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  1. A relief Cannabis seed auction also crossed my mind, could donate seeds, the money can go to members in need, wouldn't be able to send em until the world returns to normal tho.. Thought id just throw it in there as well!
  2. Or.. #PanicBuy Totemics seed packs guys! 💪 https://store.420sa.co.za/product/totemic-genetics-420-deal-3-packs-for-420/ https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/bubbleberry-feminised-seeds-sa/ https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/northern-lights-chocolope-feminised-seeds-sa/
  3. @420SA perhaps you could set up a small relief fund that forum members can donate too, as long as peeps don't abuse it, funds could go to members like @Totemic to help em through the next 21 days. Just a thought I had, what do you guys think about that, would anybody donate to help out one of the original 420SA members?
  4. @Prom next time hit it with plain water at a PH of 9.5, repeat until PM is gone, easy PH up is Sodium Bicarbonate, basically Baking Soda. Repeat a few times, morning spray is best. I had a bit of PM creep in, blasted it off in 2 applications, hairs on the buds still nice, the pic of WeddingCake in the breeders group was taken a few days after the application.
  5. Rain on buds that are already with mold (budrot) or pm will worsen for sure I'm afraid. Plants without issues can be "shaken off" after a rain or heavy dew to help minimize issues. From the picture I saw and the few trees in the background, I would take down what's getting worse and leave the healthiest plants to mature longest. These are all fungi problems, spores get created and will spread across gardens quite easily left unchecked. The earlier harvests might have less taste and a more speedy high, budrot harvest is not worth smoking anyway. Hope this advice helps a bit. Vrede growmies
  6. Yo @Jedi Messiah , with the bud rot and mildew the quality of the bud will go from bad to worse. If u do decide to harvest be sure to remove all pieces with rot an trim mildew carefully, clean tools after to avoid infecting other plants.
  7. That sounds awesome @Bospatrollie2 , your plants are looking yummy, thought they might have been lost to some bad weather or maybe budrot issues. Looking forward to the updates, but no rush though, glad to hear they still goooing
  8. Hi @zairek should be pretty sweet for vegging plants, N is a bit high to push it all the way through flowering I would say. One thing I noticed is there is no Ca in that, but a decent amount of Mg, I would amend the soil/medium with some DolomiteLime or some form of Calcium.
  9. Very nice looking flower right there @Bospatrollie2 ! Curious what kind of flavors come from a SwazGold x Kush hybrid, and Swazi Gold is a legend, havent tasted some of that good erb in years now.
  10. I see that leaf quite a lot when plants reveg out of the flowering stages, never ran across a plant that only had 3 blades from seed, if so possibly a rarer phenotype of that strain. Plants that reveg will usually go from 1 blade, to 3 blades, and then starts producing full sets as the veg period is in full swing.
  11. Sure is growing slowly, I still haven't managed to kill it, but i'll have to give it some extra attention, at this rate it is only making a new set of leaves every month. It needs a lot of humidity, but not too much sun, and man if the humidity drops, the leaves just curl up, my friend almost lost his motherplants in the last heat wave.
  12. I see P Carbonate is available in SA but for some reason difficult to get P BiCarbonate. And for sure there are infected gardens everywhere, worst outdoor season ever for many.
  13. @Prom I must apologize, the Calcium Bicarbonate is better used as a prevention and follow up, had my wires crossed, P Bicarb is super effective during the veg stages, not sure about the buds. I wonder why some products seem so unavailable in SA. Dudes are budwashing quite a bit this year for the PM, not sure if that is a option, how far does she still have to go? I have been lucky with the PM, my little breeding spot is sheltered, leaves do not receive mist from ocean (or the dew), really helps a lot I think.
  14. @Prom you can also try with Calcium Bicarbonate to treat the PM, just its on the buds already 😞 not sure if you want either Potassium or Calcium on the buds.
  15. The plant on the left looks to have some longer flowering characteristics, a more thin leaved Sativa leaning variety, it should continue to flower for another month or so my guess. The plant to the right seems to be a fast maturing, a more fat leaved Indica or possible Ruderalis hybrid, this plant is going to finish up in the next weeks I would say. Welcome to the forum @Lucid-grower
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