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  1. Panda film is really nice and handy to have around. We always using it for light sealing etc. I'm pretty sure it has decent reflectivity. As a start begin with white walls. You can always staple on reflective sheeting after your first grow. There are more important things to address then optimum reflectivity like climate control and lighting.
  2. @Kiteloop In your case just paint it white, many coats . A Matt white will have better reflectivity then the plastic which is glossy. Plan your intake an exhaust. Vent out an airbrick or something and take intake air from the garage. Add some braces in the dry wall so you can mount your circulation fan there for added floor space. Keep it simple but ensure it's light tight, very important. You gonna need space in the garage for a small reservoir and a shelf.
  3. Paint is gonna protect it from water like when foliar feeding or IPM spraying. How much of the garage you plan on using for growing? Trust me you would want to plan the build and do the structure correctly first time. Equipment you can puzzle and improve with time.
  4. I meant to say as per @CreX and in addition... The calmag has more nitrogen in it then Calcium nitrate + Epsom and which is the better option to avoid too much N in flower. I've used those nutes so there's no I think they have a calmag that's already mixed etc. Repition of advice = no guess work. The more growers agreeing to a solution gives the man with a problem more confidence to take our advice knowing we have done it before and not just quoting from research. But CreX 💚 we both here for the same reason...
  5. A few pieces of batton and some rhino board...
  6. Use calcium nitrate and magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) from hydroponics.co.za Don't use the calmag they have as it has a lot more nitrogen then going with the above option and the flora series already has plenty N. When I used those nutes in dwc I eventually used only the micro and bloom and not the grow part. 2:1 in veg and 1:2 in flower. On its own GHE has just borderline too little calcium for dwc for most strains. In the mean time up the dose of the micro if you seeing a calcium defiency while you wait for the calcium nitrate. Not too much if you like reaching midflower. Epson salts you should be using anyways as an additive in dwc standard especially in flower.
  7. Pathetic from our police and the media. This is the world we live in... Amidst all the big problems they do this
  8. Pretty cool nutes. Why is it your fav hydro nute? I mean to import something that's 80% water..
  9. GHE works ... No denying...💪 Strain selection? Rather ask for recommendations on quality breeders. Most of what's easily available is far from quality and is merely to keep the hobbiest happy
  10. @KaktusBoer Messed around a lot with coco/perlite mixes in the past. Great combo, easy to flush amongst other benefits. Eventually found plain coco to be best suited to our style. Just way cheaper and alot more forgiving from drying out. But anyways respect on running your system like that. @PsyCLown Nice. I checked some of their stuff in the hydro shops. I didn't look too deep... Stopped at the price 😄
  11. @KaktusBoer Why do you fertigate that often? I know you probably getting good results but you would get that with feeding once a day with runoff. @PsyCLown what auto system you running?
  12. Supplemental light outdoors is essential to control when your plants flip as mentioned by @CreX . A small 10W LED Flood light is all you need in your greenhouse. Or you could do it like a boss and control a whole nursery like @420sake without power from the grid. Photos can be flowered outdoors year round. Well atleast here on the East Coast. Best way being Veg them 24hrs indoors. Throw them outside for almost instantaneous flowering regardless of how short the nights are. We use this method for sifting through seeds to see what makes the cut for a space in the flower room.
  13. Could be a hermie. A closer pic would definitely show. The bulge in the bud looks like a pollinated calyx. It's just the calyx that's leaning over at the node is leaning like how a male flower would lean.🤔 Post the close-up bro...
  14. Sup dude. Well done on your first cannabis post online. It's already clear you getting alot of solid advice here and not just the owes burning the midnight oil on Google. A few months ago I was in your shoes and then I met this lot 😁. Growing in secret for a long time, not having people to share your stories with or to get help from or to help. But it's here and it's local. So just to add on Firstly as painful as it is you should wait to see some roots in the cutting you take before flipping plants from seed. Even then upto day 14 you can still take clones without getting too much funkiness when they root. But yeah shit happens. So you would want to take her out of the flower room soonest after realizing shes the one. Transplant her into a slightly bigger pot (even though shes probably already in a big pot this is necessary, just a little more root space). Harvest all the really big buds as you planned . Leave some of the smaller A grade buds with whatever larfies etc you still have left. The more you leave the better the chances. You will still be able to remove buds as bad stuff starts happening to them. The idea is to only focus on keeping her alive. At this point its best she goes under 24hr light, not intense lights. Switch to mild veg nutes. And then it's the wait. It will just suddenly oneday start pushing out new growth out a bud... You gonna see the usual smooth leaves and twisted growth. After some time you will be able to take a healthy cutting of her to clone. Good luck 😁 Sorry for repeating some of the things that were already mentioned... Smoking the good shiat this side .............................. The terps you smelling sounds really good. Also nice lines you hunting. Feel free to share some pics and how you grow.
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