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  1. Thats so cool - self sufficiency! I am just sucking 99% oil through my eSense vape - happiness is!
  2. That's what's called a shoe shine and dollar in the pocket job. Feds needed stock for the weekend sales campaign (it Was month end) and the bust looks good on the CV Just economics.... the simple answer is mostly true
  3. How did you do it? RSO? You said you ordered Alcohol. Happy with your result, you have to be. Lol Well done
  4. Tx for that ydt - so cool to find a supplier of gear. I have been reaching out to Amadab with no results so far.
  5. @highchome I have quite a few books I collected ages ago, which I learnt how to open blast Butane. The process stuck, and I made my own gear to blast small batches. I was challenged to do so and I made one beeg load of oil this year just to see if I could do it. And I did too. So now I have stock for the next bunch of months 😅 Never used ethanol before and I am not keen to do alcohol due to its toxicity to the body. I have also been watching lots of YT''s on how these small americano factories push out their crops - amazing. I have now added a vacuum pump to my tool set and I like the product. Will be refining more in the future to get the right cuts of oil processed. Its just that the kit is expensive and it will take time to get there I guess. CO2 rigs are possible, but its very high pressures to deal with. I am of the opinion that BHO is the best cut of the 3 processes and makes the best quality Artisanal oil. do not smoke anymore. appreciate my vape Probably best to ask questions for now - as I am also happy to learn new knowledge I want to learn to preserve the terpenes, which is low temperatures and having a vacuum oven and lots of time.
  6. I must have acquired beeswax with steel nuts, does not melt at 80C. Going to try some raw beeswax from my apiary instead of the Medical version. Thanx for the share of that recipe @Gnome That's so nice and slow, will try it
  7. Gosh - that looks damn amazing. I have no idea what is required to achieve that! Got some studying to do. Very good job, from a layman's pov - looks like shaped beach sand 🙂 gotta be a Wow
  8. It is an honour and a pleasure to relieve you of any expectation. Consider you already a valiant admin to this channel. Thank you
  9. I would presume the tolerance level from medical advisories would be the first to surface, that being from 5000ppm down to 50ppm. The lower figure is highly advisable as I think it gets quoted on HAZMAT labels. Or the WHO advises such, can't remember. The last issue is always some form of aroma not advisable. You can smell if you have not got a clean purge on your hands. Have been ingesting my own projects for over 12+ years now. 😁
  10. @Gnome Spot on with your recipe How much heat do you employ in getting the mix homogeneous? We find the beeswax is the last to blend.
  11. Lol - same here @Dr. Green - been growing for 19 years but got so outdated by not constantly learning. Been making BHO for 11 years and like the product. Helped stacks of folks with illnesses which fueled the hobby as a passion. But the isolation possible where I live was maybe detrimental. The latest rush around cannabis in Mzanzi has left me way behind the curve. I am amazed at the rise in tech.side of 420land. Would love to hear your progress in the making of whatever you use.
  12. I am a nFused fan myself. Using their Zero PG/VG mixes are easy to setup and fun to try different ratio's with flavours. QWISO is not so desirable due to the ISOpropyl - it's toxic, please be aware. Ethanol only.
  13. Goodness, I would not play with flames around the oil. It will provide a signal, but its the rate of burn that leaves me being careful. Please be aware that butane will pool on the floor due to temperature and its own SG. Check the rooftop blow offs on YT.
  14. Yo yo - the temperature issue. Your advice is good GLO. I have used a coffee heater for ages, but it gets around 80C. I do not like using Alcohol due to its effects on body. I recently got a Vacuum system to purge with. Found that heat is still best way to remove traces of butane whilst vacuuming. Will be experimenting with low heat and long purges to see if I can improve my process. I always thought of heat being the vector to decarboxilation if it is managed.
  15. The missus uses creme made up of BHO and Coconut oil. We find it disappears the dark skin spots on the face if one is persistent. Working on an adjustment to the odour You will enjoy making oil. We started with this back in 2006. Back then the diehard smokers though we were nuts 🤣 Quit for a few years after too many locals got itchy. Really enjoy as a hobby now.
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