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  1. @prom That's settled then... Will go with the rain water. I have a 40,000L tank as a supply, so I won't have an issue there. Will also just leave the Activera on the shelf for now. I'm looking at running a couple fans on either end of the greenhouse to keep the airflow up. I've heard that PM is a serious problem down here, but that prevention is the best remedy. Still have to look into Pests, PM and deficiencies. I know little to nothing about it all. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead and where it leads... hopefully it leads to some decently sized dense, dank budz. I'd be very happy with that
  2. @Bakstein420Hey Buddy... no, I'm just down the coast though in the Eastern Cape... wild coast area to be more precise. However, this just what I've heard from some other guys, and have not had the experience personally... i still need to get growing first before I can talk with experience backing me.
  3. Thanks @Prom I really appreciate all the help... im most definitely going to be needing it being my first time growing. I will post pics of the greenhouse and the grow once I have everything in order and ready to run. I will definitely drop the seeds into a glass of water and then go for option-A, where I drop them straight into their pots and then just move them into bigger pots as they grow out of them. I was thinking of dropping an Amnesia Haze in the 90L pot, and I have some cages here already that I can use for support. I'm using the entire Bio Bizz range: Root Juice, Bio Grow, Fish Mix, Bio Bloom, Top Max, Bio Heaven and Activera. Plus I have KELPAK, CALMAG and Epsom salts... I think i should be good with the above... But obviously then no need for the epsom salts as much I suppose. In regards to water, would your preference be with rain water, or rather with dechlorinated tap water? As those are currently my 2 options... current PH of 7.4 for the rain water, and 7.8 on the tap. And would you need to alter the water PH at all? If so, could you use a regular PH down or up? Or, would the growing medium buffer the PH on its own? If you have any advice on training methods... LST, super-cropping, etc. Please feel free to pass on any knowledge you feel you would like to share... im open to all the advice I can get
  4. Howsit 420SA community... I have decided that the time has come to start my very own outdoor grow this season. Better late then never hey... I have built a steel framed Green house (6m X 3m X 2.2m). I have chosen to go with Shade clothe for the sides of the Greenhouse, which I am hoping will help with controlling the high humidity we already experience down here on the coast. I have a plan of my own already based on looking at google and chatting with mates already in the game, but I would really appreciate any advice or help with getting this up and going the best way possible... Planting Fem Photoperiods (Nothing too serious - I got a great selection from Biltong and Budz) - Opinions on how to pop these seeds with the best success rate possible will be greatly appreciated. I am planning to only start my outdoor grow in late October - Early November. As I have heard some guys down here had some issues last season. What are your guys thoughts on this? I will be using a variety of fabric pots ranging in size from 25L, 45L, 55L and even a 90L I will be using FF Premium Classic as a growing medium... Plus I have some worm castings to use when needed. I will be using the Bio Bizz Organic Nutrient range, but would like to know what else others would use, and if KELPAK, CALMAG and EPSOM SALTS would help to aid the grow, or rather have little to no effect at all? I am very excited to get this up and going and will be grateful to any advice from the more experienced growers ono this forum... I am sure with your help and my enthusiasm, I can get this off to the best start possible and look forward to a great season of learning and hopefully resulting some dank budz... Take it Easy everyone and I look forward to hearing what your thoughts and opinions are...
  5. @Rob189 which nursery in EL stocks JC soil if you don't mind me asking....
  6. How are you adjusting your PH? Would the soil not adjust the PH naturally? And from what I have read Biobizz products drop your water PH naturally as well.
  7. How did the grow go there
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