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  1. For now....Same as AK but Tripart instead. Reason : i struggle catching deficiencies quick enough with organics Hoping to do water only organic run next
  2. I got u thanks. And they would definitely been much smaller with organics
  3. I was actually trying to stunt them to keep them small
  4. Thanks NP. Yor i really can't give you specifics....i think before preflower. I dump the runoff on lawn and ground plants, better than flushing down the toilet i guess i don't know lol
  5. High frequency fertigation. At 450ppm I feed once a day when I'm working, and feed twice a day on my off days. Runoff goes to garden plants. https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/principles-fertigation-feed-water-cannabis-coco/
  6. Stretching completely stopped just in time. Had to remove my drain buckets
  7. As Evan said. Mine started off just as slow but believe me, time to come you will see explosive growth
  8. I think they finally slowed down. Increased the PK
  9. Thanks for the advise. Definitely 1 plant grow for this strain. Will see how the chemdawg's structure looks for a 4 plant grow, apparently it's much smaller
  10. I won't be doing this again. With so much abuse to these plants trying to stunt and keep them small... failed. Must be the salts, coco and genetics. Fimming, topped multiple times and lollipoped. Im almost out of headroom
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