revegging, check the leaves by the new growth... Very smooth very little serration, that's exactly what reveg looks like... look into what @Trailblazer420 said. Light pollution could be the possible cause. Fix that and hopefully she doesn't take too long to start flowering again.
  13. @Bakstein420 Bru I agree on needing to win the lotto to buy thatπŸ˜€
  14. @Trailblazer420 My bong broke last night... so just made a quick 5 minute plan... Then 3 bongs later spent another minute with a quick upgrade. πŸ˜‚
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