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  1. You can buy strong dual sided thermal adhesive tape. I've sourced some from Bidorbuy before.
  2. MrE

    LED vs HPS

    Consulting a Vpd chart says that between 30-35c your humidity should be between 70-80% humidity. I'd say, generally, 35 is too hot. I'd also say constant air extraction is mandatory.
  3. Fyi, located a second hand one on the cheap. Yay.
  4. And As long as your light is in the 3500K - 3000K arena, your readings are going to be pretty accurate. People with iPhones can use the Photone app. For Android phones with actual lux sensors and not newer ones that now use the front camera as a light sensor, the apps PPFD Meter and Tent Buddy can be used with decent accuracy if you go to a lot of effort to get average readings.
  5. Yep, that particular product, same sensor in the Bluetooth version and the separated sensor version.
  6. More accurate PAR readings. Check out the Migro YouTube channel. He calibrated it to an SQ500.
  7. Cape Town - second hand totally fine.
  8. MrE

    Liontree LED's

    Those lights look mean! Serious specs!
  9. I recently bought 5x AK-48 Autos and received a free Short Rider Auto seed from marijuanaseeds.co.za, successfully, ..if it qualifies.
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