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  1. @CreX Yeah spot on. Im growing in a room in the garage so won't have a issue. Thanks for the Tip about the "Variable Resistor", going to look into that.
  2. Hi guys Manage to score a S&P TD-500 extraction fan for free from my neighbor. My grow space is 1,3m x 1,5m and 2,4m tall. By my calculations, this fan is a bit "overkill" for the space i have. Is there something as "too much extraction"?
  3. @CreX thanks for the feedback, you ind sharing that place in town?
  4. hi guys. I have buckets of straight Perlite that I grow Tomatoes Dutch Bucket style. Its end of season and want to clean the whole system. Can you use bleach to wash the entire load of Perlite?
  5. @TheUltimateNoob its an option. the issue with all the different type of Sheeting, is how to get it to stick to a raw cement/brick wall. thats why im thinking of just screwing Rhino Ceiling boards to the walls. cut them to size, and 4 x screws, pretty easy.
  6. @Stinger96 im kinda thinking not to do that, drill holes and insert plugs into the wall, then just screw the Rhino board directly onto the wall. I'm also checking out a company today that makes a 250 micron plastic sheets that comes in 1.4 x 1.0m. This could also be a very good option. Besides the fact that it's the perfect dimensions for my application, it will be very easy to work with and just screw straight onto the wall.
  7. @Master_G What are the specs? Efficiench, watts dimensions ect? Also what was your final cost?
  8. @1000Hills Nursery here is a interesting one check this test.
  9. @1000Hills Nursery So ive read about Matt white paint reflecting better than Glossy. But something like Panda Film, which is very popular in Grow shops and growers alike, is glossy. Why is that?
  10. @1000Hills Nursery yeah def agree man ive cornered off a 1.3 x 1.5m section in the back of the garage. What about covering the Rhino Board with a White plastic sheeting. Something like builder drop sheets, but in white?
  11. @1000Hills Nursery ok so checked out Rhino Board and its the cheapest by far! 1.2 x 3m for R140 Would be much easier to install this than any other lining/sheet. Do I keep it the blank colour it is, or paint it? If I paint it, is the type of paint important?
  12. @SkunkPharm 100% agree with you. The "partition" that ive used is a old gate that fits perfectly. Now I just need to cover the gate to create a solid "wall". I'm familiar with Panda Sheets, but doesnt seems the most afforable.
  13. About to start as setup in my garage. I'm lucky to have some extra space in my garage I'm not too concerned about highly reflective walls as my light is abit more powerfull than whats needed. Is there a cheap plastic sheeting that i can use for the walls ? Thinking PVC sheeting, but white. Popped in at Builders Warehouse, but the only have it in Black.
  14. Kiteloop


    @SkunkPharm Thanks will give them a call
  15. Kiteloop


    @SkunkPharm im doing DWC. And running with GHE nutrients.
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