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  1. πŸ‘ŠI wait upto a week. Some sort of warmth does assist. Be patient with it and don't let the seed dry out. Whenever you do a few seeds in future it's better to include the paper towel method to your method. It helps the little taproot grow out it's shell and gets it ready to pop the surface once planted. All the best
  2. Do share what you used please Hydroliq from hydroponics.co.za Not worth it's price. 2k for a diluted 5litre...
  3. I feel for all the stoners out there that need to do emergency stock up. To all those that are generally stocked, now's the time to share a little. With regards to lockdown... As a home grower, I'm use to being on lockdown and I'm use to self isolation already. I wish all on this forum and other fellow south africans all the best for the weeks to come. My prayers are with this country and for everyone to have a roof over their head and a plate of food to eat everyday. God speed...
  4. @Bospatrollie2 Representing kznπŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ How's your kushcookies doing?
  5. What product you found dude, you referring to the one mentioned by @Ill_Evan . I used the milk on my outdoor gals with good success deep into flower. However I now have PM indoors day 42 flower. Not gonna use milk indoors, I ordered a product called hydroliq from hydroponics.co.za. Awaiting delivery. At it's price it better work!!!
  6. @Zaza Don't worry buddy... you haven't lost your crop as yet. In a few days they will start sprouting new pistils. You have probably extended your harvest by an extra 2 weeks. Now would be the right time to add some amino acids to their feed to aid with stress.
  7. Humidity in durbs is cracking. Between PM and budrot this is what else I'm dealing with... And here I was thinking I'm getting 1st digs at my new cross...
  8. @Prom Greetings buddy. Have you tried spraying with a milk/water mix 50/50 ratio? Since I joined 420sa I've come across a few guys mention spraying milk to fight PM. I brushed it off cos I didn't see how it could work... up until about 2 weeks ago... a few of my more susceptible outdoor strains had some PM appear on them. I was kind of happy cos I got a chance to try the milk method. If it was to work I could adopt this method indoors if ever I have PM issues. Long story short... 2 sprays over 4 days has seemed to work better then I expected. The milk leaves a shiny residue on the leaves and seems to have kept the PM at bay. Today was really hot and now's its pouring with rain and is quite cool... I'm expecting to see some PM appear and I'm already mentally prepared to spray again. The part I love the most about the milk spray is it doesn't turn white pistils brown compared to spraying with things like bicarb, h2o2, etc.
  9. @CapeGrow Don't know the details of what really transpired with your order but I feel I should maybe share my experiences with @Cannabist This world is full of good and bad. Unfortunately the bad is more interesting to share most of the time. I was one of the 1st to order from cannabist if not the very 1st. My order took a week to 2 longer then I was promised, there was no communication back in that space of time. A few of us here were affected, the post is somewhere on this forum. A local breeder @Dank got hold of us and offered us some of his seeds for free cos we thought it was all a scam. What made us assume this was a scam was no communication together with his cheap prices compared to all the other seed banks or buying direct. Then suddenly cannabist got back to us from out of nowhere. He compensated me with a few free strains, some fabric pots and 10 x rockwool cubes. Since then I have placed other orders with him which was mostly on time I think. One order I received a pack of regular pineapple skunk from HSO that had one faulty looking seed in it. I messaged him and sent him pics. The next day he got back to me and told me to attempt germinating those seeds and he will organize me another pack from his supplier. 3 weeks later I received replacements together with more freebies and he still covered courier even thou I offered to pay. I understand you frustrated and upset. We all grow according to a schedule and things like what happened to you messes it completely up. But we are growers, we grow our own and smoke our own. We have the ability to adapt and always make sure we have something to put in our flower rooms. If you don't have, dm me and I'll share some of my πŸ”₯ with you. Besides that I hope you guys find some resolution. And @Cannabist I see you have already made some changes to your site to avoid this happening again. From my side thank you for providing us with the opportunity to grow genetics we like without breaking the bank. As for my order I placed last night... remember you promised FridayπŸ’š, don't let down and keep me in the loop if there's any delays. To everyone else...πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
  10. I agree. It's just not possible for breeders to be able to lock down on the stated 1:1 & have it show itself across the board. Haven't ever sent any of my stuff to a lab. I've been thinking of buying one of the test kits to assist more for selection purposes, just not sure which one would be the best buy. I tried sending you a PM but there seems to be an issue with my phone or the mobile site as it says 'cannot send message to dank'πŸ˜‚. I wanted to tell you about what's happening on the breeding side of things for me and some plans for the near future. When the messenger feature decides to work I will elaborate πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯...
  11. Guys for anyone interested, I found an amazing 1:1 cbd pheno. I couldn't understand this strain at first. Breeder stated +-6%CBD/THC. It feels like it's hitting you hard. What it actually does is gives your complete body a mild anaesthetic. Takes all my pain away. Even a tooth ache I had. It smells like pink grapefruit. Tastes like green apples/grapes. Yields great and fades like a beaut. I entered a pic of her in the January competition. Calling to all those that have something to share. Let's start sending each other some cuts like this gal. I'm running her outdoor as well atm to see how she fairs.
  12. I don't grow autos not because of its lower yield but because of its mediocre quality in comparison to AAA. The yield part is an easy fix.... larger plant count. Nevertheless it has its place and potential. Treat it well. Feed it moderately and you can get it to shimmer and shine✌✌✌
  13. Probably irratation caused by the serrated edges of the leaves. Happens to my wife when she helps with defoliation. ✌
  14. @MissMayhem I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't see you overcoming this issue. These plants are still in early flower and look as if they have bad resistances against PM. Please don't take this the wrong way or be demoralized. As a last ditch attempt defoliate your plants quite aggressively. Remove every leaf and bud that has any signs of PM on it. Lollipop the bottoms higher then usual. And fingers crossed for some dry weather. I've seen a product available at hydroponic.co.za that apparently can be used in flower to kill PM and other pathogens. It's expensive something like 500 for 1 litre and it comes diluted already. Maybe look more into it or maybe someone here might have used it already can advise.
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