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  1. No probs, just keep an eye on them, most likely as the conditions get dryer at the top they will go back into the medium. If they are running on the plant, send me a mention cause then its most likely some other critter, those in the vid I know are part of the composting crew.
  2. @Kgrows those are arthropods, most likely springtails, they are too cool, love the white one. They are beneficial buggos that live in the soil helping to break down the matter in there, if you wanted to be living soil, thats the right stuff. I would not disturb them. There are loads of different kinds (There are about 3,600 different species), always in the compost. You can read more about em here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springtail
  3. Thanks a lot bro, likewise, stoked to see all the grows and variables involved, and in good ol SA, top class. **Love the "hillbilly growbox" 😂 ** Yeh gotta call it what it is a WendyHouse would be a moerse upgrade! Peace and clouds that side as well, blazing one up for errrybody in the comp!
  4. All good man, my scrog starts about 30cm from the soil level, then I have another 40 cm to go then light burn will start, i will defol a bit and also take away some competing bud sites to minimize stretch if it is serious. Hillbilly box growing is like fishing with a 2kg line trying to catch a 20kg fish! Great fun and nerve rekking at the same time! Sure it will be aight, will give it my best shot for sure! Happy growing man, looking forward to your updates, stay blessed up!
  5. Hi @Doug your pants are looking great , seems that they have ample space and will enjoy that to stretch out those branches for the future fruits. I see quite a few peeps have flipped, I'm curious about the stretch as far as the development goes, if its too much my crop wont be 100 percent, I will run out of headroom at about 40cm stretch. I think the guys with nice space, headroom and to the side of the plants are going to have great results with these babies.
  6. Thanks a lot for the kind words @Doug , the competition is getting really fun now!
  7. The stretch will happen prob on its way right now, very nice growing @PsyCLown , restecpa
  8. Thanks a lot @Doug just trying to keep up with you okes ekse! Bestest damn hobby in the world!
  9. Day 8 - Week 2 Not too much happening this week, just keeping eye on how the canopy develops, I will most likely retie some buds by next week and perhaps a light defol to expose some more bud sites to the light. I am pretty happy with the scrog coverage, node spacing is very close together and I think there will be no shortage of bud matter on these babies. The Chocolope plants are not giving any issues, real stars handling quite a lot of abuse (you will notice damaged leaves etc) with this scrog, not my fav grow style, but best setup for this growbox. Canopy size for the Chc#5 plant is roughly 40cm x 34cm at the moment. Peace and love yall, stay blessed up
  10. Dank

    Gardening Hacks

    Dude this is champ! @CreX I have had some seeds germinate in a baggie that went through the wash, defs trying this ASAP.
  11. @GreenMunchkin POMPOMS! She is looking good, very nice, happy plantjie, and your skill with the camera is on point! This is not just a growing comp, I gotta learn about taking good pictures! Happy growing, stay blessed up!
  12. @Trailblazer420 , my hillbilly style growbox invites all sorts inside, not to mention 20 odd liters of living soil in every container. I went away for two weeks and skipped 2 weeks of IPM (spraying off leaves with neem, dusting with DE after), so waar I also have a few of the little buggers im fighting. So I have upped my IPM to twice a week until I see pompoms, then I will only dust the soil with DE as IPM. My situation seems to be sort of under control, but like you mention they are evil, also going to install some of those sticky insect strips. Doing a scrog I will defoliate most leaves that had/have issues.
  13. Healthy outdoor Cannabis plants can handle high temps, providing certain conditions are met. Plants in a pot would stress a lot more than that of one who has its roots in nice cool garden soil, providing the soil is not bone dry. You could always provide them with a shadenet in the heat wave if you are concerned. Indicas generally can handle quite a lot of heat, if the plant is healthy and well cared for it will just eat up that sunshine. Do not move plants from indoors straight into heat like that, they wont enjoy it much.
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