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    1m x 1m 2m with a Marshydro Ts2000 , 4" Inline fan, oscilating fan and a humidifier
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    Organic (still trying out dufferent ones)
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  1. 150w Grow The Jungle LED Grow Light , The Light is full Spectrum. Samsung LEDs and Osram Driver , They're hands down one of the best lights iv used out of the many that I have used over the years, Lights Aren't available to order in the country , Imported from spain , more than 1 available , price is Negotiable. If you want to know more feel free to Dm me
  2. X6 Available Price negotiable if you are wanting to take Multiple. Each Birdwing reflector includes a pair of Ratchet Hangers. ____________________________________ LARGE BIRDWING REFLECTOR ADJUSTABLE High quality Adjust-a-wing reflector made from 95% reflective aluminum. The spread of the reflector can be adjusted, narrow and wide settings are possible to adjust the reflector to your grow area. Two sheets of aluminium are gently folded by adjustable wires to change the angle of reflection. To reduce intensity and increase area they can be tightened to decrease the width of the reflector. 85 x 70 x 20cm
  3. ABOUT THE TCHECK 2 POTENCY TESTER The tCheck 2 is a state of the art potency tester, allowing you to measure the strength of infusions. With a few drops of butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or alcohol, you can accurately measure the infusion’s strength in 45 seconds or less. Results from tCheck 2 are an aggregate of all compounds combined. The tCheck Flower and Concentrate Testing Expansion Kit provides all the materials needed to properly test your flower and concentrates when using with the tCheck Infusion Potency Tester (tCheck 2) Almost Brand new , Used about 5 times. tCheck 2 Device Retail: R4800 Flower & Concentrate Testing Expansion Kit Retail: R3200. Total: R8000 ________________ Asking Price R5499 Neg Whatsapp before calling
  4. High_grade.420


    Selling this one to get something that is Suitable fir my living space aswell , But Will be worth it
  5. High_grade.420


    Ill Have to Ask the Shop And let you know , Its Imported but i can PM you where i got it from , Probably one of the best Quality Tents iv Come Across
  6. This is Amazing Thank you so much!!@420SA & @Sacred Seeds, my first FastBuds seeds , Thank you for the opportunity
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