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  1. There could be a issue with the growing medium you are using, could also be a watering related issue, too much, too little, nutrients , etc. You can share some details about the treatment they are receiving as well as living conditions (lights, temps, etc), im sure you can probably get them going again, the 420SA community boss at fixing plant issues. Strong genetics these plants. Best of luck!
  2. Just got back a while ago, checked up on the Chocos and all looking good. I took these pictures for now, will do a decent update tomorrow if get a chance, bit of gardening to do, saw 2 females I think, but will confirm, bit kus now. Vrede, hope errrybody is keeping well.
  3. @Green Leaf Organics @420SA just to let you guys know I won't be able to update for about 14 days. Going away for two weeks to the farm and there is no interweb or cellphone signal up there. I have a buddy looking after the Chocos and will update as soon as I get back. Quick update I transplanted them yesterday into bit bigger bags and also decided to top as I will be away for a bit, hopefully load of growth when I return!!
  4. Good luck man, plant seems to be going strong despite a bit of leaf damage.
  5. Hi @CreX looking good man, when you say temps between 4 and 15 is that Celsius? Low temps might be responsible for the leaves. Old ceramic heater on a timer can heat things up nicely.
  6. Just to throw a spanner in the works, there is also Organic Hydroponics, but I have not seen any of the nutes here in SA. I am a organic soil grower, but I can tell from some experiences abroad that I think it is very much up to the grower, and his or her available nutes + knowledge. Some of the dopest dope I ever smoked was hydroponically grown, and also some of the dopest dope I ever smoked was good ol soil grown. I think the flush is what really makes a hydroponic smoke match up to a soil grow, with that said I'm horrible at hydro, will give it another go when we get some organic lines in SA. Awesome thread OP, stay blazd up 420SA!
  7. I would try to get the temps up to around 27 - 29 and like the guys mentioned above, transplant those babies, especially if there are new roots poking out the bottom.
  8. Diary Update July 2 Checked up on the little babbas yesterday and managed to get a shot of the stunted plant, the stem seem to have healed but it is just hanging in there. I am surprised it is still trying to push out new growth. For the other 5 plants I did a foliar spray with a bit of Potassium Silicate, also gave a good watering with just plain rain water.
  9. Dank


    @AcidAlice the bone meal should be providing calcium as well as the gypsum. With BioBizz I go with Grow + Bloom and use the Fish-Mix only once or twice during vegetative stage to kick things off, microbes love it. If I want to give BioBizz every feeding, I use half strength of the recommended (according to their chart). If I want to use full strength (according to their chart) then I feed every other watering, and only give plain water in between, perhaps a bit of kelp or AACT diluted in the water. PLEASE NOTE I don't use FF, this is just for my own mix. I see t FF has "Organic Nutrients" added, perhaps it only needs nice water and not much feeding required. I would seek the advice of a FF Classic grower. Sometimes organic soil mixes take a bit of time to get going, if soil mix was semi hot (bone meal need about a month), ph could have been all over the place, aided with a bit of overwatering. I am not saying this is the case with FF soils, but certainly happens with my own mixes if I don't let the bone meal and other ingredients age for about a month.
  10. Dank


    Just checked the new pictures you posted. Does look a lot like a Calcium or Calcium + Magnesium deficiency, and showing up on the older leaves. Does the FF soil mention if it contains CalMg, I have never used it so I dont really know the mix. Is over watering perhaps a issue, damaged roots can also cause temporary issues with nutrient uptake. If not maybe it is just some CalMg def like you mentioned at the start. The older leaves will most likely not recover fully so keep an eye on new growth and newer fan leaves. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, let us know how it goes!
  11. Dank


    "HIgh Grade" Only in SA!
  12. Dank


    @AcidAlice is your ph 5.7 before you add the nutrients or afterwards? That second picture looks like some lockout or deficiency starting.
  13. Jis that is flippen cool! Well done 420SA community!
  14. Dank


    @AcidAlice are the plants adjusting to a new light source? First picture looks a bit like light burn. Are all plants showing this problem or only certain plants?
  15. @Oolong83 this depends on what system you are growing, with hydroponics it might not be the best idea. With soil growing you could do some experiments, but there is a big difference between aerobic and anaerobic microbes, so how you store your runoff water might need some considerations. Personally I think if you do want to use runoff water give it to your veggies, or perhaps good for some AACT.
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