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    Bubbleberry and Choco NL
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    Outdoor, Just Cannabis soil
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    HLG Series
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    Fabric Plantmatter pots, outdoors
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    Explogrow, Daggaboer Microbe brew, Seagrow and Kelp
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    Joints, Pipes, Bongs and Edibles yet to try Vape

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  1. Click on the Advanced button and it will then show a proceed to site, click on that and you are on the store.
  2. Going to start one soon. I think these strains from @Totemic are super resilient, hoping for a successful first time winter grow.
  3. Winter Outdoor grow in progress with Totemic Genetics have a Choco NL and Bubbleberry going. Hoping for a successful winter grow. Helps being on lockdown, constantly moving the babies to better sunny spots.
  4. Tricomes on the Demonkiller Genetics Banana Skunk [emoji1786] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  5. So this morning I noticed something strange, well actually last night already but was pretty late to do anything but some how the river sand and chicken littering caused a water log that was just sitting there and the kak just made it worse.. The load of water was myself trying to flush and loosen the roots to get them out.. Do not use Chicken Litter or River Sand.. What a mess. But I am sure you guys already know this.. 




  6. If you have have 6 Deep Cycle Batteries in parallel, you double up in amps and keep the right voltage, adding a Ballast or Converter your power usage can go down tremendously and have back up when power is down. Did a setup like that for Wireless Towers and batteries charge with a wind turbine. Thank you for your feedback. I hope soon I can have a few of these setup, DWC really speeds up root growth..
  7. I am going to trail this. Will try routing the water through temperature regulated area after the pump towards the Res and then back into the system. Can also run humidifiers and put in air conditioning.. Also run through Deep Cycle Battery's to regulate power usage and have a fail safe when Eskom feels like darkness..
  8. That is why I looked at keeping pumps out of the tank and before the tank. I am not even sure what water pump to use as of yet. What if I switch the circuit having it feed from the top and flow out the bottom? Elevating the pots to above the point of entry in the res? In the AutoPot system is uses just water flow? Feeding pipes less in diameter to drainage larger? Enters in 8mm piping and drains 19mm piping back to res?
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