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  1. Sorry to hear that boet. Any issues, let us know if you need a parcel or some gummies. Trust you can play in the sun at least?
  2. That so sucks - what if the dude claimed being a medical candidate? Fork - its time the fat bastards get this herb decriminalised and released for consumption in general. A lot of sick folks out there...
  3. @SkunkPharm what happened? You survive coz of yo jeans? Or am I late to the party?
  4. Well - with Dube-Ncube , it is not going to be easy. lol I am all for a CDC in SA Problem is you hef to be blek to get anything from this local zulu gubment. IF they do not get their cut, you haf no bisiness doing bisiness Look after yoself first. Be safe and be insignificant. Then get a club or co-op going. Here where I live, da council voted to build a Maize milling plant and 'ordered' one. They have yet to produce a bag of mazampan with their 3 yr old plant. They have now asked da boere to donate maize. WTF!?! A small co-op amongst growers will do it. I am setting up as an extractor contractor. Washplant bought to batch wet green.
  5. 420sake

    Sativa or Indica?

    @PsyCLown that has been generally the rule for me two - hahahaha
  6. Those holes work @Bluntly , but as SJ says, we have to be on our game, in this funny weather.
  7. 420sake

    Sativa or Indica?

    Sativa is all I know. Been in the woods 4eva, but bought some seed and trying this northern culture this year. Lotsa trouble for less effect - has to be a reason folks break ass over indica lol
  8. Eish - nice effort so far boet. AND enjoy the track up the mountain. I am nicely planted today - admiring your results.
  9. Hahaha @Smelly Joe - again you make me larf (again) You are so right. I am here to learn, and MAN - it can get confusing. Just stick to basics For me - do not buy feminised seedz if your green at the gills - they don't like outside grows much. Save your cash and buy DP! We need a South African mainstay landrace!
  10. Jissie - maar dis 'n mooi prentjie daai! Thank you Bob and Stu! Keen to do some homework and genetics educational basics with our beloved DP here in SA. Any views in obtaining any Durban Poison seeds for us to do some work on here in kzn? Would be keen to source for our team here to play with.
  11. It's human nature. Try stop me from doing something I really want to do? Ya right. Then lie to me about what I dearly love and know, because I practice my passion and like and see positive results. Time for class action suits are coming. Should we not be discussing how really these laws should be written? How we get them established and accepted by all? Maybe they saw the results of continued denial, and the people got a reprieve to grow a few at home. The science is on our side. Tic Toc.
  12. Those blasting tubes are great, also not to difficult to make one. A vac pump is a soft material vane pump in an oil bath. Fridge pumps have pistons that also pump inside a chamber filled with lube oil, but not quite as effective as the Vacpump design. Guess one could rig the fridge pump to work air, but don't a sufficient vacuum will be available. Bought a chamber and a pump (I think I did supply my source previously) but it is expensive. Like 5 to 7K Problem was keeping a moderate temperature (<40C) on the purge cycle (2-24hrs.) Heating mats are the solution, but again expensive. (Got my built in heating coil chamber yesterday, and it costs.) You can cycle the purge if you have a pump and chamber, with short manual reheats and repurges. (I found my quantities and issue, hence the choice to upscale.) If you were close, would gladly purge for you Time is an option also - leave the extract in thin film and store it for a few days to self purge, but it is imprecise and taste remains the issue. Those hand pumps work ok, @highchome but small volumes only.
  13. Been doing extraction with bho for ages - I can't smoke... cost effective butane is the way to get ahead if volumes are bigger - or get a contract extractor to help - I am investigating doing just that (ie becoming a contract extractor)
  14. @Nimzowitsch Sorry to have made comments on your thread - we are noobs here and learn as we go. Good luck with the new planting of seeds - now is the time to plant for out door results. I personally decided to add new genetics to my landrace pool, as I grow for medicinal puroposes. So the males inherited from the buy I did were welcome.
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