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  1. You see the spacing is tight with the auto which is grown outdoor with the sun. Where your indoor plants have large internodal spacing. This gives me reason to believe its a light issue. You mentioned you using a 8 year old blurple light. I would recommend getting a new light such as a LED quantum board. I have a 120w quantum board from Green Houston, next to my old 100w Mars Hydro 48 reflector in one tent. (70cm x 70cm) and they work great together. When looking for a quantum board always look for ones with Samsung diodes. Ill provide the link to the one I purchased. There are different sizes and versions. But any quantum board that uses Samsung diodes such as LM301H diodes will be excellent. https://www.greenhouston.co.za/products/quantum-board-led-125w Depending on the size of your tent you might have to go larger or buy multiple. However if you just get one Quantum board, you can combine it with your old light.
  2. Hey man. Large spaces are either formed from not enough light and sometimes its just a trait of the strain. Maybe try defoliate more to expose bud sites. Sometimes the problem is not the amount of light, but instead the light coverage. There could be other reasons, however this is all I know of. On the breeder packs it will let you know if the strain stretches during flowering and sometimes they will mention the common internodal spacing. Different strains have different characteristics during flower and different phenotypes of the same strain can have different plant structure. If you constantly have the same issue, it could be a different reason. Good luck man
  3. There is no need for molasses, since it main purpose is to feed the microbes in your soil. However since you are using salt based nutrients you have basically killed all your microbes off so I would just continue with your nutrients then do a heavy flush last week or two. You don't want to be smoking bud with synthetic fertilizer still present. Happy growing
  4. I have used Bio-Bizz Bloom in previous grows and I have Dirty hands inc Bio-Phos. This time around I wanted to try the topdressing, but now since you have advised against it, do you think Ill be better off going back to the liquid nutrients feedings for flower? I use a 30litre pot. I fill the bottom half with Orgasoilux and the top half with Freedom Farms soil. I veg for 2 months and all I add is microbes. The plant is always healthy. Do you believe I will require flower nutrients to get me through to harvest? Do you think all my nutrients in the living soil would be depleted? I'm just concerned my soil wont have enough P and K for flowering, especially if I don't top dress. In your experience is Biobizz the best liquid flower nutrient, and if you don't mind sharing, how often do you apply it? Some people use it every watering where others use it once a week. From my understanding Bio Bizz bloom is just molasses and kelp? Wouldn't compost teas and molasses feedings have the same effect? Thanks for your help! The image below is my previous grow during veg and flower. One plant trained in a 40litre pot using freedom farms and Orgasoilux. I have a small mars hydro tent with a 120w QB from Green Houston and a mars hydro 48 reflector (blurple old tech) tents width and length is 70cm x 70cm. During flower for this grow I used Bio-Phos by Dirty hands inc. I was not sure if I provided enough nutrients through the flowering phase. Roughly flowered 8 weeks. I couldn't tell if this was its natural fade or if I could have pumped up the nutes do get denser and bigger buds
  5. So from your experience I can mix Environoc 401 with my molasses before feeding the plant? Also I have read on a lot of websites that you should stop applying Environoc 2 weeks into flower??? I don't see how the soil and plant wont benefit from the product during its flowering phase. Please let me know if you recommend I use Environoc throughout flowering phase and if I can mix it with molasses before the feeding. Online they also say you shouldn't brew Environoc because it is already a complex formula..so much info online you dont know who to trust'.
  6. I was looking at the nutrients feeding guide you posted above. At the bottom of the programme it says topdressing onset of flower. I see Jamie included kelp meal as one of the amendments? If it takes so long to become available to the plant why would he include it in the mix? So to my understanding he top-dresses once in the beginning of flower along with his liquid nutrient feed throughout flower? I was thinking maybe leave out the bone meal and use his Bio-Phos (liquid-Phos) to add phosphorus needed through flower. And then then potassium can be provided by the kelp meal I top-dress in the beginning. Along with the worm castings. Thank you for your help and input. Whenever you have time I would like your input on a few things I am still unsure of. - When it comes to feeding with microbes (Environoc 401) do you suggest using it through flower or not? Some websites I have come across suggest you stop using Environoc 2 weeks into flower. But when I look at Jamie's nutrient schedule that you provided, he gives the plants microbes throughout flower until about week 6 if I am not mistaken. I personally don't see why it would be a bad idea to continue adding microbes to the soil during its flowering stage? -Another question...Aerated Compost teas are essentially brewing microbes to give to your plant. However if I am using Environoc to add microbes is the compost teas necessary or a waste of time? Sorry for all the questions. I have dialled down my veg stage perfectly however I am still indecisive on a few things during flower.
  7. Quick question regarding Environoc 401 microbes. Can I mix the microbes with molasses inside the same container before applying to my plant? And can I apply Environoc through flower? some websites say you must stop use when you are 2 weeks into flower? I don't see how added microbes to the soil should be stopped during the flowering phase?
  8. I'm curious to why so many people top dress with kelp and all these amendments if it takes 4 months to break down?? So you saying none of my top dressing besides the worm castings will benefit the plant at all since it only becomes available after 4 months?
  9. I use a trellis and train my plant, so I like to keep it in the same pot. I cannot transplant, that's why I do the entire grow in the 30l fabric pot from the start. I usually just use Bio-Phos by dirty hands inc when it comes to flower. It usually works out fine, however I am trying out topdressing this time so I wasn't sure if 2 topdressings would be necessary. I was hoping one topdressing in the beginning of flower with compost tea feedings every 2 weeks will carry it through to harvest. My top-dress for flower is the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kelp flakes - 60ml per 30l Bone meal - 60ml per 30l Crushed Malted barley - 60ml per 30l Worm castings - 1 Cup per 30l ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was either going to do one topdressing in the beginning of flower with the above measurements or alternatively split the topdressing into 2, so one top-dress on week 1 of flower with half those measurements, then another final topdressing during week 4 of flower with the other half. Then compost tea feedings every 2 weeks and molasses and dechlorinated water every other week.
  10. Hello I usually veg out plants for two months in a 30l fabric pot before I flip. Is one topdressing enough at the start of flower with compost teas every 2 weeks? Or would you suggest I topdress in week 1 of flower and then another final topdressing at week 4?
  11. Looking good. Where do you purchase your seeds? I have used Trophy Seeds in the past, but looking for another reliable seed bank.
  12. I'm also curious. I was considering buying an inverter, however they do get very pricey. Load shedding is a constant battle.
  13. Hello growers I would love to have an opinion on this topic. Let me update you on what I have been working with. I have a one plant indoor grow inside a 80cm x 80cm grow tent. I use a 40l fabric pot with both Orgasoilux and Freedom farms soil (green bag). The bottom half I use Orgasoilux(20l) and the top half I use Freedom farms soil(20l). Throughout veg all I give the plant is Biodyne Environoc 401 (microbes), Molasses and water. This results in an extremely healthy plant. Once I flip to flower I start using organic bottled nutrients. In the past I have used Biobizz Bio-bloom, and more recently I have used Dirty hands inc - Bio-Phos (Jamie's brand). I give 3ml Bio-Phos once a week early flower and up it to 5ml every week mid to late flower. Plus a molasses feeding every 2 weeks and stopped using Biodyne microbes 1 week into flower. I was thinking about completely ditching bottled nutrients and going the topdressing route for flower. I was thinking of maybe topdressing a week before the flip with Jamie's elemental blend. I am just worried if it will provide enough for the plants through to harvest. I was also thinking of maybe using my own topdressing blend of Dry kelp, Gypsum, Malted Barley and Worm Castings. Would love an opinion on switching to topdressing for flower and if the elemental blend should be more than enough to take me to harvest. If you think I should just stick to bottled nutrients for flower let me know. I am going to include photo's of my 2 previous grows using the method I have stated above. Just trying to get the best quality flower possible :) Some thoughts of mine...… Topdressing vs Liquid Nutrients? Biobizz Bio-Bloom vs Dirty Hands Inc Bio-Phos? One topdressing enough 1 week before flip? Elemental Blend or my own flowering mix? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Grow: Medium: Top Half Freedom Farms soil (20l) + bottom half Orgasoilux(20l) Additives and Amendments: Molasses + Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes + Dirty Hands Inc - Bio-Phos + Mycoroot (seedling) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Seedling) - Solo Cup + Freedom Farms soil + Mycoroot -Transplant in week 2 of veg to 40l ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Veg Stage) - initial inoculant 2ml Environoc Microbes -1ml per litre Environoc every 2 weeks -5ml per litre Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Environoc 1 week into flower ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Flower Stage) -3ml Bio-Phos every week (early flower) -5ml Bio-Phos every week (late flower) -5ml Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Bio-Phos 2 weeks before harvest -Feed molasses until harvest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures below include TH seeds - Orangesicle + Trainwreck (darker leaves) and a photo of Orangesicle during veg
  14. Looks awesome. Can I get your advice on my next grow please. Im growing indoors with a 30l pot. The bottom half I use orgasoilux and the top half I use freedom farms soil(green bag). I veg for 2 months and I only use biodyne microbes and molassas through to flower. Girls are always happy. Then once I hit flower I either used diry hamds biophos or biobloom nutes. This run I was thinking of ditching the bottled organic nutes and topdressing 1 week before the flip. Will one top dress of elemental blend be enough to carry me throigh to harvest with molassas feedings and water only?. Or should I stick with liquid organic bottled nutes(biobizz bloom). Your help would much appreciated. I wouls include a photo of my last grow which I used diry hands bio phos during flower. Alternatvely if I go the topdress method for flower should I be safe and go for elemental blend from jamie or use my own mix for dlowe. I was thinking a mix of Dried kelp, malted barley, gypsum and worm castings. Since elemenatal mix has more amendments should I rather lean towards that. Thanks again TH seeds - Orangesicle
  15. Was just abit confused because I've never seen pistils on my plants during veg and only a week after I slip to 12/12 cycle
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