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  1. Hi guys. Been busy with harvesting and reseting. Will be flipping the girls in a few days and will take pics at day 1. 1 of my wedding cake has a crazy mutation i.e. 4way branching at each node. It's growing very vigorously but I'm a bit concerned about it's stability as it's an S1. I really wish I knew how to get my hands on some quality regular seeds. Suggestions? (Pls don't state the obvious Dutch passion, barneys farm, etc). Alternatively if I could make some grower friends locally that we can share genetics. My Gorilla Girl and Sweet orange cookies are quality cuts. Can't afford decent LEDS so for now I'm running 1000W HPS with magnetic ballasts. I've been using the cheap acdc hps lamps with decent success. Nutrients is my other headache atm. Really battling to find a more cost effective way that works how it's supposed too. Peace brothers...
  2. Some stinky vigorous males in the mix would also be nice to find... just to collect some pollen and have a try at making a few personal crosses. Would be fun growing them out.
  3. Well I have about 10 strains going atm namely Gorilla Girl, Sweet Orange Cookies, GSC, Wedding Cake, Granddaddy Confidential, Purple Diesel Daze, Mandarins Cookie Sherbet, White Widow, Grape Kush, Lemon OG and some 1to1 CBD strains. I got 2 x 3000W Flower rooms running on a flip flop system. I grow in coco and atm I'm using Floracoco nutes but I'm trying some powder blends on a few plants this run. All my strains are from feminised seeds. Going forward I only plan on buying regular seeds preferably F1's so that I have clean genetics to sift. Happy growing everyone. Looking forward to hearing what you guys are doing in your gardens
  4. Hi my fellow South Africans. Greetings from Durban. Don't know any other serious growers. Looking forward to making new friends and sharing our genetics. Peace from the East😎
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