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  1. What is the lifetime of the batteries in your setup? Have you had to replace them yet?
  2. With this grow for the first time I'm now trying FloraCoco DualPart, Grow and Bloom. Also have FinalPart and the FlashClean which I'll be using.
  3. 24 November This is where we are now. Planted into pots, and second grow light up. Opened two of the passive intakes at the bottom instead of an inlet fan. Trying passive intake and a bit of negative pressure this time. Going to wait a bit longer before feeding first nutrients. Would be interested to know when other salt nutrient users start feeding? Any input appreciated. Back left Hiroshima in the last post's photo also died. I need to stop meddling. The line-up is now Hiroshima, G-Fawke both by Renegade Seed Co. Also from a friend's personal seedbank I've added a seed labelled "Pierre's Black Mountain Temple" to fill the last spot. Hiroshima #1, #2 and #3 Number 1 and 3 are healthy and doing fine. Number 2 struggled a bit straight out of the seed, one leaf shrivelled on the end. Not sure why that happened, but it seems to be recovering well. G-Fawke #1 and 2 and the Black Mountain Temple are doing fine.
  4. Hello hello, As I'm doing my first photoperiod grow I'm going to end up lollipopping my plants. My research has led to a little bit of confusion. I see many different takes on the subject, and was curious as to the opinion of you experienced growers. Some people lollipop a few days before flip. Others a week before. I see other grow diaries and resources that show people lollipopping a week after flip, even up to two weeks after flip. When do you decide to lollipop? I'd be interested to see the different responses. Is there any reason for these differing schools of thought? Or does it really not matter and its all anecdotal. Is it strain dependent etc?
  5. 14 November 5 seeds pushed out of the soil. Not sure what happened to thee 6th, as it showed a root and the seed popped. Oh well. The middle left seedling had the seed casing stuck, and stupidly I tried to help by prying the seed helmet off. Ended up taking off the one leaf. RIP. Not sure if it will make it. Germinating the 2 promo G-Fawke seeds I got now, to replace the damaged and non-starter seedlings.
  6. You guys ever tried the Green House Seed Co variant? Arjan (the owner) was the guy who did the Strain Hunter documentaries, and South Africa was part of that trip. I'm sure its pretty close to the original: https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/feminised-cannabis-seeds/exodus-cheese/ "GENETICS Exodus Cheese (the only original Cheese)." They took landrace strains back home. Pretty sure Arjan is also one of the people who introduced exodus to the rural growers in the mountains as well. Remember something like that when I watched the documentaries.
  7. Amazing!! I still don't get how you manage to achieve 4 strong main branches like that? Do you top the third node, and prune everything between that and the bottom two branches?
  8. First time growing photoperiods, quite excited. Genetics Hiroshima by Renegade Seed Co. 6 Pack High THC, and according to the product description should deliver "high yields of dense, rock-solid buds." Hoping to achieve that. Want to make one a mother and start learning to clone. The description says "These highly stable genetics produce two phenotypes at most." Should be easy to choose a winner to reveg. They advise topping, which I am also looking forward to learning. Want to also try "FIM" a plant or two to experiment. Grow Setup Same as before. Here ~ Lets go 9 November Seeds arrived. Also received a Promotional 2 Pack of G-Fawke. 10 November Seeds into a glass of spring water. Onto a heating mat and into a dark cupboard to soak for 18 hours. 11 November Seeds started showing roots. All 6 seeds popped, gently took them and placed them root facing down in Jiffy Preforma Plugs. Covered the holes slightly and into the ROOTiT Small Propagator they go. Heating mat underneath, and gently misted with spring water. Also threaded the hygrometer reader through a ventilation hole, to see the environment reading. I think this reading is fine for germination. Any and all feedback welcome. Hoping for them all to push out effectively over the coming days. In hindsight I should have maybe done the paper towel method to get the roots longer, before putting them into the plugs. I've also previously had a failed germination where I watered a bit much, so just gently misting this time as to not drown/stunt the seeds.
  9. I just bought some seeds so I can also contribute, yay HIROSHIMA, - by Renegade Seed Co. First time I'm going to try photoperiods, and premium US genetics. Hoping for some proper dense buds this time round, as the description said. https://www.cannabisseeds.co.za/store/feminised/renegade-seed-co-hiroshima
  10. I agree with the above two mense. If you do feed them any nutes, remember that you need to do half or quarter strength as they are autos.
  11. What phonescope/microscope lens do you use to take the close-up photos?
  12. @Naughty.Psychonaut you're the king of yapping, but in a good way love reading the elaborate responses. Besides genetics, what would you say are the main factors in a plant ending up leafy/airy? Light leaks? feeding? or is it just everything in general. My next grow I'm really trying to achieve some dense nugs.
  13. Agree 100%. I spend so much time trimming and my buds will look nothing like these guys Honestly I think its also strain bud structure as well.
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