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  1. Are these autos? If so, remember not to add nutes at full recommended strength. Rather 1/2 or 1/4 and slowly go up.
  2. You could reveg, try take two clones of one plant and grow them in different conditions to really check what the issue could be. My two cents, its probably just strain dependent. I'm only on my second grow, and my bud density qualms from the first grow were resolved by changing strain Everything else stayed the same.
  3. Going to switch to Final Part now and give it another two weeks or so.
  4. Late update. Few weeks into flower now. Had a thrip issue so ordered some predatory mites as I can't spray anymore due to flower. +
  5. What means of pest prevention do you use?
  6. Big haircut. Back left still stretching like crazy, hope it slows down. Back right bag seed that I threw in isn't showing many pistils yet like the others, hope its not a male.. Humidity is now back down to a decent level after the big defol. Wanted to wait till week 3 of flower to do it, but the humidity was too much. photo quality is kak due to whatsapp compression, which is how I send it to myself to post here
  7. I have a small inverter just for my extraction and oscillating fans. To keep the air circulation going in order to avoid temperature and humidity issues during load shedding. But I'll still get the 2 hours of dark in-between my light period. It also throws my timer switch off. Not sure how it affects the plants, will see at the end of my current grow. Perhaps some more experienced growers can elaborate as to how the interrupted light cycles affect the plants.
  8. Flipped here: A few days later, plant in the back left is stretching like crazy Going to do a big leaf strip once they stop stretching
  9. Did some cleaning of the bottom third of the plants. Cool to see how the one top became four. Right side of the tent was only topped once. How many times do you all top your plants? Just the main branch, or more than one? Scrog has also been set up. Nearing the time to switch to flower, just want the net to fill out a bit.
  10. Figuring out how much to defol. Trying to get all the smaller branches to stretch up.
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