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  1. Looks like It went straight into flower, lightcycle most likely one of the reasons. Runt of the litter perhaps.
  2. That is well put man, the issue is the law, there should be an exemption for seeded bud! I am relying heavily on family and friend to help with pheno hunting, its also not ideal because the pheno expressions seems to change from microclimates outdoors. The outdoor growoffs are going to be very interesting I think. (Still got my beans ready) Im sure that one day that long flowering indoor room/s will be a reality, just Eskom is crazy fckn story, but with LEDs and Solar its only the law and market that is in need of change, and surely will in time. The terps are where its at yo , but this cbd hype, isolates, etc is ignoring the entourage effect of the entire flower. Most of the advertised flowering times by companies (not all ofc) are debatable as well. I have these BlackDOGs from Humbolt I have yet to flower, the flowering time is so ridiculously short its hard to believe there will be any complex terps going on. Thanks for clarifying about the backcross, hats off man, put in the hard work that is needed before the backcross, will remember that. Makes sense. Looking forward to seeing what comes outa your stable!
  3. That is very cool, dudes down by the coast really need some good tasting strains that can finish outdoors. I think dank Thai hybrid genetics could be nice outdoor/greenhouse meds for the people growing their own in SA. With my Blueberry Kush (blueberry x hindukus) i managed to do a successfulish split on the f2 gen with growing minimal plants. Helps that I got genes from a OG breeder in Cali i thnk. The kush seems very dominant and the thai more recessive, djshort used HighlandThai, ChocThai, Highland Oaxaca Gold and a Afghan Indica. Because every seed is a individual it makes phenohunting a damn time consuming hobby On the berry selection f2 I hope to do a sativa selection one day, but space is not my friend at the moment, lol. Just slowly growing f2s out and trying to select a good mom or two for future projects. I can see tha NL bud representing on the Choco that is not in the comp, starting to look like that dank Amsterdamn weed where you cant see calyx, just resin chunks, very nice bro, respect!
  4. That is boss man, would you select for the longer flowering pheno? A backcross from the f3's to a f4 known to carry the trait could speed up the selection process a bit? I would just like to clarify for anybody following the thread, I am confident there was no stray pollen involved with this strain, I actually feel a bit stupid for suggesting it , but since legalization its been a issue. The reason why I believe this is a legit and exciting strain from Totemic: In my grow the two plants were crazy uniform throughout the grow. Cant say the same for my BlueberryKushs, but the Chocos are so similiar in growth, bud structure (till mid flower) and even aromas, with very slight differences between them. Across the competition we have seen the two known phenos represented, exactly as described, if it was stray pollen we would have had waaay more anomolies. My appologies if anybody took that up the wrong way, im not the brightest tool in the growshed, here are some shots of a possible blast from the past. Best of luck to all in the comp!
  5. Yeh 100 % and some awesome bud grown, this comp was a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience, im stoked with that!
  6. Wow that is very cool! I might have cut the N too soon, was considering to use ripening product along with dropping light cycle to 13hrs darkness and then to 14 hour darkness to hasten the ripening. I really thought it was down to my lighting and the feeding reg, but the other Choco has trichs milking up, so very well could be a new phenotypical expression or the recessive gene popping back in the mix. Super exciting stuff, i will keep the moms alive as best as I can, should you ever need a cutting. I am pretty happy not making the cut because of the deadline, no need to extend the deadlines just for me, other contestants will be super bored! Not sure how @highchome and @SkunkPharm feels about it. Im more bummed out cause i fcked up the feeding regime for a possibly epic taste frm the 80's! Couldve pushed for 14 weeks, but cut the N too soon i think..
  7. Congratulations @Bennie Very beautiful flowers there, well done ekse!
  8. @highchome check this out for more infos if u are interested. “DNA Genetics used a bag-seed from a kilo of the original Chocolate Thai phenotype when breeding their Chocolope strain” https://www.medicaljane.com/review/chocolate-thai-strain-a-blast-from-the-past/
  9. Congrats on your harvest @Doug Next time if you are concerned about quality of the bud, a quick budwash with the right ammenmends will clean her up well. Damn loadshedding messing shz up. Not a big fan of budwashing, but for sure is usefull in certain situations. Well done again bro, beautiful flowers there
  10. Yeah @highchome seems there is a Chocolate Thai pheno as well, the original ChocThai can flower up to 14weeks. Its a recessive gene popping out no doubt, f4 gen should be more stable, but pop enough beans. Maybe its just stray pollen that is responsible, this choco mom made her beans outside i think. Its rarer (if its not from stray pollen), not sure I will ever run her again indoors, but might be a lovely addition to a greenhouse.
  11. Week 11 Flowering Its the start of week 11 and the Choco is most definitely not in a rush to get finished. She still getting some P and K, no N. Checked out SkunkPharms thread and saw him mentioning the the 12week+ flower on his babies. I might be out of the comp if I have a similar Thai pheno here, end of October is 12 weeks. Bit of a bummer expecting 11 weeks, a looooong flowering strain, then out of the comp for a unexpected pheno that takes 12+, lol, that's comps for ya! Let's see what happens, peace and buds yall.
  12. Week 10 Flowering A few days into week 10 flowering now and I am just feeding some P and K. Not sure if the Chocolope actually smells like chocolate, but it strangely smells a bit like sweet coffee, with some spicey notes. No more fruityloops aromas for now. All combined it does kind of smell a little bit like a coffee cocolates, very nice, will most likely smell different again tomorrow.
  13. Welcome to the forum @DankZolMan , in my honest opinion if you grow nice healthy plants, it should be ok, however 5 degrees in summer will cause some issues, slow growth, perhaps lockouts and maybe worse if its a weak strain. Autumn and early winter low temps will ensure a ripe harvest with plenty of colours. You can consider pulling a shadecloth over a frame for the very hot days, should get their temps down. With all that said, a super healthy indica, hybrid or sativa would most likely enjoy a nice hot day, providing they have adequate water, ventalation and not frying in a pot. Experience is the best teacher, perhaps start a diary and we can follow along. Peace and buds
  14. Start out foliar feeding I would say, adding more salts into the medium could make matters worse I feel. What do you think @CreX ? EDIT: reread the thread and realised they are not getting all their food, in especially their mag like crex mentioned. I would still monitor ph tho.
  15. @nakes before you go heavy on the epsomsalts, let me mention purpling on the stems, could mean a variety of things, assuming it is not a purple strain, also assuming it is not a plant busy finishing up in flower. So assuming the above it is usually a Ph problem in your medium, I have been playing around with cocopeat for a couple of months now. What happens is at the wrong PH your plants start absorbing elements it does not like so much of like iron etc, usually responsible for the red veins in the leaves, and blocking out things it needs. There are some infographs here on the forum showing what gets absorbed at what PH. Figure out PH and EC in the pots first and go from there, would be my advice. I try keep coco around 5.8 - 6 ph. Was your Coco buffered with calcium nitrate? If not you might have to do a flush with calmag+, or a 1:1 flush with RO water, then a lower stregth nutrient solution if the calmag is already contained in the product.
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