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  1. It is shocking news - Great love and Compassion to Myrtle and family Go in Peace and Love dear Julian. We will continue the cause with similar passion you showed us! 💜
  2. Winterisation is a temperature reduction after the wash to chill out any surface waxes extracted. If you do a small batch - it does not really matter, makes the fluid chunky, but it is flashed when using a nail or Dab rig. 40C is the better temp to aim for when allowing any wash fluid to be boiled off. The turpenes start flashing 40 - 60C if you want to retain. Time is then the issue. Your heat source need s maintaining etc. I have just done a wash of 90g of Cerious Bud (I think it was BlueBerry ) and I forgot it on the coffee warmer at 100C for 1//2 hr while sorting out staff. I vacced it after to check, and there was zero gas in the Oil or no bubbling at all. Not too smart, but the point is proven for higher temps. Not being careful with heat just removes some of the cut in turpentine's and waxes and will change the colour to more darker shade. If you are comfortable to take a slow approach with Alcohol then it is an efficient stripper. Taste will tell how much you were able to remove. I would say a good six hours on 50 - 100C will not damage your cannibinoids and the longer at lower temps will allow more alcohol to evaporate. Trying to get a descent photie on my J5P is not helping much as I can't Macro - but this shows some wax in the oil...
  3. Goodness @oldsandals - it would be great to share some coffee and sead expressions for Natal plants. I am very keen on this project 1000HillsNursery is setting up for me to grow soil based trails to see if we cant uncover the Trophy again - DP. Check it out on the Club page - we have 🔥 to find. @Prom I have 20 years' of landrace in a mix in my general outdoor sativa grow stable - not really anything else but best bag seed from each year. If it can help your cause, gooi numbers.
  4. Sjoe - good news on the Newport - thank you I am using SAFEGAS brand presently and this lot was made in Korea (hopefully the South.) Giving me excellent results in trails so far. Got lots of stock from the Durban head office shop, and Thariq, their buyer, said he is prepared to ship any quantity via courier.
  5. Ethanol is not my friend @PsyCLown - it is because ethanol kills cells. BHO has been my passion for 12 years now and I use it as a serious medicine for my lungs. It is also the smartest way to manufacture all medical edibles. After seeing the cannibinoid and turpene counts in sungrown organic sativa, compared to other options - I am a convert. Been using heat to offgas extractions for yonks. My best tool is a coffee mug warmer that works on 12V 5A juice. Got it on Takealot. Set it on 40C and leave it for a few hrs. That is after some cycling in the vacc chamber, but it is fine tuning to get there quickly. Then there is decarboxilation to consider as temperature is the cuase of the breaking of the hydroxile bond, if you want to have the best thc effect. So time and low warmth is the safest route for meds. Your coffee machine will push 105C tops and is ideal for what you want to start experimenting with. Let us know how you went. For me at present is to play with low temps (40C) and lots of vaccuum. Seems to allow the best oil colour if already dewinterised.
  6. 420sake

    Nirvana seeds in SA

    Could not agree with you more bro. Another valuable lesson I learnt here on the forum and from a highly respected brother local grower - fire man. You get out what you put into them girlz. 😉
  7. Sativa makes damn good medz - just look at the potency tests. That is my opinion from a number of years of play. The sun and the latitude makes landrace strains multiply cannabiniods. Why do Northern corporations have moerse local farms producing export quality material? This is hardly in the MSM so details are scant. We gonna keep refining the local landrace to see if we hit a sweet spot. So clean Sativa with good qualities and sound phenos with high thc is the goal. If anything - it is fun playing that game. So far so good and supported in published science. It is going to be more in demand soon. Homeostasis anyone?
  8. It is an absolute pleasure to my soul watching 32 girlz speeding into bloom presently - we stretched them from end Feb in the nursery. Basically put in two 20W full spectrum outdoor LED spots - bought from Sunfor for the job and driven by an Atom450 built for us by Pitt Industries. Gave me 7 hours a night to play with and we reloaded the generator from a 100W solar panel when the sun was good. With cloud I used Eskom. I am super greatful to @1000Hills Nursery for the experimental cuts - first time for me growing spec genes of superior quality in pots in a 12/12 scenario. We do 3m trees in the garden normally for bho oil and this year is the first time light became an issue due to a bad hail storm end December. It works and I am scoping to buy a second Atom. Means we could do a permanent rotation in the greenhouse - maybe 4 cycles per yer. Yes please Makes for interesting future projects we are planning.
  9. Lekka shots of the girlz @Bospatrollie2 - thank you for the share. I am gobsmacked at the learning profile since joining the forum. We have had such fun this year growing both side of the fence. First ever crop in my life with purchased seeds this year. Then busy with my second planting of my annual landrace crop has done famously this year, I am happy with the result since your visit. So your girls are eye candy bru - well done. The love is evident. 🧐
  10. Done it bru. Growing my first batch of plants under solar lights run by an Atom450 generator in our nursery, fed by spring water delivered from a solar pump. Basically to stretch the day beyond the 12/12 seasonal limit. Our 3rd gen plants going into bloom now since the start of the season. Our house runs off a Blue Nova 24KWhr lithium battery. Still charging with Eskom, but a solar filed is in planning. Like "what loadshed?"
  11. And no-one has an opinion about Vyf gee? My test meter for EMF has just arrived from Murica.
  12. Yas - my opinion is that it is addictive. I also concur with the above comments. Our nursery here on the farm has become overtaken this year by sweat smells and phenos that impress the hell outa me - I can spend a week in there and it feels like a few minutes. Never have we grown anything but landrace for our oil projects. But since being into'd to these fance new genetics, I cannot stop myself from visiting the girls in the nursery at least once a day. It used to be, a quick run through the organic garden outside ... 😁
  13. Welcome to 420SA @Rybud You are now part of the Mzanzi community - changing the world one plant at a time 🙂
  14. Greets @Cyclone - the natal boys are cooking it up. Doing some trialz on an organic grow in the nursery with LEDs and an Atom battery on a solar panel with very good results, collaboration style. Will be keeping an eye on your results there.
  15. Greets @Mr.Pink - welcome to the board
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