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  1. I rather have quality seeds at good price than a shiney box.
  2. Cool looking site mate. Can you please post pics on your setup and plants. It would be good to see how your harvest your seeds.
  3. I like blue dream and gelato, its the only ones ive tried before. I was super keen to try out red hot cookies Im not fussy about proper genetics ect, just looking for autos that will grow and cheap to buy.
  4. Thats a shame, i liked your posts. Have you tried the bud yet is it any good, is it worth buying the seeds?
  5. Can i please get some feedback on the best Autos to grow currently. Im keen on growing and breeding red hot cookies but all sold out currently.
  6. Thanks everyone, guess I'll need to start saving for some decent grow lights.
  7. Yes sir 45w. It's either that or 6 of these 300 led bulbs, no details on watts. https://m.banggood.com/E27-60-or-126-or-200-or-300LED-Grow-Light-Bulb-Indoor-Plant-Hydroponic-Flower-Veg-Lamp-85-265V-p-1733272.html?act_poa=POA7253567&cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=detail-bottom-alsolike
  8. Hey guys, what are thoughts on these lights for 8 plants in doors. plants. https://m.lightinthebox.com/en/p/1pc-45-w-5292-6300-lm-1365-led-beads-growing-light-fixture-red-blue-85-265-v-vegetable-greenhouse_p7532695.html?prm=1-
  9. Thanks everyone, looks like I'm going to try find Green Crack Auto grow. Does anyone one know who sells them locally or should I try an overseas site?
  10. Thanks for the info mate. I'm looking for energy/creativity and no couch lock. Do you have a favorite Auto strain you can recommend? Im browsing the sites and trying to work out which seeds to get.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm keen to try grow some Auto's. Can you please suggest good strains for newbies on the Sativa side.
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