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  1. Shot @Captain_Pirate , presume that was for me? Will study in due course. I am a member of FoGFA and offered my standby to Myrtle. You'd fall on your back if you see my profession..... Hahahaha But I grow for medz as my artisanal hobby.
  2. Sjoe, I guess it may. I am an outdoor grower and have not ever worried about that. But then I have also never grown the dank stuff that flies around today, its always been landrace for oil production.
  3. Howzit @TazM Not even a pot plant on the balcony? Good hunting and keep it safe.
  4. Howdy dude, you are in a safe place to learn. Wish I had been active here a long time ago - so much info and help... may the green be good for you.
  5. 420sake


    Welcome Krieg = > excellent garden there.
  6. Greets Kaptein You landed in the right spot to learn how to play. Look and learn, and have moerse fun. Your life is about to turn a few degrees. Welcome. Where in Mzanzi do you find yourself?
  7. And them politicians call us wit okes racist? Funny how most people - including all my brothers of colour - really fancy anybody that has their stuff together... capable, and not expecting a handout!?!
  8. Read my say in Politics post @Chris Jay - most people do not know how to go forward. I am just so glad that we have Myrtle and Jules trying to keep the boat on course - otherwise it could have been another ten years of unraveling the cock-ups between Imbizos, campfire talks and Zumastans, whilst everyone is eating a fat chow and the kidz go hungry. Let the Chinese in - if we must, they at least do not take shit from zulus. Its work or die. I also heard about the 'territories' owned by mafiosos and kingpins of darker inclination. Nothing belongs to the 'people' anymore. Last week I was told all game on the land belong to the zulus, and they will take what they want when they want. Hence the constitutional changes afoot so land may be stolen. Fork, I am about to resist a mining application for a farm in the middle of our peaceful cowzulunatal. No product specification, just want to mine! Se La Vie.... Its gonna take IRON BALLS to sort out the shitty legacy we have inherited due to greed of those in control. (The BRASS BALLS were sold for scrap last year...) I choose to be positive and educate one person at a time to become members of the ICANDO tribe. Noooo one owns the plant.
  9. Agreed @Cannabeme - Education is the solution. Please have a look at "entourage effect" and "homeostasis". See why the cells in your body has cannibinoid receptors. We claim from experience that most if not all folks have very little or no cannibinoids naturally manufactured in the body anymore. Why? The National Health diet/program recommends very little about proper nutrition. By this we mean that possibly the junk we encounter in our food supply, cancels out the bodies ability to keep it healthy. A small maintenance dose does wonders to the human physiology.
  10. Hahaha - hands down gonna win! Taureans like their comfort and having self sufficiency.
  11. Sars would benefit if growing cannabis is legalised, says Tito Mboweni I like the fact that this story is getting airtime. The only thing that would worry me is this 'territory' /mafia style control that is still running - how will they view legalisation on their watch? The people will have to be the barometer. https://www.iol.co.za/ios/news/sars-would-benefit-if-growing-cannabis-is-legalised-says-tito-mboweni-40773730
  12. This is about an ideological change coming from US the people. Saying this multiparty democracy has never worked in any form or fashion in any developing country. If you want communism like the ANC does, its to suit the party central committee only. The people (workers) never benefit. Why have a central control that the people cannot control. Change it to a flat structure of working systems like any business has to in order to make its operations work and make a profit. Elect specialists to achieve results based outcomes. Managing this countries resources would easy make enough money ficus wise to make sure every person can get a salary to have a quality lifestyle. The numbers are not difficult to prove. Tax is unnecessary per say as you dont have to pay a million to an idiot. AKA self sustainable. And you don't get the shit spewed by this wanker quoted above - what ego trip he is on? Who works for who? Time for a thinking peoples control system to provide natural flow systems that offer a good life style to all. No one has ever stood on a box and said so. This land belongs to those born on it. Sovereignty is special. That is why the Kings of this world have always demanded a serfdom. So the subdued idiots can work and serve. How do you achieve that - you stress your subjects. Happening everywhere today. How is that working out for you?
  13. Just who the Fork do these politicians think they represent? https://highalert.co.za/minister-vows-to-revoke-cannabis-licences/ I bet this 420sa community could do a prettier job in running this country, not as a political democracy - fuck that recipe, all it leads to is power crazy dudes sucking income and generation fokall. Stuff the Crown, Maritime law, colonial emancipation and all else that followed it. If we do not stand up as a people of this country and for basic rights and free cannabis, we will get a carrot shoved up our arses again and again. Fuck politics, never has it worked. Lets have rather a peoples sovereign company that get elected by the people to run Brand SA for profit. That means they get to manage the resources inside our borders for a profit, with which they pay each citizen a salary. If that is kak, they get fired and replaced by capable human beings. All one level, no royalty to piss our whiskey down the drain. Proud Rainbow Nation will then show the rest of the world who's Free. A republic of people for the people! Every person that has citizenship will become a millionaire, do the numbers, that is the easy part.... South Africa Pty Unlimited
  14. Shot dude - its a privilege to serve the community, well done
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