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  1. Hey man i know this was a while back, did you manage to get your light?
  2. The guy in the picture is actually an overseas grower I think allister is using his pics...I saw other okes expose him on Facebook ...dude in the pic is Rasta Ronnie
  3. Started smoking around the age 16 ,we were a bunch of friends that just wanted to experiment, we started with taxi rank weed , here in durban anything green was called dp after awhile we got to know about Swazi weed. Eventually as time went on I learnt about a higher quality weed which was grown indoors called 'skunk' back then in was R60 a gram but you had to buy a R300 banki to make it worthwhile for the dealer to come through, 300 bucks was a lot of money at the time so all the buddies use to put together money to buy skunk on the weekends. Now I grow my own because I seriously cant be paying 150 a g .weed also helps with my anxiety(excessive coke use in the past) and I love growing and blazing.
  4. I'v had great success just letting them float in a glass off water for 2 to 3 days...tap root usually pops on the third day...just let them float dont tap them down.
  5. @CreX@Gloriosa superba I dont really have a lab environment but I do have experience working with mycelium on agar in an SAB,I have most of the tools needed for home mycology, It seems pretty much the same process to follow. I just wanted to experiment a little. You guys are probably right though better try my hand at cloning, less complications.
  6. Hi guys i'v been reading up on plant tissue culture, it seems really interesting , I hope there are some members here that can help me out. Im looking for a recipe to prepare the nutrient culture solution that's dialled in for cannabis as there is not much detailed information on the internet. Please help.
  7. Pandy

    Bad Mix?

    I've been using fish mix with kelpak and I have no issues but I only start feeding once the seedling are like 2 weeks old Been feeding 1 ml fishmix and 15ml kelpak.then will increase as they grow
  8. I'm having the same issue.also autos few weeks away from harvest. I have one of those magneto emergency lights you talking about ,they really are handy during loadshedding. We've been getting power outages like 3 times a day and it's just hectic.I'm just worried when lights go out mould or p.m would settle in and ruin everything
  9. I have 2 of these in the 50w also looking for a nice heatsink. They say it can be used without a driver,still not to sure about this. Are you using a driver?
  10. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @greenkush shot will definitely check it out.
  11. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @greenkush will look into this,sounds way too advanced. I'm still a beginner lol
  12. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @YourStonedBuddy waiting for DE stock to come in at our local store. I heard that's it's really good.
  13. Pandy

    Soil drench

    Iv Been doing the mild neem spray on the top of the soil it helps for the day but when I check up the next morning there are still one or two gnats flying about. I shall continue with the spray. Thanks
  14. Pandy

    Soil drench

    Hi Guys My plant is 7 weeks into flower and I've just noticed a gnat infestation,think they have been there for a while. Will it be advisable to do a neem oil or peroxide soil drench this late into flower? I still have about about 2 weeks till harvest as buds aren't looking that ready. Thanks.
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