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  1. Johan's Nutcracker day 49.
  2. Unfortunately my nose is almost completely useless, so I won't be hired as a Terp sommelier anytime soon.
  3. Tooth Fairy: Flower - Day 7. light defol + training.
  4. IIRC It's a clone that had it's main top chopped (prob for a clone). So then I just regularly bent the 4 lower branches away from each other. It's generally how things usually go around here, incrementalism.
  5. Vigorous Nutcracker clone going to the creator. Thank you Johan. Either Papa Smurf or Tooth Fairy, I've lost track. Week or so of veg and then flower. Also one of those 2 strains. Flower - Day 14.
  6. Howdy. Just my phone and a basic loupe.
  7. Cheese x Peanut Butter Breath (R) Kinda leafy.
  8. Not specifically time in veg, but I stripped them before moving to the new space, which if I would have done after moving, would have not chopped so much. So then I had to let veg a little longer, but node spacing was terrible, but plant was too big to veg much more, so I flipped. Light levels are always monitored closely. Light leak, entirely possible! Nutes, pH, could be better.
  9. Pity it's so leafy. My veg work was def sub par. Will try get proper node spacing next time.
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