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  1. I should add that it also greatly depends on the particular strain, has it been selectively bred for certain traits for generations, or is it just a f1 hybrid on another f1 hybrid. Strains from the poly hybrid soup will give way more variation in my experience.
  2. Hi @SkunkPharm , in my view it is possible to a degree for indoor setups, providing enviromental controls are practically indentical to what the breeder/their growers use. A phenotype of a particilar seed is the way that those genetics are expressing themselves in a certain environment. I have grown the same clones in the same spot with different soils and phenotypical expression can vary with just a single variable changed. Then different seeds also have genetic variation, finding the exact phenotypes as the mom from seed is possible, but a difficult thing to "promise".
  3. @CreX I think this dude is the original Avocadotecher.
  4. Yeh it works best with both red wriggler and nightcrawler worms. The reds go up into the pod first followed laters on by the nightcrawlers (ol normal earthies). This is very much new and few are experimenting with it, pretty decent method, dudes even using it indoors.
  5. 🥑 #Avocadotech 🥑 is a cool little method our brothers over the pond developed for their living soil gardens. The idea is to load up a half a avoshell with certain organic foodstuffs for your worms and microorganisms to chow down on. The ol feeding your soil methodology, growers drop "pods" as needed for various stages of growth. This is largely a living soil method and not too sure if it is applicable inany other soil/medium setup. I made a basic flowering mix for my 2 girls in flower. Dandelions, apples, fresh aloevera, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, bit of avo, dolomite lime and some mycoroot + a imo. Tried with a see through container as a test, pretty sure many things can get used as "pods". Highly recommended for living soil grows that want more worm and microbe activity
  6. @TheUltimateNoob from all that you mentioned above, the two plants have received different amounts of water (please correct me if I'm wrong) since the 60l flush, in a 20l container that is for me a proper flush, enough to affect the nutrients previously contained in the soil. If you flushed with plain h2o it's pretty safe to say that the BlackFiredoes needs some food, BUT only after the plant starts consuming more water, 60l flush into flower is about 3:1, quite a shocker to the plant if its plain h2o, usually flushing with a half strength solution enables the grower to leave the plants to recover for up to a week in some cases. Also being a immobile element deficiency, the plant needs more time to recover than say a Mg deficiency. Personally I would wait with the BF, just not the best scenario if it was flushed with plain water, because the medium is not balanced. Sorry if I missed the details about the flush, just assuming it was with plain water. If u flushed with halfstrenth or added nutrients in the last flush, I would just wait on her and let her recover before feeding/watering again.
  7. If the plant is not drinking much it is best to let the root zone recover a bit more. In coco letting your medium dry out too much can cause ph spikes that cause lockouts. The grower needs to judge according to their plant, the type of container and so on.
  8. Overwatering stress from the flushing would be my guess. Must be a more sensitive strain than the insane.
  9. Yo @TheUltimateNoob , so this is a immobile element deficiency (showing from the top), my guess iron, maybe calcium, or at a stretch both. Hope that helps
  10. Depends how many main branches u were going for, looks ready for Manifold technique inmo.
  11. Nice one @Ill_Evan ! Wielding that banhammer alongside the Captn and @PsyCLown ! Respect bros, keeping 420SA looking noice!
  12. Dank


    Welcome to the forum @Gee88 , best damn hobby in the whole world! Like Skunkpgmharm mentioned, quite a big layout when starting indoor, what kind of space do you have available as your grow area, usually a good starting point to evaluate costs etc.
  13. Dank

    Yellow Leaves

    Could be those plants are hungrier than the rest, or less light penetration to the bottom leaves.
  14. Jis @Bospatrollie2 a 7500l sounds epic, sorry to hear its prob full of sand now.. It's a great addition to a regenerative setup, I only have a few hundred liters, but a good amount of biomass comes from the fish, and clearing aquatic plants npw and then adds to the compost diveristy. Just love lighting up a phatty next to the pond and staring at the fishes a bit Hope I can get some koi one day, but wish they need a big setup.
  15. That is epic bro! BOSBEF@K, that is such a good use for a old or new Jojo!! I have some Ryukin (calico and normal colors) and Shibunken goldfish, but been thinking about getting them a Jojo, now i can justify getting one! Building a compost setup is a mission, I just have a plain heap right now. Legendary setup @Bospatrollie2
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