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  1. I run a 3kva inverter connected to 4 x 12V lithium batteries, its able to hold two tents running at a total of 1600 watts for about 3 and a half hours (along with some lights for the house and our PC's and TV). The unit itself cost me around R45000, but worth every cent.
  2. Thank you sir, I your spot on the money from my reading up on these. Yeah, a herd doesn't even describe how many there are...
  3. Hey y'all, So the first time I ever saw these bugs was in the pot trays for my autopots and I figured it was some water bourn bug/pest, but when I was done with the harvest and checked the roots, it was teaming with these things. Now in one of my organic pots, these little fuckers are back and I have no idea what they are. They are coming out in my run off and are tiny, I assume they feeding on the roots, but I have no idea how to get rid of them or if its even worth trying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My vote is for Blueberry Muffin or Orange Kush Cake
  5. I basically give Fishmix (1ml/1L) and Kushy amino acid (or bio heaven) with almost every feed during veg (once a week I just give plain water, rest of the time it's biobizz). When I flip the lights to 12/12, I then switch to using: Week 1: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (1ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (3ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 2: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (2ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 3: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (2ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 4: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (3ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 5: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 6: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 7: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 8: Just Plain water Week 9: Just Plain water I also add CalMag, Silica and microbes in once a week through veg until week 5 of flower. Now depending on what amendments you have in your soil will depend on how you adjust the above, for example if you using freedom farms green bag, then the above is perfect. If for example you have amended your freedom farms with something like the Dirty Hands Elemental Blend, then you would still use the same quantities as above, except not every watering, more like every 2nd watering. This is what I do since I amend freedom farms with elemental blend - This works out cheaper on nutrients (Basically works out to R26 per plant to half my biobizz nutrients) and you get the same result as using biobizz with every watering.
  6. Hey CloneJunki, Greenhouse Seed Co does an exodus cheese which is pretty awesome, there are clones available here - https://seedandclone.co.za/product/exodus-cheese/ Cannabisseeds.co.za is out of stock of the seeds, but you could keep an eye on it - https://www.cannabisseeds.co.za/store/feminised/ghsc-exodus-cheese However if you are ordering internationally or from the EU, you could buy directly from Greenhouse Seed Co - https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/feminised-cannabis-seeds/exodus-cheese/?variation_id=364
  7. What Ill_Even said, plus tell your brother to stop watering so much. Fungus gnats love wet top soil, he needs to let the soil dry out at the top before watering again. Yellow sticky traps are one of the best things to get ride of and prevent fungus gnats. To get rid of the fungus gnat larvae, you can mix up a hydrogen peroxide and water to make a 1% hydrogen peroxide mix. Pour it over the top layer of soil, you really only want it to soak in like 2cm into the soil, so don't over water as it will kill pretty much all microbes in the soil. Do this every 2nd day for a week, then you can introduce microbes back into the top soil with any microbial blend. I wouldn't recommend growing with the tent open and access to outdoors, it will attract everything from fungus gnats to thrips, aphids, spider-mites, etc and completely defeats the purpose of growing indoor because you are still subjecting the plants to outdoor stresses (like bugs).
  8. So just an update on this, my clones from www.seedandclone.co.za arrived this morning , they gave me an extra clone and they all look very healthy. So yeah, they are legit, you can order clones from, they just lack a little communication, but the clones from them look good.
  9. So I've never had a bad clone from cannaclone.co.za Up until this last order of Apple Blossom Clones, I've never had an issue with cannacut.co.za clones (30 odd clones ordered in total) What did however bother me, was Cannacut's response to me bringing the PM to their attention: Yeah...so... lets not do that... I pretty much did a similar "bathing" technique of these Apple Blossom clones, but with 2% hydrogen peroxide, then just a continual weekly treatment of AQ-SF. However I must say that I fucking hate growing from seeds... germinating seeds is my handicap in growing cannabis. I just went through R4000's worth of seeds (Humbolt Blueberry miffin and Humbolt Hella Jelly) and I can only get them to go as far as pushing the Cotyledons up out the seed and then they just fucking die. I am terrible at germinating them, but that's ok, I'm ok with it, because on the other hand, when I have successfully grown from seed, my OCD does not like the same strain, but different Pheno's in the same tent... my meds are not nearly strong enough to deal with that shit. I much prefer growing from clones every single time and I have no problem paying for good clones with good genetics. Clones cut a full month off of the veg time, from seed you need like 60 days veg before flowering, from clone it's at the same point in 30 days, then flip, giving essentially 4 indoor grow cycles a year. I also like the consistency of growing 4 of the exact same plant each time, its OCD friendly I would rather pay someone who is good at their skills of growing from seed to clone, than me stumbling around like a duck with a rake wasting shittons of money on seeds that just die in my hands. Yeah sure there are the risks of getting bad clones or ones with PM, but statistically, I've only had 4 clones with PM out of 40 odd clones I've ordered, that's a 90% success rate vs my 0% germination rate.
  10. Finally got an order confirmation this morning and a note that they busy with it, looks promising, now lets see if the clones actually get sent to me.
  11. You would think so right... I ordered 5 clones yesterday and paid for them. I haven't received any order confirmation, the order still says payment outstanding on their site and I emailed them the proof of payment (snapscan screenshot) and they haven't responded to me... So lets give it a few more days and I will update this thread as to whether they are scammers who have taken my R1000 or if they legit.... so far not looking good with zero commmunication. cannacuts.co.za is closed - not suprised though, the last clones I got from them came compliments with PM on them. cannaclone.co.za also now seems closed.
  12. Its never left residue because it sprays out a mist of disinfectant and doesn't work like a traditional fogger like you thinking of. I've used the builders one with success, but the two I prefer is this one from Makro - https://www.makro.co.za/health-beauty/bath-shower/shower-gel-hand-wash/liquid-soap/liquid-clinic-room-fogger-aerosol---400ml/p/fc555657-8557-45a4-8774-3352f40bd634?gclid=CjwKCAjwivemBhBhEiwAJxNWN35Oc1GfUytNWZ4Q8EGvfihDwOPTDkRYZoNWSXcro4nsD2KgewOtPhoC7oUQAvD_BwE and this one from leeroy merlin - https://leroymerlin.co.za/disinfectant-fogger-infectiguard-400ml-81456871?sfdr_ptcid=32806_617_654584217&sfdr_hash=4d08f89ebf663d59850466db71a0878b&gclid=CjwKCAjwivemBhBhEiwAJxNWN3j6Amfsb72SrmBPwf1BQ9HuhzWUgVeNEdnJSyTkywWHnUK4EGw04RoCMXkQAvD_BwE After 10 minutes of it going off, you turn your extractor on and after another 5min, you can wipe the walls of the tent (they will have small droplets from the mist spray itself). I only vacuum the floor of the tent, the rest I just quickly go over with a water and a cloth, never had an issue and its a quick an easy to disinfect literally everything, the grow light, the fans, the extractor, it gets everywhere.
  13. Personally, I think your best shot is to strip all the leaves with PM to open up and really get airflow around your plants, then mix up 2% hydrogen peroxide and spray down the entire plant, a week later, mix up 1% and spray down the plant again. At least with this you don’t have to worry about getting spray on the budsites. The slightly more extreme option is to mix up potassium bicarbonate and water, kills PM instantly, but can be aggressive on the plant. failing that, toss the entire grow, it’s not going to be worth keeping. as for cleaning your tent, the thing I found works the best and easiest is a disinfectant fogger can. Turn your extractor off, set it off in the middle of your tent floor and zip it up. After 10min, put your extractor on. Then after that, just wipe the inside of your tent down with a cloth and some water.
  14. OK Tent number 2 is sporting some clones of Apple Blossom From Humboldt Seed Company (https://humboldtseedcompany.com/appleblossom/) - clones also from cannacuts.co.za Also being feed Tri-part, Kushy Amino and Orthosilicic Acid - I have one extra clone that I'm not entire sure what to do with yet... In this grow, the front two autopots are using a larger air pump than the back two. I want to see if the size of the air pump makes a difference in the growth of the plant.
  15. Background: After Eskom's Stage 6 load shedding decided to have one to many parties in my grow room, my last diary (https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/7289-dear-diary/) ended in a Powdery Mildew fiesta and a very unhappy Dave. From that, I learned a lot and decided to tear down everything in the grow room and rather convert it into a lung room with two grow tents. The isolation of the plants in each tent make IPM and environment controlling far easier. I replaced the 4 lead acid batteries in my inverter with 4 lithium ion batteries. I invested in a Solenco CF8608 HEPA air purifier which now runs 24x7 in the lung room, It removes the PM spores and touch wood, so far so good. I'm a little into this grow now (week 4/5 of flower) and I am growing 4 clones of Cherry Gar-See-Ya from Ethos Generics. The clones come from cannacuts.co.za Grown in Autopots and Feeding Terra Aquatica Tri-Part, with Kusky Amino, Orthosilicic Acid (https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/eckosil-silicon-supplement/) on every feed, I also add the odd dose of CalMag for giggles every now and then. For this grow in particular, I'm trying a sterile technique which will make any Organic grower rage quit the internet, every 2nd week I add hydrogen peroxide to the nutrient solution to a concentration of 1%. There is method in this style in that it stimulates root hairs. That's that grow for now.
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