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    Durban Pioson, Bruce Banner auto and Girl Scout Cookies auto
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    Quantum board & cob
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    90x90x180 size tent, panda film, 1 box fan
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    Using Biobizz atm
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  1. I decided to wait a few more days ☺️, had a hectic weekend was in no mood to do anything yesterday
  2. Thanks, So i can harvest by Sunday, would be fine?
  3. Hi Guys Please assist, what do i do? Harvest? Leave it in the dark? Wait one more week?
  4. Viri


    High guys Im a new grower from Durban, iv started with 3 plants. So far so good, they 9 weeks now and looking good. Got a few nutrient burns in the early stages, still getting the hang of feeding i guess. The plants i have are Durban poison, Bruce Banner auto and Girl scout cookies auto. Iv read the review on Bruce Banner, are there any difficulties with Durban poison and girl scouts?
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