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    Cotton Candy, Super Silver Haze
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    Outdoor, Cocopeat and Perlite
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    LED Full Spectrum 800 to 1200W
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    6 55L Buckets, Perforated Pots, 100L Tank, Organic Matter being tested when introduced to DWC.
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    Organic Compost made myself.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joints, Pipes, Bongs and Edibles yet to try Vape

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  1. @420SA, I dont have the seeds yet. Not sure how to get them. Would like to get them please!!
  2. If you have have 6 Deep Cycle Batteries in parallel, you double up in amps and keep the right voltage, adding a Ballast or Converter your power usage can go down tremendously and have back up when power is down. Did a setup like that for Wireless Towers and batteries charge with a wind turbine. Thank you for your feedback. I hope soon I can have a few of these setup, DWC really speeds up root growth..
  3. I am going to trail this. Will try routing the water through temperature regulated area after the pump towards the Res and then back into the system. Can also run humidifiers and put in air conditioning.. Also run through Deep Cycle Battery's to regulate power usage and have a fail safe when Eskom feels like darkness..
  4. That is why I looked at keeping pumps out of the tank and before the tank. I am not even sure what water pump to use as of yet. What if I switch the circuit having it feed from the top and flow out the bottom? Elevating the pots to above the point of entry in the res? In the AutoPot system is uses just water flow? Feeding pipes less in diameter to drainage larger? Enters in 8mm piping and drains 19mm piping back to res?
  5. 😂😂😂 yes dont that.. Would I just maybe double route it, what would you use to keep constant temperature? Thought the airstone would keep it fairly regulated?
  6. I would just put the tank outside of the grow area.
  7. I am actually looking at two types now, DWC and RDWC. my space I have available is 3m x 3m . On the DWC I will need: 50L Water Reservoir 6 x 20L pots 6 x 15cm Net Pots 70L of clay 10mm-20mm Add nutrients you recommend. 4m of PVC 40mm diameter 15 x Screw in connectors Water Pump (Not sure exactly what size but as cheap as you can go) Air Pump (Same as above assemblief!!) 7 Air Stones 4m 6mm Clear Flexi tubing LED I was trying to work out Lux/m but was two tired. Will have 0.5m spacing between row of 3 and 0.5m spacing with horizotal rows. Can make it Grow space of 2m x 1m Have room with height of 3m so can adjust lighting Ventilation PH Water meter EC/TCS/ HM monitor Temp and Humidity monitor Normal digital timer Same setup with as the DWC but just I think you can use flexi hose? Return bigger than feeder pipe? 8mm Fill and 19mm Return? Want to use square pots instead of the norm, can allow for for stability? Please help!!
  8. @AcidAlice That is exactly what it is going to happen moving forward. Wanted to get the feel of what people want and good advise on how to get it started.
  9. @SkunkPharm Luckily I only have North West to start off with.. But it will be the same as illegal cigarettes.. If you have a better supply for cheaper, why wouldn't they use you? They dont have to stop selling.. They have been doing so for years and the cops have not stopped them so what is a change in supply going to do?
  10. Well why don't we approach dealers, give them better supply first of all. Make them part of the DPC, small dealers still selling matchboxes and 50, 150 bankies are being left behind anyway. It is actually good how Cannaconsumers are now asking for strains and thc to cbd percentages. Why not bring them into the DPC. Have your Cannaconsumers as "employees" and the Dealers as "Managers, Sales Executives" 😂 I know it will not be that easy but it could be a start.. As they say non-Profit but what is given must be received, not showing a profit but circulating properly grown, high grade Cannabis that will actually make an impact. Definitely something I am going to look into..
  11. Something to look forward too.. Dagga Private Clubs, would like to look into and invest into a Club within the North West. For Cannabis Oils, Cannabinoid Research and growing of African Generic Seeds. I have been interested in doing something to this effect but did not have the knowledge to start and process this, It is pretty much how this forum works but would like to create a public entity that we can manage and when all becomes legal and legitimate, we have the networking and resources in place. What do you guys think?
  12. Tamjee Rusty


    Listen to Tamjee Rusty's Playlist on Deezer.. Nice Smokeable, chillable music layout.
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