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  1. my last run on dwc, in summer hurt, which is why I was waiting for winter. I ended u dropping bottles of frozen water into the Rez to bring temps down. Hoping winter an zircon will do the trick, otherwise will figure out some kind of chiller solution. as its just for three plants it should be doable.
  2. just did an update. the one blue cheese is still not done - the more cheese leaning one (annoyed by that). the one I chopped is pretty nice tasting (more on the berry side) and has a easy high (nice mix of cheese and berry in that respect). filled three and half console jars, but there is a fair bit of shit that didn't get enough light - which answers a question I had a about the extent of fluence lights penetration of the canopy. Still it's a good light and I didn't do badly overall (which means I can take my time sorting the new set up). The outdoor sorbet yield was good, and a bud I took e
  3. During veg, if there is load shedding simply run the lights 20/4 (rather than 18/6). In flower I just leave it 12/12
  4. I have a reaction as well. I don't think its the leave edges. I will post a pic one day. any weed (including the buds) will give me a mild rash if it touches skin above the palm - the rash last a few hours - and itches.
  5. I grow ganja, bru...Growing ganja is an art - an art that even people shit at art can do. It takes a special kind of craft - one of binding yourself to another life, to try to make for it the best form of life. Its a neurotics therapy and I am extremely neurotic - but when I have a grow going and have time to sit and have a joint with my plants, I am not anxious anymore and my negativity and obsessiveness is absorbed there. It's my point of entry to a secret life filled with clandestine projects, experiments, adventures and even anonymous encounters...beautifully sediti
  6. So I got a thrips problem. I can probably leave it, but I would like to at least make an attempt to not lose too much of a yield. Predatory mites were suggested and they seem to me a good option. there is a thing called Thripex that I want to try. Anyone used it? Know where I can buy some?
  7. managed to get at GT hydro. they also giving out samples
  8. Yup..interesting topic - which is kind of swaying to the debate LED vs HID. I am running a similar light in a 1.5x1.5 tent - Fluence YPRx plus rated at PPF: 1190 μmol/s. It my first grow with the light so I can't say anything for sure, but the results so far seem to me comparable to HID. However it is a damn nice light, and with a clever design to keep it cool (although switching to LED doesn't mean temperature management ends). its more expensive than the HLG 550 and you need to buy the dimmer separately. GThydro just dropped the price (as I think fluency is bringing in a new range). HLG 550
  9. okay. they claim improvements in taste and quality - but I know better than to believe the hype. Its damn expensive overseas, so I was assuming they want to get people hooked before they come into the market - and that's why they giving away samples. but that's not going to work if it does nothing. thanks for the response.
  10. how long did you use it for? last 6 weeks or only at the end?
  11. So this is the stuff I am trying out this grow. Also using topmax for some of the plants. the outdoor girls will start getting fire juice from tomorrow. I used the bloombastic (also got a sample from the expo) in the last rez I made up for the blue cheese - and I do think I see a difference (might well just be wishful thinking). Then I got worried I was going to run out (because the samples are 50 ml and you run it at about 0.5ml to every litre). I used ripen before and also wasn't sure it did much - but I am going to try it again (not sure on which plant though). will let you guys know what h
  12. I want to try atami bloombastic. ever used it? know where I can buy it?
  13. Anyone using this? I saw them at the cannabis expo but I can't seem to find anyone selling the product.
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