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  1. Avoid a black bucket or paint it white, black plastic gets incredibly hot. Plant growth will be stunted. I personally will go fabric, but with twice the capacity of a bucket >40l.
  2. High dank Inspired by the cobbing community, a few strains with high acclaim: Panama x Honduras Golden tiger (malawi x Thai) Carnival Mulanje Kilimanjaro Zamaldelica
  3. Entries closed 21 June. Would have entered but am in the midst of a grow. Hopefully future cups are announced at least 9 months before closing date...
  4. Lesotho Heights cob after 11 days of fermenting at around 40C. Opened the vac vag twice to air dry the cob. Now it's been dehusked, dried for 24h and revac sealed to be reopened in a few weeks or months. Smoked a gram or so mixed with some dry flower and definitely a smooth smoke, leading to deeper puffs and heavier effects. Definitely knocks and drops tolerance levels, had to, for a long time actually limit consumption. Waiting to see how things pan out during the cure
  5. Unwrapped, dried and revac sealed the cob sand husks. Intense smell of molasses, definitely more intense than the 3 day ferment. Busy air drying a gram.
  6. Below my test of Hybrid strains using @oldsandalsmethod without cob husks and the other some skunky sweet cheese strain. The test without the cob is @TotemicChocolope haze, a dank compaction of sticky stinky gooeyness
  7. Vacuum sealer is critical for eliminating O2 exposure, I'm new to this but I assume the process is similar to avoiding turning wine into vinegar. Vac sealer also compresses the cob, compensating for the natural loosening of the cob due to compaction of the bud. Hence the need to tighten windings after 3 days of vacuum compressed cob bud.
  8. After 3 days of almost anaerobic sweating and fermenting, I open the bag and get the dank smell of fermenting sugar cane and gherkins or capres. Overpowering yet sweet in nature. Left cobs to surface dry before revac-sealing. Will leave to cure vacsealed inside cob for 1 more week before first sample and final vacuum seal for at least a month. More schlep compared to air / jar cure, however, if this method results in a viable edible product, then I'm sold, and may reduce my ingestion by smoking.
  9. Probably true bro, I was a newbie at the time, and still learning about this dear herb...
  10. Delicious biltong vibe- Tangwena legendary, seems like a dinkum fellow though. Eating that stuff will bring a whole new meaning to edibles old bro sandals
  11. Have you decided on a strain yet? I plan to make 2 more, a hybrid strain and another with Indica..
  12. Washed buds once, was desperate and impatient. Bud loses bag appeal though, definitely smokable and effective
  13. Kinda feels like I just mummified my stash
  14. Vacuum sealed and sweating atop the 250W hps
  15. Dope Friends Anyone tried curing there buds this way? Took 30g of a sticky Sativa strain I grew from Lesotho Heights bagseed. Very sweet perfumy aroma. Some say this technique increases potency and trippiness. Let's see. After the wrapping the cobs I vacuum sealed them and placed on my Hid lamp ~43C
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