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  1. Just added some cool pics...will upload of my cat as well...he is 11 years old now, he is known as a bengal cat, a mix between a Asian Leopard cat (a forest dwelling cat) and a domestic cat.
  2. The steaks have never been this high?
  3. I stand to correction here, but cataracts in humans needs surgical intervention to remove them, a rather quick procedure with an immediate effect...so I dont think the CBD will have any effect on that, as far as glaucoma is concerned weed helps to reduce the intra occular pressure and thats the mechanism of action in that particular case...
  4. Wulf


    Human flight, totally awesome! I done my AFF course a number of years ago and really enjoyed it, had one close call, a line twist, almost died of a heart attack but went back the very next weekend! Would really like to do a aerobatic flight.
  5. Wulf


    Have you done any skydiving? you have to do that first before you could wingsuit...
  6. Currently having sum 9 pound hammer and sluricane, both are actually heavy hitters, but doesnt last as long as I would like, probably cos I go raiding the fridge soon after having some
  7. Wulf


    Hey bro, do you do professional fights?
  8. Wulf


    Hi guys! Can you smell that? The weekend, its here!!! 😂 Was just curios to know if anyone is into any extreme sports? Skydiving? Base jumping? Bungee? Super bikes etc etc Would you do this? https://robbreport.com/motors/aviation/bmw-electrified-wingsuit-maiden-flight-1234580128/?fbclid=IwAR0cVorOcLF0UTfA_XfpDs9uZu7KiR0kE6x-chxnMsgKMCefW-TDtbo3w8w
  9. @PsyCLown Hey bro, got my beans 2day, wanted to say thanks man!
  10. Wulf

    Let's play bingo

    Guys, she's a girl!!! Got home, went to check on MJ, and to my surprise, Pistils!!! Yay!! I uploaded sum pics on the grow diary... Thanks for all the input
  11. Wait, what...theres a growers association in the garden route, I did not know that
  12. Wulf

    Let's play bingo

    You dont agree???
  13. Hey guys Needed some advice. I have been growing a Autoflower on my balcony, "Super Lemon Haze by canucks" She is in a 30 liter fabric pot with FF soil, green bag, she is been fed with biobizz. (Very light on the nutes, feeding every 7 to 10 days, at 2mls per liter of the grow and bloom). Planted 29 Oct 2020, still waiting for her to show sex...she does look pretty big for a autoflower. I decided not to train as I was to afraid that I may do more harm then good, as this is my first grow, with no previous experience I didn't wanna mess it up. I will attach pics below
  14. Wulf

    Let's play bingo

    Hi guys , To end the game of bingo... The clue was given in the introduction, "It got a bit windy" Wind was definitely the problem, as I have noticed MJ doing this only when it is windy, I have seen it happen three times now. (If there's no wind she does not do the droopy thing) I'm amazed at how "alive" the plant actually is, makes me wonder are plants sentient beings??? Or is all just reflex action???
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