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  1. Some growers have an emergency light that switches on automatically when the power goes. It's not very bright, but enough to trick the plants its day time and cloud passed by
  2. zairek

    Do you bud wash?

    I have less sticky fingers when trimming wet bud...
  3. Especially now when the world's going to shit, cannot beat the grow room for therapeutic solace
  4. Wow that's awesome, WW, also my first indoor grow, back in 2008. Really knocked my socks off, but I let her flower with 50 milky 50 amber.. Great to see you making the most of the space and adapting to the environment. Enjoy
  5. zairek


    Hid ftw bro. Nugs def seem tighter, and obviously well matured. ill stick with my 400w until I can justify the cost of a high-end led, however, at 10K... my indoor is for personal consumption. Cheers
  6. If you're struggling with germinating older beans or rooting clones "The alternative that we propose is to use auxins produced in a natural and organic way by using germinated seeds of certain legumes such as lentils and/or chickpeas. https://pevgrow.com/blog/en/homemade-root-stimulant-for-growth-and-flowering/
  7. zairek


    Hi oolong, Why the change? I'm thinking of moving to led...
  8. Howzit Zah, And... Dying to see how things worked out
  9. Welcome to forum jono. Just got myself a tent too for the quarantine , have u decided on what and how u gonna grow. Peace
  10. High Stoners, Any one with experience with these? Looking for something for my 1x1m space. Or should I stick with my 250W HPS? http://www.telec.co.za/shop/product/0118-00001-modugrow-professional-led-light-90w-full-spectrum-samsung-lm301h-leds-ip65-80k-hour-driver-2829
  11. Eish, just ordered a tent and bunch of stuff from HH. Praying it all arrives... Can't afford to be ripped off. Will feedback here.
  12. Picked this up at the local boeremark, at R150/500ml. Will test during next indoor grow. Hoping that local will be lekker.
  13. Lebanon set to legalise medical, industrial cannabis cultivation Draft law, headed for final parliamentary vote, could boost Lebanon's crippled economy and curb illicit production. Lebanese hashish can be found in European capitals, and formerly made up about 80 percent of the world's supply during the country's civil war years (1975-90) when cultivation was at its peak. https://www.aljazeera.com/ajimpact/lebanon-set-legalise-medical-industrial-cannabis-cultivation-200312165832022.html
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