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  1. You should test it with the maximum length of cable you going to use. Then set up another ballast with a short piece of cable to lamp. Then check response times between the 2 when switching off and on when the lamps have reached full temperature. If they both respond the same then you should be fine. It you had a tong tester it would have been good to check how many amps each of the 2 are drawing. If there is a noticeable difference, then it could mean that one is working harder due to the extra cable length.
  2. @nakes My ballasts are about 8m's from the lamps. I've 1000W hps lights. Best to just test it on the floor. And to make sure it's fine in all scenarios wait for the lamp to fully heat up. And then switch it off and on again.
  3. Sativa leaning hybrids most of the time... Pure indicas or heavy leaning indicas late at night... But in saying this... I will smoke whatever situation dependant... Just the other day I met up with a mate and he had some normal outdoor (aka bushweed). Hes like bru I know you don't smoke this... and I was like... 'make it...
  4. It would be incredible if you can eventually nourish your plants naturally cos if there's one thing that sucks... it's the prices of nutes...
  5. I hear you, one statement was promising though. "...We are however not going to marginalize the ordinary south african, everybody will have the opportunity..." or something to that effect. All we can do is hope for the best...
  6. https://www.iol.co.za/mercury/news/r23-000-will-get-you-a-license-to-grow-your-own-weed-38113025 How much truth to this?
  7. Mambawana


    It's probably in its genetics to stretch. I would recommend bending all those tall branches so that you can get your canopy even. All those lower branches will catch up and you will be able to have your light at a decent height so everything gets sufficient light. A small scrog net over your plants will give you tons of tops just judging by the amount of nodes those branches have. Try not position the stretchy plant directly under your light, keep it to the side so when it goes through the crazy preflower stretch atleast you will have some room to play with.
  8. True but autos have earned a place in our community. Many scenarios people just can't grow photos. Like right now for instance... If I needed bud asap, I would grow a couple 60 day autos. Or if my yard was heavily light polluted by street lights or neighbours lights I would have no choice but to grow autos. The flip side to being put in this position would be you probably gonna have mediocre end results. Although some breeders are putting crazy thc numbers on their autos so who knows maybe someone on this forum is gonna meet up with a Fire pheno and show us all something new.
  9. All breeders packs sealed.
  10. Parcel arrived this morning. Thank you for the grow bags and the freebies. Overall I'm happy with my order and look forward to doing business with cannabist again.
  11. There are many factors to look at in your situation before blaming the seedbanks. Sometimes you do get dud seeds. It's best to 1stly always buy seeds in sealed breeders packs. I've used both of the local seedbanks you have had issues with. GSR for many years and BnB since they 1st opened up. The only issue I've had was with GSR with their in-house genetics. The plants were nothing close to what they were supposed to be. Sometimes you do get dud seeds. I've ordered from international seedbanks and found that a lot of times the freebies don't pop or they take a long time to germinate. (that's if my parcel is not confiscated by our local bubu's) If I were you I would relook at my germination techniques and 100% rule that out before blaming the seedbanks. There are just to many variables. A lot of these seeds travel the world prior to reaching our shores. Poor handling and storage by all involved play a huge role in the viability of the seeds. As a rule I always try germinate all the seeds I buy in each batch and cull or give away the extras. Just keep it simple and don't lose hope.
  12. Thank you cannabist for eventually coming thru. I haven't received my parcel as yet but I do live 1000s of kms from ct so probably early next week. Last night when you sent me a pic of my order it made my day and made me instantly forgive you. Atleast now my plan for searching for a stud can be put into place. I'm sure this was a learning curve for you. Just know I do appreciate you bringing these seeds for me from abroad. I will surely give you further business. I'm a seed hoarder so let me know when you placing your next batch order so that I can buy myself an early Christmas present. All the best for your business. Peace.
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