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  1. CBD is a passageway to legalise. Does very little as an Isolate - so its useless to expect anything from from it. Nature knows best - Full Spectrum is the way!
  2. Agreed! Law on this poor flippin THC is really crazeee! But you may have as much ETHANOL in you as you would like!!!
  3. 420sake

    Nirvana seeds in SA

    Yebo - strue. Just carved 16 strains into a trail result and oiled all the produce. At least its fun to do and test aswell! The results were good, but varied enough to justify individual testing per solid pheno. New to this and I am doing it again!
  4. Precious.... Lol absolutely precious! Well done @Prom
  5. Genade mense - thats 180 legions!!! Vokken baie geld vir 'n tent that is still unequipped! Cool find tho....
  6. This Bill has the hands of 'Commerce' all over it! Big Pharma is fucking with your future. No profit for da Gubment, No law will be allowed to be fluanted! 15 Years !!! Its a looong time, for growing a fucking plant??!!?? Someone is supa Scared of Something!!
  7. Just bought some local beanz - need to know the local options. Thank you for the options. Yeah, some more home grown dankness....
  8. Whoweeee - hows the options expand in Mzanzi. Thanks Guys and Gracious Growing to the new Choices - Ya Mon!
  9. @oldsandals Respect Dude! (subbed) We want to grow up to be like you. Dis darem mooi! Thank you - I agree with Crex and Prom - this made my day!
  10. 420sake

    Forum cuts

    Ya - same, but, but, wait - we are building onto the nursery? We plan to have a clear glass section for winter growing outside. I have just completed a project with cuts from 1000Hills Nursery and Bospatrollie2 where we took nursery growing to another level for us here. So the plan is to create a separate area where we can use lights (off grid) and then we can also make a veg area for babas. Hmmm. Well - this will all be tabled at the monthend gathering with the natal club chinas. We are due to hunt a DP strain for crafting genetics. Sun growing makes for the best Medz.
  11. 420sake

    Forum cuts

    Oh my Word @oldsandals Thats poetry - ire as fck Super dude!!! Thank you for the share. I wanna grow up and be able to do that!
  12. It is shocking news - Great love and Compassion to Myrtle and family Go in Peace and Love dear Julian. We will continue the cause with similar passion you showed us! 💜
  13. Winterisation is a temperature reduction after the wash to chill out any surface waxes extracted. If you do a small batch - it does not really matter, makes the fluid chunky, but it is flashed when using a nail or Dab rig. 40C is the better temp to aim for when allowing any wash fluid to be boiled off. The turpenes start flashing 40 - 60C if you want to retain. Time is then the issue. Your heat source need s maintaining etc. I have just done a wash of 90g of Cerious Bud (I think it was BlueBerry ) and I forgot it on the coffee warmer at 100C for 1//2 hr while sorting out staff. I vacced it after to check, and there was zero gas in the Oil or no bubbling at all. Not too smart, but the point is proven for higher temps. Not being careful with heat just removes some of the cut in turpentine's and waxes and will change the colour to more darker shade. If you are comfortable to take a slow approach with Alcohol then it is an efficient stripper. Taste will tell how much you were able to remove. I would say a good six hours on 50 - 100C will not damage your cannibinoids and the longer at lower temps will allow more alcohol to evaporate. Trying to get a descent photie on my J5P is not helping much as I can't Macro - but this shows some wax in the oil...
  14. Goodness @oldsandals - it would be great to share some coffee and sead expressions for Natal plants. I am very keen on this project 1000HillsNursery is setting up for me to grow soil based trails to see if we cant uncover the Trophy again - DP. Check it out on the Club page - we have 🔥 to find. @Prom I have 20 years' of landrace in a mix in my general outdoor sativa grow stable - not really anything else but best bag seed from each year. If it can help your cause, gooi numbers.
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