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  1. Yeah, I remember the pic. Wish I had friends with aquariums 😅. Where the rand is at the moment means the stuff on amazon that are worth buying are running around the same price. But let me look around some more tonight before bitting the bullet. Will chill by topping off and with icepacks till then.
  2. I did see that. but anything over a few grand I prefer to buy something new, especially when I don't understand the tech (and can't look under the hood), and also where I can't send it back with a nasty letter of complaint when the shit doesn't do what it was meant to. for someone willing to go that way, an aquarium forum is a good idea which never even crossed my mind. the chiller I am considering for 8, I found on jungle aquatics and is the same (or a newer version) of the one for 6500 (above). The extra 1500 for advantage of being able to collect it nearby, and for getting a new unit, seems to make more sense in my case.
  3. although I can put a bar fridge under my desk, run the cooling line through the freezer and keep water and beers in the fridge for drinking. Than its more than a chiller, its also still a fridge 😂
  4. I have seen this done as a diy solution online. and a bar fridge would be cheaper. I wonder though about the long term cost befit ratio here - especially since the bar fridge is likely to take up a lot of space. decided to just fork out 8 grand on one, since every time I do hydro I complain that I need one.
  5. @Prom @CreX Thanks for the notes. How been doing the ice packs and toping up with water from the fridge (which making sure I don't push the the temp down too much). Will try to do the order tonight then. Hopefully stuff arrives before the city get hotter,
  6. Oh shit. Didn't know they ship to sa. Any idea how long the wait is? This is perfect but I am already bumping into temp issues so was hoping for a today kind of solution.
  7. Hey gang, any ideas on where I can get the best deal on a chiller?
  8. Monster compressor you got there. this is going to be fun to watch. What's the genetics for the maiden run? You mentioned "pancake stompers, sugarcane or platinum punch". Interesting line up. be nice to run clones off a single pheno across the system so your plants chow with uniformity this run - especially if you going to be testing all the lukkar tech you mentioned for dialling in an automating the feeding.
  9. Really nice set up. The level of the solution in the control Rez will also tell you the level across the system. Digital auto top off is of course better. 😅
  10. my last run on dwc, in summer hurt, which is why I was waiting for winter. I ended u dropping bottles of frozen water into the Rez to bring temps down. Hoping winter an zircon will do the trick, otherwise will figure out some kind of chiller solution. as its just for three plants it should be doable.
  11. just did an update. the one blue cheese is still not done - the more cheese leaning one (annoyed by that). the one I chopped is pretty nice tasting (more on the berry side) and has a easy high (nice mix of cheese and berry in that respect). filled three and half console jars, but there is a fair bit of shit that didn't get enough light - which answers a question I had a about the extent of fluence lights penetration of the canopy. Still it's a good light and I didn't do badly overall (which means I can take my time sorting the new set up). The outdoor sorbet yield was good, and a bud I took early tasted like its going to be special. A bit annoyed now, because I don't have a clone of it or the other stand out phenotype I found among the stuff I grew indoor. Im still figuring out if I want to go RDWC or something else next, but the next challenged is figuring out how I light proof the the room. ill ask for advice with that. Hows your blue cheese looking?
  12. During veg, if there is load shedding simply run the lights 20/4 (rather than 18/6). In flower I just leave it 12/12
  13. I have a reaction as well. I don't think its the leave edges. I will post a pic one day. any weed (including the buds) will give me a mild rash if it touches skin above the palm - the rash last a few hours - and itches.
  14. I grow ganja, bru...Growing ganja is an art - an art that even people shit at art can do. It takes a special kind of craft - one of binding yourself to another life, to try to make for it the best form of life. Its a neurotics therapy and I am extremely neurotic - but when I have a grow going and have time to sit and have a joint with my plants, I am not anxious anymore and my negativity and obsessiveness is absorbed there. It's my point of entry to a secret life filled with clandestine projects, experiments, adventures and even anonymous encounters...beautifully seditious pleasures (will I lose that when its legal for reaI?). There is also always something new to learn, or an idea I want to try to implement (the next time round). And I am always getting better. Wiser even - because I am learning the limits of my control over the grow. But I also complain about my grow all the time. Bitch! the truth is I hate my grow, and I wish that fucking thing would get done already... It is a trap binding me to a place - "be there everyday". A labour of obligation that is never done. The promise of more that will only pay out in full the next time around. An obsession that costs and now a different source of anxiety (because who knows when the cops are going to come knocking on the door (again)). Then it happens...a broken cola, an infestation, lockout... and my grow breaks my heart. I want nothing to do with this bitch... So I am done (almost). The grow will soon be chopped...but like a junkie jonesing for a needle, all I can think about is which girls are going under my new 1000w Gavita next, and which system will be crafted to nurture them through my training. But I am taking my time and testing the patience of my still fulll jars. I'm not going to overdose. Not again.
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