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  1. Welcome home brother. Don't mind the circus here - the complainers are usually those who do not know how to work for a comfortable life style! You are welcome to share a cold one on my veranda anytime! All I can say - you musta have had brass nuts to last 12 years 🤣 Respect.
  2. This is a little golden nugget on the board!
  3. 420sake


    Ha - found the recipe Smeegol offered SJ : 10ml ACV and 10ml CS in 2L H20 I assume to use asap Its organic, so I will use it when I spy dem snow stormz in my veg gdns Tx GuyZ!
  4. Has anybody had any experience with NAFS in having tested their isolate? Or any other test lab for that matter?
  5. 420sake

    kzN Growers Club

    Lol - good one sir, lekka to be SefEfrikin and show these locals how the brew is really fermented 👍
  6. 420sake

    kzN Growers Club

    the General idea @Smelly Joe the general idea and if you ever head to Underberg, you can stop in for a top up and a cuppa mountain coffee 🤣 I am test piloting my new gummies - called 'nummies' (tm) and have not touched down in a couple of days now 😉 - all legally off course, as only homegrown can be .... " 'n Nummie vir die Migraine"
  7. Started a corner for the enthusiasts is Natal. I consider it to be the first flagstone laid for South Africa being Durban poison country and All Inviting all girls and guys growing south of the berg to come pitch a spot and we can trap some history and share Natal horror stories. Should you qualify for the dragon team, drop me a note for an invite plz My mission is to become a better grower and share recipe's for success with the team.
  8. Tsk, that is the joke. Capitalist Fascism right at work in the communist party. 🤣 "Feed the hungry cake" they said.... Its time the people stand up and crash this crazy law making one sided future. They are never going to stop the Artisanal producer ever - better to regulate to all flavours from the start. But we always have to first 'I told you so' ...
  9. My order went into the store, but no calls at my gate yet?
  10. @420SA and @Totemic - can I still partake if no seeds in hand? I am keen for the experience, prizes later. Add: I will sort a Postnet on the shipping if I can still jump?
  11. Oh my goodness. Aan die slaap hier! Missed all the access mails whilst waiting for a PM. No seeds in hand, is it too late to start an attempt as a first timer? Do not mind spending sum. I have for the first time in my life bought pips as a gene shot to my local crew. But it looks to me that the horse has bolted? I was keen just for the experience. Will send PM's to seniors. We were shoveling snow last week! 😣
  12. I have been absent mentally and physically, so my soil preps have been late. Been working at my circle garden having their basins fed with compost + biochar, EWC, bone meal, rock dust and spring water. Done a few pots to spring beans I got from sannies and trophy. We want to lift our landrace genetics by adding in some modern genes. Been in the bush the last ten years!!! Missed the shopping rush Lol....
  13. Share your sense here @Trailblazer420
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