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  1. Shot for that @PsyCLown nice to see these products locally offered.
  2. Awe no worries. The frass sold in shops might be just that, not sure if they include exoskeletons etc. Most of the frass gets fed to worms before going to the soil. Are these easily obtained in SA?
  3. Shot man, surely sounds worthy of an experiment down the line. The mealworms shed their skins quite a few times, this frass is their poop, skins, bran and exoskeletons of the beetles.
  4. Here is my antique 🤗 if you ever hit one o dese your a OG no doubt! Not even sure it qualifies to be a vape, +- 16 years old, no joke.
  5. Shot @Ill_Evan , you are like a vape guru bru , can't wait to test out the GPen. On a side note my better half is wondering if any dry tabacco vapes exist, apparently the tabacco needs higher temps than 230, seems most vapes cap out at 230 celcius. Shot for the input @Fridge , @Prom , appreciated, nice to hear all the positive vibes from the dry herb vapes. If I think how much groceries cost these days its not hard to justify a vape purchase. What would your dream vape be right now?
  6. Good to know, i keep a small colony of mealworms for the frass, supposedly does what Chitosan does. Neat hack if the Chitosan works, keeping mealworms requires a bit of dedication, i wiped out a few colonies already 😅 Wouldnt be organic tho would it? No idea what Chitosan is.
  7. Ordered myself a GPen Elite for 2200 rant and while i was browsing the site i saw some really expensive vapes. Not that 2k is cheap 😅 I get that some of them are for dabs, waxes, oil, etc, but how to justify spending 6k on a vape? I own a Flowermate Aura and its pretty decent and can vape dabs, and price tag just under 2k. What do you guys think about the more expensive vapes, the cheapers ones, and anybody used the GPen Elite? Thoughts?
  8. @Bos knows his way around the organics, solid advice right there. Check the origins (if possible) when sourcing your molasses/sugars for ferments. I like making simple compost or worm castings extracts/leechates for plants. Nah, what would they be used for? Heard some folk tales about asprins being used to force fems, never tried tho.
  9. Some new motherstock im testing right now. 2 x Tropic Banana's from InHouseGenetics Cookies F2 2x Zkittlez BX (male and female) The Zkittlez and Cookies are registered genetics with Phylos Biosciences in the states.
  10. Just got this invite Super stoked and proud of my cannafam SA! Just sharing the invite here for the 420SA crew, peace n buds dudes n dudettes ✌
  11. Dank

    Forum cuts

    This is awesome guys, stoked to hear @CreX is going to test out some of the forum cuts 🎩 @1000Hills Nursery i like that idea of helping somebody to qualify for the cbd heavy cut, this plant is especially good for arthritis and those that cant smoke higher thc weed for whatever reasons. Keep it lit 420SA fam ✌️
  12. Thanks man, been growing these Blueberry Kush sisters a few years now. Was a very low EC grow, fed mostly organics, to chunk em up a bit a higher EC helps. This line leans towards the Thai's from DJ shorts Kootenay Blueberry selections. The kush line is more the dense Afghan nuggies. Thanks a lot bro, appreciated!
  13. Thanks @Candyman that is some usefull info, right now i just make my boocha with just black tea n sugar, but wil do one of my jars the way you suggested when i top em up again.
  14. I can try test a bit of Kumbucha foliar feeding, how would you dilute and prepare the bucha before the application? Milk kefir has beneficial microbes when added to the soil or compost. Back in the day i brewed a bit of compost tea, but now i prefer extracts, leechates, ferments and simple seed sprout water. Molasses is a great additive for any plant grown in soil, simply mixed in when watering it helps improve the soil life.
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