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  1. Dank

    Forum cuts

    This is awesome guys, stoked to hear @CreX is going to test out some of the forum cuts 🎩 @1000Hills Nursery i like that idea of helping somebody to qualify for the cbd heavy cut, this plant is especially good for arthritis and those that cant smoke higher thc weed for whatever reasons. Keep it lit 420SA fam ✌️
  2. Thanks man, been growing these Blueberry Kush sisters a few years now. Was a very low EC grow, fed mostly organics, to chunk em up a bit a higher EC helps. This line leans towards the Thai's from DJ shorts Kootenay Blueberry selections. The kush line is more the dense Afghan nuggies. Thanks a lot bro, appreciated!
  3. Thanks @Candyman that is some usefull info, right now i just make my boocha with just black tea n sugar, but wil do one of my jars the way you suggested when i top em up again.
  4. I can try test a bit of Kumbucha foliar feeding, how would you dilute and prepare the bucha before the application? Milk kefir has beneficial microbes when added to the soil or compost. Back in the day i brewed a bit of compost tea, but now i prefer extracts, leechates, ferments and simple seed sprout water. Molasses is a great additive for any plant grown in soil, simply mixed in when watering it helps improve the soil life.
  5. Dank

    Forum cuts

    Awesome @Mr_Nice_Guy stoked to see that the cutting made it to you, big up to @1000Hills Nursery for sending on the love. We spoke a while back and decided it best just to call the cut "Dank Cheese" as im not 100% clear on its origins. It does smell and smoke very much London, but Exo has quite a following here in SA and i dont want to claim i have THE Exodus cut. Enjoy it my bru, thanks a lot for posting, peace and buds ✌️
  6. Some budshots (wintergrown outdoor) from the BlueberryKush #3 cut (F2 IBL "berry line" selection). She is the blueberry muffin cotton candy phenotype.
  7. @Totemic was wondering what your take is on this?
  8. @Prom i think that is pretty accurate, but if one starts with a pure ruderalis as one of the parents, the auto gene shouldn't be that recessive in the F1's. With fast versions the auto trait is going to go recessive quicker crossed with a photo, in reverse should become more prominent when crossed with a pure ruderalis. Just my thoughts, experience will be the best guide, and that 24/0 light cycle
  9. That sounds awesome @Prom , creating a real auto with swazi structure and perhaps even flavours is not impossible. You might have to work em to the f3's or f4's and then backcross back to some of the f2's, or even f1's again, selecting under the 24hr cycle will ensure you catch the auto gene along the way. If i had to plan a project like this, i would go swaz male to ruderalis fem (line 1) and then ruderalis male to swaz fem (line 2). Take some pictures of your swaz and ruderalis males used in the first f1's. When selecting males outa the f1 gen i would go for the boy closest resembling the swaz, but triggering under 24hr. With those f2's you will get an idea if the male carried over the structure, also one of the lines should conform quicker than others. I would then breed the winners from both lines f3 gen together to see what happens, then also f3 to f1 gen, etc. Prom's Swaz Autos bred in SA pappi 😎
  10. Dank

    Sickly lady

    @CG420za you could do some copper soap as a treatment incase its rustmite. Will also help against a few other microscopic issues. 🍀
  11. Sounds wicked dude, am I right in assuming you will be doing your selections a 24/0 light schedule? Some propper Auto's bred in SA, stoked ekse
  12. Dank

    Sickly lady

    Awe, microscope would be the next step, also keep in mind a virus would not show, just rust mites and co. I would seperate her from the rest. (you mightve done this already) Next try not to use any tools that were used on her without disinfecting them. (You prob know all this, just jotting em down incase) Last thing, have you had a look at the root system? See if there's weird nodules, or weird molds, slimy sections, etc. Just to rule out root issues. Good luck @CG420za 🍀
  13. Looking forward to this, best of luck, may the genetic slotmachine throw you some jackpots! Are you going to gooi a Swaz male onto the Autos? Enjoy the grow @Prom
  14. Dank

    Sickly lady

    Could be microscopic like rust mites, or worst case some virus. (Would be more deformed leaves in both cases tho) Could be you had spidermites but ladybirds or other benificials pulled in and had a feast. New growth aight?
  15. New favorite in the stable, FruitPuke's kids are looking aight
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