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  1. Hey Guys I am selling my brand new, never been used, still in the box, grow tent. Bought it on special, price then was R2468, current price at R2699. My asking price is R2200. That's a R500 saving! https://www.futurama.co.za/grow-shop/hydroponics-shop/grow-tents-greenhouses/
  2. Hey Guys! Been a while! I am selling my brand new, never been used, never been opened QB LED, the 240W, please see above pics. I bought it on special and it was selling for R3949 at the time, current price is R4250. https://lightitup.co.za/product-category/qbs/ I would like to sell it at R3750. That's a R500 saving! Shipping to be paid by the purchaser
  3. Hey bro, so I first saw signs thats she's a girl on January the 13th, I hope this answers your question? I'm trying to leaves on for as long as possible. Buds still look good, no rot that I could see
  4. @PsyCLownHey bud, thanks 4 ur reply...ok so continue feeding and watering....and removing all the dead leaves right? how much longer do u guesstimate for the flowering process?
  5. Wanted to add sum more pics...
  6. Hi guys and gals! So been deciding what to do with my MJ. You may remember that I was having a worm issue so showered down the plant with a mix of pyrol and neem. A few days later and we'll the plants not looking good, leaves are burnt and drying up. Decided to remove the dead leaves and trim the yellow ones, trying to save as much of the leave as possible. She is been watered and fed more regularly, as in weekly, I was feeding about every 10 days. Still not looking good 😕 and I think I may have over done it with the pyrol and neem but I followed the instructions as on the bottel. Ok so heres my question do I just chop her down? Do I let her go on more??? PS pics below, 1st one before I defoliated, next 2 after the defoil. The rest is history Strangely the buds look awesome...they have lost some smell thou...frosty and sticky as well. Don't ask about the last pic 🤣😂😅
  7. only one way to describe this brah, YOH!
  8. Probably the best album ever.....
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