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  1. Thanks bro , @Smelly Joe the Chocolope has a good strong high after being cured 2 months, quite psychedelic for some. I got to get these beans underground, wonder how much of a plant I can grow before the deadlines Some nice plants here in the outdoor comp so far, you guys are rocking it, i'll just be in it for the fun I think, way to late of a entry.
  2. Sup 420SA family! I'm very late to the party, but joining in for the fun! Will pop the beans straight into a soil/compost mix, will try keep organic and probiotic with this one. Buds in the picture are Chocolopes from the indoor comp. Shoutout again to @Totemic for dropping the fire, peace and buds my growens!
  3. Awesome I'll speak to the man! 💪
  4. Yo @PsyCLown @CreX , all good, he is a pretty chilled dude, not sure if it is legal in SA, wouldn't wan't to get him into any kind of potential troubles. Going to mention all the interest in the cuttings, im sure he'll be stoked to share. I tried some xTract once, or twice.. next level, lol
  5. I know a dude @Chris Jay , he has 2 small mother plants, im not sure how fast they grow etc, i can ask him hook you up im sure, might only be later on in the year tho.
  6. Welcome to the fam @Chris Jay , good peeps around, looking forward to checking out what fire you growing on Doing the good work, going to drop u a invite to the breeders group, little grassroots strating to grow, have a blessed and blazed one man!
  7. I am still planning to germ and enter the comp, been a weird season cause of moving house. Hoping to get em straight into soil before the start of the new year. Haven't looked through all the diaries for the outdoor comp, but what I can say about the indoor comp, seems there are loads of "methods" used to germ the seeds, some of these could harm germination more than helping.
  8. Yeh its true, I think that big one was almost ready to become a ladybug. They love the aphids as well as spidermites (only pests i could observe them with) and the coolest thing about the larvae is that do not fly, so they just hang around the infested plant until the food source runs out. Thanks a lot man, I really need a better camera, and skillset for those National Geographic shots! Well said man, sounds like your compost heap is pumping out the chitin and frass. Those fruitchafers can cause a bit of nag when they pull into the weedplants, but I rarely find them on weed, they always going after some fruit tree by the looks of it. A bigger issue i found is their grubs eat roots, devastating for a small plant in a pot. I dont bother them though, they are not like locusts. Ladybird larvae will usually be around a aphid infestation, this year started off quite bad with aphids, so I have been lucky spotting and observing them. Try growing a rose bush in a pot if you still not having pests for the ladybirds, roses are pest magnets. Ladybuggos prefer to breed and lay eggs nearby a source of water, they need nectar from smallish flowers (like yarrow,fennel,blackeyed-susans, etc) and then off course they need some pests to eat. Sorry for the late reply guys, hope errybody having a lekker holiday season! 🙏 PS - Did you know? Ladybugs live between 2 to 3 years on average (in nature).
  9. That Medicino Skunk sounds nice man, its a little bit like the BlackDOG, flowering under the full sun in 14hrs of light, will see if they reveg, but doesn't look like it. They went from a 18/6 cycle to outside (adjusted them to sun for about 2 weeks), now flowering with this light cycle. Another thin leaf Hawaiin hybrid cutting went out at the same time, and she is vegging like a rocket. This is the beauty of getting to know the strains in ones stable, your Medicino is a nice plant for a little perpetual outdoors, get 2 to 3 harvests in a season perhaps. The KushCookies could go into flower, or veg a bit more (depending what she does with the light cycle), the more kush leaning phenos dont stretch much after they make their pom-poms and seem to trigger faster, looking nice bro! 🙏 A friend of mine has a few of them growing out, similar story, made pistils, now vegging a bit more, we keeping a eye to see if it triggers in Jan or Feb.
  10. Possible the grapes grew a bit so seems like the sun is coming up later, but actually earlier Some strains will flower under 14hours of light, especially when they came from indoor veg times like 18/6 or 20/4. I can think plants from gaslantern style veg will do similiar, but still strain dependend i would imagine. @Smelly Joe the KushCookies is darm not flowering yet, but i do select for early trigger to finish off before crappy weather. Sometimes plants in pots can also trigger earlier for what ever reasons, that Mendacino could have some auto in there? Side note, seems a bit of shade, I would count only the full sun hours, devide shaded hours by 2 or so. Hope it helps
  11. Whats good 420SA fam!? Wanted to post a update on this thread about regenerative practices outdoors. This year I am trying to help ladybirds/ladybugs multiply in the garden. Even natural pest control methods as harmless as a neem mix is enough to kill ladybug larvae, so this spring I decided to leave a few rose bushes infested with aphids to see what happens. To the complete shock and horror of my better half, the rose bushes were covered in aphids about a month ago, but the first ladybirds arrived then and there was some ladybug breeding going on. A month later, the bushes probably have about 20 - 30 ladybird larvae on them, aphids have been destroyed and the little guys are chasing around looking for the last to feast on. The only downside I see is there is a lot of larvae frass on the leaves from the feasting, left untreated will cause blackspot mold, etc. A fair price, i will remove leaves and prune soon as the larve are grown up amd leave their nursery. So all these years I have been killing ladybird larvae, by treating aphids in a "natural" way. Here are some pictures of my new pets
  12. Dank


    For all the rebels Keep it blazing @420SA
  13. Well done @stretchy ! Nice to have been a part of the competition, congrats to all the winners ek se! Big ups to @Totemic @420SA and everybody involved in the comp, you guys are doing a lot for Cannabis Culture in SA, respect! Not sure my buds need to be entered for highest thc, makes sense that all the winners have their bud tested, no offense meant, but id rather sit out the thc test, no way its going to be over 20%, perhaps like a 16% or so.
  14. @Za Weed Lover as a customer the best thing is to decide where to send your bucks, you are clearly not happy with your experience, as a customer its your right. What I meant by school fees is just that this has happened to a lot of us, use the forum as guide, i can see good advice from everybody in this thread already. Do a small seed order next, sure it will be fire. I would drop the heating pad, maybe only in winter, and be 100% sure the seedlings dont go above 25c, Best to run temps between 18c - 22c for germination. Best of luck man, let us know what happens
  15. Yeh its like school fees @Za Weed Lover stick to the forum man, it will turn out good and green keep ya head up growmie! 🙏
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