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  1. Seedbanks are like name brands. If you are only growing for smoking it's better to buy from a bulk seed supplier. If you plan to keep clones you want the name brand strains. If you plan to breed you step into the expensive as hell regulars.
  2. Dutch passion , its my go to seedbank.
  3. Ever notice how many strains are bred with skunk#1? Crossing skunk#1 and afghani indica's seem to popular. I just looked at a few seedbanks and found alot of breeders doing this cross. Here is my skunk#1, the only survivor of 10 regular seeds. What should i call the seeds. She is pollinated with a Chocolate gelato F2 male and shes loaded.
  4. By crossing two females. Plants under chemical influence grow viable male flowers, even though the plant is still a female with two X chromosomes, the pollen has only female chromosomes. Controlling airflow and keeping outside pollen out is hard. Its better to make feminized seeds in winter indoors when there are no males outside and the risk of getting pollinated is relatively low.
  5. Mildew gone in two days! You can't really get rid of mildew with a single application. Is hard to beat but easy to prevent. Don't immediately pick off the infected leaves. You need them to see if the treatment is working. Early in the morning, spray the plant down with peroxide and water mix ( 1 shot glass of peroxide with 1 L water) . Try to not let the soil get too soaked by this. A fine spray over the soil is enough. Try to not let any of the sprays run into the soil from this point on. I cover the pot of soil with a black bag. Wait 15 min and apply Baking powder and water spray ( 1 drop d
  6. Ok so all these high end growlight company's use Osram chips in there lights? 1 x 6000k 9w osram led e27 1 x 4100k 9w osram led e27 1x 3000k 9w osram led e27 1x 2700k 9w osram led e27 = 36w led full spectrum for R100
  7. Daylight hours now = 12:48 . March 1 -11:42 . May 1. 10:43. Veg inside for 5 weeks then carry them outside to finish.
  8. 2700k,3000k for red, 6500k,5000k for blue
  9. This ''1000w'' led only has a 70w power supply or driver. Its output is 70w. This 110w Quantum Board has a 100w driver. Its output is a true 100w. This 2000w led only has a 100w driver. It may have 100x 20w led chips. but they never run at full power. This 3000w is listed as having 5850lm lumens and Lamp efficacy: 90 (lm / W) = So its actual driver is only 65w. This cheap 14w 6500k ''daylight led bulb has a 14w driver pushing 14 x 1w leds to the max.
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