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  1. @Buzz Mann Now do you have a friend or connection that has a multimeter?
  2. Look at the nutrient breakdown. Besides the obvious incorrect npk, look at the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Not even the top nutrient companies in the world are able to put that amount of phosphorus and calcium together in a concentrate without causing precipitation. @Prom more K then N is correct for all stages of the cannabis life. Yes the plant needs plenty N in veg but not more then K. P is the issue in this mix. And the ratio you mentioned it could be is more realistic. Another quick observation, there's no Iron(Fe) in this, which is the micronutrient needed in highest quantity. So yes there's something fishy about these nutrients.
  3. @Buzz Mann Post a pic of the whole gear, I could go through a sure way of you testing the different components. It could be something small like the live and neutral shorting on top of the igniter as they are terminated very close to each other. Edit: And don't forget to post pics of your gals too...
  4. If the capacitors start moving below the 5% tolerance of its standard microfarad rating then it will battle to start HPS and start MH alot easier. If ignitor is faulty then it will not start any lamp.
  5. Dude sad to say this but if it's tripping the feed circuit breaker then its the magnetic ballast that's blown.
  6. 1,2kg per household is positive for now... But we know our government and all those decision making politicians too well. Corruption on a scale that's potentially larger then any other lies on the tail end of this. So what do we do? Just continue staying under the radar and never keep more then 1,2kg of dried weed in one household? It's gonna be difficult considering they gonna weigh our trim, larfies, etc together with our bud.
  7. It's not feasible for some as the amount of packs required would be totally ridiculous. Cheaper to buy a few hygrometers to use as a guide and before long you will get the hang of knowing when to stop the drying process. The curing part requires very little input. Long term storage with bovidas I can imagine is superior. Unfortunately none of my weed make it to the long term storage container.
  8. Mambawana

    Any thoughts

    Teach dem dam mites to mess with you... Just don't let the cape town wind blow dos mites this way.
  9. Just do what you doing, the polls will take care of itself.
  10. I've been buying seeds for a long time. Directly from European seed banks and from holy smoke seeds when they first came available. I bought from green smoke room when they first opened and had a hidden menu that required a special password that was very difficult to obtain. Putting the price aside the best customer service I've received was from @Cannabist, well except for when he 1st opened and payfast froze his account. But even then he fixed the issue and compensated all affected by it. I highly recommend @Cannabist to everyone. On a side note I have no affiliation with them. I've just been super happy with the owners attitude and his willingness to assist. Don't believe me, give them a try...
  11. What else defines a quality breeder, if we disregard all the hearsay from the forums etc, the fancy packaging and just look at breeding practices. A simple example Barneys Farm, they produce all their seeds outdoor in bulk. You can get their genetics from alot of different seed banks worldwide. +-150 a feminised seed. VS Medigrower(MG1 seed co.), he produces all his seeds in a sealed 4 x 4 flood and drain breeding chamber. Empire breeding company have just restocked his Primal Punch F2. +-150 a regular seed. You cannot buy these seeds anywhere else in the world.
  12. @Za Weed Lover I'm in agreement with you... What defines a quality breeder to me is when you fork out $60 for a 6 pack of regulars and when you pop them you find phenos that it was bred for in just 6 seeds. You will also find that these seeds were bred in a sealed chamber with a limited amount produced. Empire breeding company is rocking the FIRE right now in the states.
  13. Mambawana

    LED vs HPS

    Both grow big solid buds. Tells us about how you grow and the things you do and maybe we can figure out what you doing wrong.
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