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  1. Flowering out this TropicannaCookies x QuantumKush male that got gifted to me. Gooing of some nice tropical fruit terps and dank resin on the flowers.
  2. Dank


    Nice to see you in the Growoffs captn Healthy looking plantjies there!
  3. Hehehe, yeh man, i gotta twist his arm to come post on his threads.
  4. He found a couple of killer phenos, dont want to talk for the brother, but dont worry, im sure 1000HillsNursery will drop some fire on the nation one day
  5. Freakshow is from Humboldt Seed Company, not HSO https://humboldtseedcompany.com/freakshow/
  6. My Cookie cut reversed, getting ready to make some fems for you guys
  7. Proud of our CannaFam down here, definitely a couple okes working hard on their entries right now, n no pesticides n sht from our crews. Judges gonna be getting gooooofd ekse, stoked about this and thankfull to everybody involved. Keep it blazed growmies
  8. Dank

    Dank grows

    Nice, we also have a choice BlueCheese cut down here, from Dinafem, really a nice hybrid. I will also be dropping some feminised seeds around Sept with some of my best motherplants
  9. Happy 420 fam Pink Bubblegum getting ready to be hit up by another gal.
  10. Dank

    Dank grows

    Thats awesome man, be sure to test that Blueberry in a blunt! Here some of my Blueberry Kush #4 cut, scuze the trimjob, jar smells like full on grape koolaid.
  11. Dank

    Dank grows

    Quick smoke report on the Cheese @Bos . When jar gets opened there is that familiar sweet earthy vrot sokkies smell, smells very much like Cheese in London, but has some fruity notes. Its less greasy than the Cheese i saw grown in the UK, but has a good high, fast onset, heavy eyes, but not the strongest in my Arsenal. Still a fav tho. The taste on the smoke is very earthy and sweet, some fruity hints on the exhale on this outdoor run. It has that earthy coffeeshop flavour that lingers in your mouth a while after hitting it. That smoke that makes u lick ur lips Awe @CreX , its all good man, im sure i can get a cut or two over there for you and your crew to try out. I keep my moms quite small and fresh, will be a month or two to get u a lekker rooted cutting going. I have been meaning to get more avtive again and get some cuts out to the community, good thing you mention it You guys have so much of the InHouseGenetics gear up there, will be interesting to see if the cheese impresses u okes at all.
  12. Dank

    Dank grows

    Yo @CreX , she s pretty cheesy man, same cut i sent @1000Hills Nursery , but i coulda grown her better, really misjudged the angle of the sun over here in the new spot. Thanks a lot @Bos , ill do a lekker smoke report on the cheese, thanks for suggesting!
  13. Dank

    Dank grows

    Some nug shots of the Cheese
  14. Dank

    Dank grows

    Tropic Banana #2 outdoor grown nuggies, tight trim vs loose trim. Not much Banana in the no2, she is very nice tho, smells like a old rag in a mechanics workshop, lol. Smokes is nice, potent erb, very gassy and earthy, but more like a diesel gas.
  15. Dank

    Dank grows

    Sup 420SA fam, high time for a update. Had some issues with my phone corrupting photos on the SDcard. The hedge behind my plants is constantly gooing down leaves and old flowers. I put up a shadecloth to help catch some of it, also acting like a bit of a windbreak. Plants had way too much shade in the middle of the season due to the hedge. Campaigning with the landlord to trim them a bit this winter. I see my pictures uploaded sideways. Damn this phone
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