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  1. So the interesting thing with CHS is that there doesn't appear to be a consistency in it. For example, there are real cases of people who get sick if they smoke bud which has been sprayed with neem oil, but don't get sick if they smoke other bud where neem wasn't used. But there are also cases of people getting CHS from none-neem oil cannabis or even synthetic cannabinoids when there is over usage. Some say it's people just prone to CVS, but then why does hot baths or showers relieve it. I'm finding it very interesting and in reality, I'm not sure why this bothers me, I've probably smoked kilograms of weed sprayed with neem over the years and suddenly now that I know about this, I'm like
  2. The argument is that neem oil is absorbed into the plant when sprayed during veg and isn't just a top spray.
  3. For those using bioneem or neem oil, what is your take on the controversy of Neem Oil being linked to Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) ? I'm a bit undecided on it, I think I constitute being a "heavy" cannabis user (I go through about 5 duk joints a day and way more on weekends), I've never encountered CHS.
  4. Did you get as far as people using manure in organic farming and how it's fucking up the phosphorus in the soil in these large organic grows? He doesn't advocate for the use of either, he explains where he sees organics working, where people are fucking up organics on a mass scale that its doing just as much damage as synthetic nutrients and how organics can work, but it needs a more scientific approach. He mentions where he sees synthetic nutrients being used and how its useful in controlled metered environments or when instant change is needed to correct deficiencies in plants. It allows people to experiment with the different elements, for example, upping the sulphur individually to see the impact on terpene production. I shared the video more for informational purposes, you never know, someone new might land on this page from google and the video might be interesting for them, it wasn't specifically aimed at you. My guy, I really don't doubt your superior "GrowAwesomeness" or knowledge in anyway, I'm sure you know your shit, grow the best weed and there is probably a lot I could learn from you. I don't thinking anyone here, including myself is questioning that. However, could I ask you to stop being an Organic Elitist for just a second here and understand that maybe, just maybe someone like myself might find this shit interesting and would like to experiment with this? I'm not entirely sure why this is bothering you so much, I'm not against organic in anyway what-so-ever, in fact I rather enjoy it, it's like you completely ignored the fact that all my other grows, and future outdoor and greenhouse grows are organic with top feeding
  5. I think you should rather watch the interview before assuming that is what he says and having a counter argument.. He doesn't say that at all Huh what you mean? I gave a thumbs up? Ok, cool thanks
  6. I had to edit my post again, Figured I would give some more info.
  7. Oh please don't get me wrong, I've been doing organic all the way up until now and I am by no means throwing it away. My entire outdoor and greenhouse grow this year will be organics without a doubt. For my indoor though, I want to give the synthetic nutrients a try. I'm obviously avoiding petroleum based or engineered nutrients because fuck that. Organic "additions" like Mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma, Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, EM-1, CMC, BM, Humic & Fulvic Acid, bio-simulants and bio-boosters still apply and provide benefit when using synthetic nutrients. From the plants perspective, I'm not convinced it really cares whether or not an organic method broke down the nutrient or a chemical process broke it down, it just wants to absorb it. Sure you don't have the slow release of organic so it requires more input from the grower to manage this, but I'm keen to give it a try. I watched an interesting interview with a Dr. Bruce Bugbee from Utah university regarding "Organic vs Synthetic" and shares some interesting info - Youtube link here Interestingly, the best cannabis I have ever smoked in terms of taste and strength (not grown by me) was grown in a hydroponics system using only Nutrifeed from seed to harvest, nothing more, nothing less. I might fire up my 3rd tent and do a run with nutrifeed after my current plants have been harvested and dried.
  8. Ok scratch that, I'm going to leave the organic thing until grow season for my outdoor and greenhouse plants. I decided to go with two 4Pot 25L XL autopot systems and synthetic nutrients, this after getting amazing help and information from a gentleman at Green Thumb Hydroponics, who put up with me and my questions for 3 hours and was so helpful it was ridiculous. Synthetic nutrients is a new field of growing for me, should be interesting.
  9. Thanks for the informative replies. Up until now I been using fabric pots, I've considered trying the plastic airpots just for a change, but in both cases I hate dealing with the run off. My idea behind the autopot system (and I havent bought it yet, so still deciding) - was to let the system do water only and any nutrients or compost teas, etc I would hand feed from the top. Looking at the orgasoilux feeding schedule, the nutrients & teas are only given once a week, so I would probably close the valves on the autopots 2 days prior to hand feeding them. Whatever run off there is will go into the tray and the roots should just absorb them up again. I would obviously need to be careful not to overfill it. On the other hand, I can save the R6500 I would pay for the autopot system and just try out these 25L airpots.... choices choices... On the Orgasoilux note, there is something in their nutrient schedule which I am uncertain about. It states: " Fill your watering can with water first before adding and mixing the nutrients (Apply approx. 1L of mixed liquid feed per 20-25L container)" So normally if I was mixing up 20L of nutrients, I would take the per liter value (eg: 2ml/1L) and multiple it by the number of litres in mixing into. So 2ml x 20L = 40ml of solution to be added to the water. From here I would give say 2L of water to each plant. But from reading the above, am I right in understanding that they saying I shouldn't be doing this and I should _only_ be giving each plant in a 25L container only 1L of mixed nutrients at time. This seems like an extremely light nutrient schedule if that's the case, I mean bio bizz is like every single water? Organic Liquid Feeding Program.pdf
  10. Hi, I'm going to be starting a new grow and I am considering using orgasoilux and their own nutrient feeding schedule with the autopot system. I plan to use the XL 25L pots with clay pebbles and the airdome at the bottom with the orgasoilux. First off, would you recommend doing orgasoilux in an autopot system or should I rather stick to a normal airpot? Now with this being a bottom feeding system, Can I assume any top soil amendments, for example earthworm castings and gypsum would be rendered useless here unless I fed it water on top of the dry amendments and it soaked down right? What do you recommend here? The AqUAValue5 allows for organic liquid nutrients to be feed via the autopot system, however, is this recommended or should I recommend top feed the nutrients and keep the autopot system with just clean water? thanks, Dave
  11. Hi All, Been lurking the forums for about 6 months now, I'm new to growing and it is fast becoming an absolute passion. I'm very much interested the organic growing and the soil science which goes along with it. I'm 38, and to pays the bills, I am a business owner in the cloud and hosting space, but my passion is definitely in cannabis and the recreational industry of it as a whole. As I grow I learn and I would love to share some of these random things I discovered along the way and maybe they can help someone: - Powdery Mildew, I would swear this stuff is released by governments in mass quantities to prevent people from growing weed (Davespiracy #347). I have tried every single known treatment from milk to commercially produced Powdery Mildew sprays, and of course this damn ironman mutated powdery mildew just laughs at it like you spraying Axe deodorant. I have finally found a solution that works and works really well. This being potassium bicarbonate with a wetting agent. Potassium Bicarbonate kills the powdery mildew pretty quickly with the bonus of the potassium being absorbed by the plant as a nutrient. Pick up some Potassium Bicarbonate (https://homegrodepot.co.za/products/potassium-bicarbonate) and the Wetting agent (https://homegrodepot.co.za/products/jadam-wetting-agent) (or you can make your own). Mix 3g of potassium bicarbonate into some dechlorinated water and add 2ml /1L of wetting agent. Mix it all together and put it in a spray bottle. You will need to spray down your plants either just before sundown or when your lights are going to be turning off in your tent. You basically want to spray the plants and then let them dry in the dark. otherwise you will get leaf burn. You can also use this without the wetting agent (you shouldn't use the wetting agent from 30 days prior to harvest, well you can if you just targeting specific leaves). I use this weekly now as an IPM, and the plants seem to love it. If you have a really bad infestation and you at the point of throwing your plant away, Use 5g potassium bicarbonate / 1L water and add 30ml wetting agent. Spray your plant down entirely and drench the mildew, leave your plant in low light for 24 hours, then take your plant outside and hose it down with a hosepipe and use a sponge to wipe down all the leaves. Sure you will end up with a bit of burn on the edges on your leaves, but I have successfully brought 3 plants back from the edge using this extreme method and managed to completely eradicate the PM on the plants (they now flowering beautifully). That's my introduction -Dave
  12. So on the Alibaba thing, I happened to get all my grow lights from aliexpress there: Samsung LM281B+ LED's - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002970983869.html - I looked at the 150w lights for my Greenhouse for supplemental lighting, their design allows a lot of sunlight through for during the day. Samsung LM282B, Epistar 660nm IR UV LED's - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003274332963.html - dimable 240w, meanwell driver per light at ~R2900 scalable to 1000w. Samsung LM301H, Epistar 660nm IR UV LED's - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002547349143.html - same of the unit above, except with the LM301H LED's ~R3550. Then my lovely babies in my 1.2m tents - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003491913131.html - The 8 bar, 800w (640w actual usage) with separate Spectrum and IR/UV dimmers. I have not had one single issue with any of the above items I've ordered and all have arrived in about a week with Fedex or DHL delivery. The import duties on these are absolutely minimal, I think the most I paid on the 8bar light was about ~R300 -Dave P.S> apologies if this might seem a bit spammy for my first post, but I been lurking anonymous on these forums for about 6 months now and felt it time to share some info.
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