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    God's green Earth
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    Sun kissed
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    for now Chocolope till further notice
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    never had one
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    previous sugarcane fields
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    smoke joints need to try better methods.

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  1. Normally how much is the Hilter strain?
  2. I guess reinvention and a little pressure is needed to grow.

    1. Naughty.Psychonaut


      lol bro I always think about it like this - if you have to force yourself to get up and do something it just means you don't really wana do it and if you approach anything with that mentality it's gona be hard to overcome any challenges it presents. and believe me with growing you not gona do everything 100% first time around. so it's best to rather get yourself excited about the thing, make a promise to yourself you not gona give up when shit goes south and rather be constructive about it, learn your lesson and do better next time then approach it with heaps and heaps of patience and understanding. it's gona help you a lot. 


    2. Honey-man


      I couldn't agree with you more, its all about your mentality with everything you do. Look at the top athletes and successful folks in general. Once you drop that seed inside that soil its you and your God at that point, your demons will come out and play so giving in isn't an option like you said "learn your lesson and do better next time then approach it with heaps and heaps of patience and understanding. it's gona help you a lot". 

  3. Looking forward to see what you'll grow from them.
  4. Hook line and sinker - totally got me with that banner - soooo fkn excellently done.... kudos

  5. Do you also grow lll_Evan and what have you used to help you with the growth process?
  6. Thank you for replying PsyClown. I'm definitely going to start a grow diary, I've taken the liberty and started an outdoor grow so hopefully it will turn out well. But it's better with a mentor know what you're doing. Will keep you guys posted.
  7. Hi guys I'm looking for a mentor to teach me how to grow great weed, I've always been amazed by folks growing great plants. I'm based in Durban and it doesn't matter where you're from as long as I learn. Have a great one!
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