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    Oil Vape

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  1. Yes its anecdotal - and it works Lost my lungs to TB in 2019 having started with the common cold and the H1N1 Flu. Turned at death's door by treatment with O2 and Augmentin intravenously. Totally scarred my lungs and lost all aveoli - which with the help of my own oil, I am regrowing my lungs. Tough but possible. Scaring must go and canna carefully selected will help regenerate Telomeres. Will write a book on this cure - as folks need to know. You do not have to die from the poisoning of our "everything"` Have courage and keep on growing. Smoking the plant does not help as much as Vaping it... South Africa will be the cure basket for the world.
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/news/story/help-wanted-420-cool-4561105/ We will be in the swing of it soon!
  3. Hahahaha - been there done that.. but not naked
  4. Yebo - bad choice - i adjusted and appreciate the notice
  5. Show me yours? Is this not the spirit offered in this thread. "420 Friendly Accommodation" come now folks - grow a pair
  6. What is up with social distancing - what about a break away when the opportunity is available? PK - Team 420SA, graciously thank you for this platform. May i offer an option? "Cottage in the Southern Hills of the berg" My spot serves as a weekend gettaway cottage for folks to break away. Here to share experience for the interested, there is always something to learn from sharing. 1. Book your slot . 2. Settle for a two day weekend for 2 to 4 peeps at R400 per ppd 3. StaySA hosts our Wagontrail Cottage so its on goddle. A great rest in the southern berg on tap if required. Find me via a PM
  7. Stunning pic of Home brother ...

  8. Hook line and sinker - totally got me with that banner - soooo fkn excellently done.... kudos

  9. Yebo PsyClown, its what i have to work with. a hit of Carbon on the smoke side, i have instant approaching asma. My lungs have cavitated from having TB. It is activation with heat and it vapourises/atomises but i get meds that way, aaand a hit. Also use a Pax3 to vape flowers, and that is at like 110C in the oven. But i prefer oil. Trying to see how long it takes me to regrow part of what i lost. Dealing with scaring is the biggest issue. So getting high helps. Anybody else doing meds application in a big way? The different experiences are great to discover.
  10. Ag nee mense - you guys will find this stuff on the net - do some homework. Clue - Ed Rosenthal Like any risk process - know your shit, or stay away. BHO is maybe less hazardous than CO2 operating at 5000psi? @RandallBoris shot for the Mod reference bru, I have never looked at those devices, been skating on on thin ice with trusty and Faithful e-Sense, original as sin. It works tho. Best tastes in my book - i vape pure BHO, no mixes. Still bends me well over the barrel and its ideal for medicating my fkd lungs.So - i will look into this Atomizer subject, maybe russel one up. Where'sd you gather your kit? Its my main produce - any assist required, here volumes of the stuff.
  11. Super work there bro You just keep that head facing the objective....
  12. Been supplying for that need for a long time now @Bakstein420 Dosage is everything, Just as full spectrum is everything. Organic sungrown is the Best. Then its down to dosing. SolidEarth rolls out a 3mg/ drop med that is easy to tune. RA is not to be toyed with as their are several other parts to a curative protocol. Is not an illness - its a condition. Self inflicted. Easy to cure.
  13. Same old - grow 5 plants at home and don't feed the kids dope. It ain't makin money, the gubment has no interest. They basically pissing in the isles with private bills also vying for attention, but no action. They not keen to break current payment patterns in the game ruled by Cele. am not even going to start on the ppl ... bunch of pussies - everybody is happy with one skyf at home, so stfu ? happy to be dicktaterd too. Anyone for a vax?
  14. "Due to the unusual circumstances in conjunction with the pandemic, we have agreed with the NBPA to suspend random testing for marijuana for the 2020-21 season." Wait, what? https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/nba-no-longer-testing-marijuana-usehttps://www.zerohedge.com/medical/nba-no-longer-testing-marijuana-use And its not going to stop... No-one can stop what's coming.
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